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    • I had a dream visiting a friend without her knowkedge and in her house her cousin brother called me out for a smoke. When i followed him out of the house the it was dark. While im walking along to the main road i could see on both left and right side of the road tgere was a few elephants cudling into the leaves on the tall wall and going to sleep.

  1. Thank you this helped me a lot. Very much information. I drempt about colored baby elephants. Got right to the point.πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks you for the massive explanation . In my dream just about an hour ago , I saw myself in a zoo . There are other animals there but I concentrated in where elephants were kept .They were being fed . I was not the one feeding them ..I was watching them .

    • I dreamt that an elephant was chased by another elephant she ran into my living room wall and died she had her baby with her the baby was ok and the elephant that was chasing her kept running.what does that mean? Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi. I dreamt that I was in mall and I see a box for auction. There I see so many elephant figurines with trunk up. I was eyeing on the 2 golden elephants when the owner gave me a bigger elephant figurine which is white and with trunk up. I then walked up and rode an escalator going up. What does it mean? Thank you

  4. I dreamt that an elephant was chased by another elephant she ran into my living room wall and died she had her baby with her the baby was ok and the elephant that was chasing her kept running.what does that mean? Thank you in advance.

  5. What does it mean when you dream about a herd of abstract elephants (very tall and skinny and elongated), along with a large bull elephant running in a circle very fast and a baby orphan mammoth?

  6. I dreamt last night about a light green elephant which climbed running a high staircase that had no rails. I couldn’t see the end of the staircase, but knew it ended right there. So I started to scream The elephant in dreams is a symbol of power, strength, faithfulness and intellect. Depending on the context of elephant that appears within the dream, they can have different interpretations. Below we will list out all the themes to help you find one that can most fit your waking situation. “No, No,” to the elephant, as it fell into the void down below. I then woke up. I was bewildered and worried about the fate of the elephant.

  7. I had a dream an elephant was standing in front of me side on raising its head and trunk and showing it’s chest it made me smile

  8. I had a dream that I am at a very beautiful place and we friends plan to roam about. When everyone was leaving I just saw down from the top and saw that my friends have reach down and there is a narrow lane and suddenly elephants are coming and I started wonder what is going on. then these elephants reached me at the top and I was happy seeing them and I was hugging them and clicking pictures with them.

    • I was talking to mother of baby elephant..she wanted me to name him..I asked what father name and hers…put two names together and called bank shakimo? They pushed baby towards me and played then whole here laid trunks on my head one by one and left..
      It was a very vived dream felt special..

  9. I know I’m just a little kid but this dream really stands out to me although I don’t remember all of it. The group BTS was in a dream ( BTS is a k-pop group shoosh I know I’ll seem immature to most whatever I just wanna share my dream lol) There was this Mom elephant and a baby elephant and the mother was distant to her child. Later on, she killed her own baby. BTS seemed to own these elephants and were so down afterward. After that, the dream blanked out and it skipped to sometime in the future. They got a baby elephant after that and all of them were happily shaking its trunk to greet it.”I hope that this elephant is healthy and happy so it can live a long life,” Hoseok said and everyone agreed. The elephant looked at me as if it were happy to see me. I’m really confused by this dream aa what does it mean. I thought it could mean the boys had a major part in my life. I’ve never felt so peaceful in a dream before.

  10. Hi, in my dream our elephant had been stolen. I/we went to where it was kept and it was gone, someone had taken our elephant. (I don’t have an elephant in real life, but I did in the dream, or I had until someone stole it)

  11. Im in a bus on highway
    Where I see a black&white elephant (mostly ears are one white & other black)
    People with guns are chasing it & at last
    They shot the elephant ,and we flew above it

  12. I keep dreaming about baby elephants that I am taking care of and are like my children. They are very, very small small enough to fit threw a doggie door. In the dream one went threw the doggie door to go outside to use the bathroom when it hasn’t returned I opened the door found it had been raining and everything was flooded and then I saw my baby elephant floating face up on his back under water not moving I grabbed him limp body up and began Cpr compressions he gurgled water out and came to I woke up almost crying.. What does this mean??

  13. I dreamt that I was browsing in an antique store at some bags and purses and found one made of elephant leather. I felt like it was really exotic, beautiful and yet sad. I left the store without buying anything as the bags were too expensive. I was looking for an op shop and continued on my way to try and find it.

  14. Crazy crazy Dream last night. I was helping an elephant that could talk to me. She had a broken leg. We me and some guy I can’t remember got the leg mended – then her back broke and we made this travel hammock to carry her to the elephant burial ground- she was so calm about dying and appreciative of my help. I saw the burial grounds and some poachers had followed us to take the dead elephants tusks. I was preparing for a fight and woke up – too weird for words


  16. I had dreamt I was sitting on an elephant, and softly got down and stood face to face looking in one another’s eyes. We stepped in closely rested our heads starring to eye, and in silence we knew we were one. 😍

  17. Dreamt I was laying on bed, then saw one soccer sized blue beetle flying away from me. When I got up a herd of miniature elephants & the same type of blue beetles came stampeding though my window carrying potatoes into the garden in my bedroom. I tried to chase them away but couldn’t.

