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  1. Thank you this helped me a lot. Very much information. I drempt about colored baby elephants. Got right to the point.😀

  2. Thanks you for the massive explanation . In my dream just about an hour ago , I saw myself in a zoo . There are other animals there but I concentrated in where elephants were kept .They were being fed . I was not the one feeding them ..I was watching them .

    • I dreamt that an elephant was chased by another elephant she ran into my living room wall and died she had her baby with her the baby was ok and the elephant that was chasing her kept running.what does that mean? Thank you in advance.

  3. Hi. I dreamt that I was in mall and I see a box for auction. There I see so many elephant figurines with trunk up. I was eyeing on the 2 golden elephants when the owner gave me a bigger elephant figurine which is white and with trunk up. I then walked up and rode an escalator going up. What does it mean? Thank you

  4. I dreamt that an elephant was chased by another elephant she ran into my living room wall and died she had her baby with her the baby was ok and the elephant that was chasing her kept running.what does that mean? Thank you in advance.

  5. What does it mean when you dream about a herd of abstract elephants (very tall and skinny and elongated), along with a large bull elephant running in a circle very fast and a baby orphan mammoth?

  6. I dreamt last night about a light green elephant which climbed running a high staircase that had no rails. I couldn’t see the end of the staircase, but knew it ended right there. So I started to scream The elephant in dreams is a symbol of power, strength, faithfulness and intellect. Depending on the context of elephant that appears within the dream, they can have different interpretations. Below we will list out all the themes to help you find one that can most fit your waking situation. “No, No,” to the elephant, as it fell into the void down below. I then woke up. I was bewildered and worried about the fate of the elephant.

  7. I had a dream an elephant was standing in front of me side on raising its head and trunk and showing it’s chest it made me smile

  8. I had a dream that I am at a very beautiful place and we friends plan to roam about. When everyone was leaving I just saw down from the top and saw that my friends have reach down and there is a narrow lane and suddenly elephants are coming and I started wonder what is going on. then these elephants reached me at the top and I was happy seeing them and I was hugging them and clicking pictures with them.

  9. I know I’m just a little kid but this dream really stands out to me although I don’t remember all of it. The group BTS was in a dream ( BTS is a k-pop group shoosh I know I’ll seem immature to most whatever I just wanna share my dream lol) There was this Mom elephant and a baby elephant and the mother was distant to her child. Later on, she killed her own baby. BTS seemed to own these elephants and were so down afterward. After that, the dream blanked out and it skipped to sometime in the future. They got a baby elephant after that and all of them were happily shaking its trunk to greet it.”I hope that this elephant is healthy and happy so it can live a long life,” Hoseok said and everyone agreed. The elephant looked at me as if it were happy to see me. I’m really confused by this dream aa what does it mean. I thought it could mean the boys had a major part in my life. I’ve never felt so peaceful in a dream before.

  10. Hi, in my dream our elephant had been stolen. I/we went to where it was kept and it was gone, someone had taken our elephant. (I don’t have an elephant in real life, but I did in the dream, or I had until someone stole it)

  11. Im in a bus on highway
    Where I see a black&white elephant (mostly ears are one white & other black)
    People with guns are chasing it & at last
    They shot the elephant ,and we flew above it

  12. I keep dreaming about baby elephants that I am taking care of and are like my children. They are very, very small small enough to fit threw a doggie door. In the dream one went threw the doggie door to go outside to use the bathroom when it hasn’t returned I opened the door found it had been raining and everything was flooded and then I saw my baby elephant floating face up on his back under water not moving I grabbed him limp body up and began Cpr compressions he gurgled water out and came to I woke up almost crying.. What does this mean??

  13. I dreamt that I was browsing in an antique store at some bags and purses and found one made of elephant leather. I felt like it was really exotic, beautiful and yet sad. I left the store without buying anything as the bags were too expensive. I was looking for an op shop and continued on my way to try and find it.

  14. Crazy crazy Dream last night. I was helping an elephant that could talk to me. She had a broken leg. We me and some guy I can’t remember got the leg mended – then her back broke and we made this travel hammock to carry her to the elephant burial ground- she was so calm about dying and appreciative of my help. I saw the burial grounds and some poachers had followed us to take the dead elephants tusks. I was preparing for a fight and woke up – too weird for words

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