Scorpion Dream Meaning – Top 21 Dreams About Scorpion

Did you dream about scorpions? Scorpions are associated with sorcery, mystery, secrets, dark arts, and dangerous behaviors. Scorpions in the dream suggest that you are on a destructive path. You carry bitter words and negative thoughts with you at all ties. You want to care and be nice around you, but you end up hurting others. Consider how you are interacting with scorpions in the dream to get better interpretations. Below we will not the most common occurrences of scorpions in dreams.

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Dream About Scorpion Actions

Running Scorpion
Running scorpion in the dream points to a path of destruction. You are attracted to something dangerous. You are curious about the motivations and next actions of those destructive individuals.

Scorpion Chasing And Trying to Bite
To dream that scorpions are chasing you down and trying to bite you; forewarns that someone from your past might come back and haunt you. These could relate to amazing ex-lovers, friends, and roommates, who later become deadly enemies because they know you so well.

Scorpion Eating Its Prey
To dream of a scorpion eating its prey or stinging someone; portends that someone you know will fall into a grasp of a cult or a sweet-talking scammer. Watch out for pyramid schemes that numb and devour you.

Scorpion Fighting
Scorpion fighting in the dream points to quarrels and arguments. You will fight with others with hurtful and harsh sarcasm in a power struggle.

Scorpion in Water
To see a scorpion swimming or simply floating in water; it points to your sad and depressed emotions. The dream warns that you might partake in drastic and even radical measures because of your deep sadness.

Flying Scorpion
The flying scorpion with wings or jumping in the dream suggests that you need to get rid of the old. Make room for something new. It is a symbol of death and rebirth. Put down your prejudices so that you could attack it from a different angle. You no longer hide your narcissistic nature.

Dream About Your Action Towards Scorpion

Killing Scorpion
To dream that you are killing scorpions, indicates that you are going through the process of healing. You are removing the negative influences in your life. You no longer want to be under the influence of a control freak. Overcome the challenges that you face in your life.

Eating Scorpion
Eating scorpions in the dream portends that you will get in trouble due to loose mouth. You will say or express an racist or prejudice opinion. And many people will hold you accountable for your words.

Catching Scorpion with Traps
To see yourself setting up traps to catch scorpions; it suggests that you are noticing the negativity and toxicity of people around you. Because you recognize their tricks and existence, you will become immune to their poisonous thoughts.

Dream About Scorpion Locations

Scorpion Staying In Your Bed
To dream about scorpions in your bed; forewarns you to be careful of your loved ones and spouse. He or she might hold dark secrets behind your back. You might be betrayed at the worst possible time.

Scorpion on Hand or Body
To dream that you carry a scorpion on hand or have a scorpion on the body; suggests that you are holding on to something dangerous. Be careful about how you deal with others such as customers and clients. They will take you for granted and still talk badly about you behind your back.

Scorpion in House
Scorpion in your house or apartment relates to a stressful environment. Your household may exhibit moody problems. There are interpersonal situations that are hard to handle.

Scorpion on Face
Scorpion on your face suggests symbolizes anxiety and fear. You live under constant worry about making the wrong move. You are afraid that people will take revenge.

Scorpion Under Skin
To dream about scorpions getting under your skin; it indicates other people have placed seeds of doubts and hatred within you. Watch out if you start feeling aggression towards certain groups of individuals in waking life.

Dream About Scorpion Appearances

Large Giant Scorpion
To dream about a large giant scorpion; portends that a dangerous tide or wave is coming. Be aware of danger, death, and malice that will be too much to handle.

Little Scorpion
Little scorpions in the dream represent small negative energies. You will be able to suppressed small amount of greed, hate, and anger.

Dead Scorpion
Dead scorpion in the dream is a positive sign. You will soon defeat your enemies and carry the troubles easily.

Pet Scorpion
To see or have pet scorpions in the dream; denote that you will master the art of deceit and persuasion. You will soon convince someone to do something to your advantage. However, what is good for you is not necessarily good for them.

Bag of Scorpions
A bag of scorpions in the dream indicates that you will be able to round up the negativity. You will soon rally a group of individuals to do your bidding. You will show people certain information or knowledge in order to get them to react.

Scorpion Without Stinger
To see a scorpion without its stinger; it points to empty threats said by people in waking life. Others will say hurtful things to threaten and discourage you. Look past the empty words and continue with your life.

Dream About Scorpion Colors

Black Scorpion
The black scorpion color in the dream is a negative omen. Your subconscious mind is up for a bad period. Warning signs are around and you will soon face possible dangers. Carefully plan your actions before moving forward.

Gold Scorpion
Gold scorpions in the dream point to great earnings from dangerous or risky investments. You will soon get some decent gambling winnings like lottery or poker.

Green Scorpion
Green scorpion in the dream points to a weak enemy or rival.

Pink Scorpion
Pink scorpions relate to some type of forbidden love. Be careful about your growing attachment to coworkers or teachers.

Red Scorpion
Red scorpions relate to excitement and a lot of passion. However, your passion and strong opinions may lead you on dangerous paths or actions.

Grey Scorpion
Grey scorpions in the dream relate to feelings of betrayal and mistrust.

Yellow Scorpion
Yellow scorpion forewarns that someone will sabotage your plans and make you feel miserable.

White Scorpion
White scorpions relate to a period of reflection. Think about the aggressive actions that you have taken in the past.

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