  18. It was in the wild where two elephant came and chasing our car I don’t know how I found myself running but there after I saw the elephant chasing the car in the bush and I found my way out of the wild….

  19. I dreamt that I was in my kitchen and kinda expecting the elephant coming to my house,family members were there but in a different room,this elephant was grey with a medium size that he fit in my kitchen door.He came running till he reached the door and entered,I first was trying to jump from the window but it was from the second floor so I took a white chair next to me and started trying to terrify him,he actually ran away that time but kept chasing me in my house and I was trying to hide later!Dream is crazy

  20. I dreamed a total of 3 elephants, character was mom baby and boss of the baby. So i see that mom sends of the baby to work, the baby cuts tree branches and is being hurt by the boss near the ear by snatching one of the branch. The mother sees the wound of the baby elephant and goes to the boss and talks. That’s it. What’s the interpretation of this?

  21. In 1984 I began working as a substute teacher. I loved my job, and with me it was business as usual. I always followed specific instructions left by the teachers and made sure that the students carried them out, just as if their teacher were there. If the teacher left no instructions I gave them my own schedule of work. The students always liked me and I had many callbacks by teachers I had subbed for. I even had a few long term assignments.
    After eight years of this (I was only 47 at the time) things began to go awry. Almost every time I gave out assignments to the students in the morning, I would begin to fall asleep. The kids, of course, loved this and often made it a play day.
    I didn’t know it at the time, and I didn’t find out until two years after I quit working that I had narcolepsy.
    At any rate, I felt terrible, and as much as I felt I should no longer be a substitute teacher, I did not want to give up — a failure. I began to drink lots of coffee. It helped a little, but I never fully recuperated, and yet I did not want to be a failure either.
    One night I had a very strange dream. In the dream I was in a college type classroom, with the teacher’s desk arranged at middle of the front wall, and all the grade school aged children’s desks starting about ten feet away from the teacher’s desk. There were eight rows of student desks, rising upward, each row a little wider. At the top of the room, behind the student’s desks, was an entry-exit door. There was also a door about eight to ten feet from the teacher’s desk, which led outdoors. Also there were stairs that started at one side of the room and went upward past the student’s desks all the way to the top, and if one chose to walk across the floor behind all the desks to the other side of the room, they could walk down those stairs to reach the bottom where the teacher’s desk sat right in the middle to veiw all the student’s seats equally.
    I had just called roll and had given the student’s their first assignment, when there was a loud knock at the door which led outside. I thought that rather strange, but I stood up, walked over to the door and opened it to see who was there.
    To my surprise it was a man dressed in the cothes of a circus ringmaster. He tipped his hat to me and told me he had something to show the children. Behind him I saw three fully grown elephants. They were attired in the most beautiful jewel encrusted head-dresses I had ever seen.
    The ringmaster asked for my permission to come in and I stood aside. He led the three magnifficent elephants into the room and began to pull them with him to the closest set of stairs going up. Slowly the ringmaster and the elephants walked up the stairs, across the top walkway and down the other side to the bottom.
    At the bottom of the stairs he led the elepants over to my desk, then stood and faced the students who were under the age of ten. “Okay, children, you may leave now.” The children got up and ran out the back door at the top of the room.
    Then the ringmaster turned to me saying that I ncould leave also. That was the end of the dream.
    I have a very good dream interpretation book, so I looked up what the dream meant. According to the book, elephants meant kharma. The number three means completion and I interpreted the headdresses of the elephant to mean something very beautiful.
    Within the next couple of days I was listening to the radio (Talk Radio). The host had a couple (a man and woman) who were dream interpreters as guests. People were calling to have their dreams interpreted.
    I was able to get through and told them about my dream. I said that I thought it meant that I had done a beautiful (headdresses) job, and the three elephants meant that I had completed my kharmic lesson and could quit working without feeling guilty.
    The two experts on the radio told me that I had done a very good job of interpreting my dream, but I had missed something important. They told me that the ringmaster was my Dream-master. You could have knocked me over with a feather!
    I quit working as a substitute teacher soon thereafter.

  22. I would like to talk about my dream of elephant, in my dream I saw the clouds in the blue sky making shape of a very big dragon in the middle and the other the clouds make shape of a star and on the other side it makes the shape of the elephant. And it was like a was communicating with the clouds. That’s all. Any interpretation of this?

  23. I had a dream of an elephant running, it was being chased away by someone and it was running towards my direction and I was scared, thinking it was going to attack me but it didn’t it just went passed me

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