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  1. Wow. I had a dream about an injured deer the other night. I assumed she had been hit by a car because she was on the side of the road. I looked up the meaning on this site and it couldn’t have rung more true!!! Our universe and our subconscious are amazing in the ways they communicate with us!!!!


  2. I dreamed of a two headed pure white fawn that was so young, I had to completely care for it. There was a tornado, and a lot of destruction around me but the fawn stayed with me the whole time. Oddly, nothing remotely bad happened to me the whole time and actually had great things begin to happen to me before I woke up. It was a wonderful dream ( I saved two people from having any harm done to them from the tornado and no one really was hurt from it). I wonder what this means?

  3. I had a dream about hundreds of deers sleeping! The deers were all lying on there sides but the were in rows ad there were also babies. They will wake up as me and my daughter will start passing them. None of them made a sound they just woke up and ran away!

  4. I had a dream where I was in an almost tiki-like room. I came out and saw this little dog with a collar running from its owner into a man made jungle. I went after the dog and carried her back but after giving her back, I saw a cat run into the jungle, so I went in and looked for it. It was really dark but I managed to find the cat since it had a whit neck. Once returning the cat, a terrified deer ran into the jungle. I went back in and looked behind some bushes, I found the dear laying on its side with a big rock on its legs. The deer looked terrified so I lifted the rock off and sat with her for a while. I pet her for awhile and calmed her down, I gently picked her up and was caring her back but on the way back, pictures came into my head, they were rosary peas. A voice said, ” It the berries, they’re poison!” And I stopped, I looked at the deer and then my alarm went off and I woke up.

  5. I had a dream that there was a war amongst an African American tribe. They took me to a big pond that they said was holy water. I washed it on my face and then made a cross on my forehead. I then fell to the ground having visions. The only one I remember was telling them I see a deer but it’s not a male or female. They seemed to know what that meant and didn’t want to go forward with the fight. In the end they all disappeared. Don’t see any explanation to that, but before all that happened I was walking through a haunted house.

  6. I had a dream last night, where I observed a huge herd of deer running through a field, does and bucks, the bucks had the most full racks of antlers I’ve ever seen. Then were running so majestically, then they starting running frantically and I saw them being chased by hunters. They were being chased by men with spears and large riffles and there was nothing I could do to help them. Anyone can to interpret this?

  7. I had a dream of unusual animals which are incredibly beautiful, and one of them is a pure white deer with beautiful big horns and I was afraid to see all those things, and all the animals came to me for hitting me but they didn’t hit and ran away.

  8. I had a dream that there where two sheep in a fenced green grass pasture a nd two vicious wolfs attacked them the sheep where very round and wooly. I had dogs at my disposal a small group and they immediately went after the wolves and I felt good about that,
    but one dog the only one that I that was clearly identifiable by bread and color was a beautiful long haired red retriever that could not make it through the fence to help the other unidentifiable dogs.one wolf that was holding a sheep in its mouth could not get over the fence and I ran toward the other wolf with a little fear. the sheep had not been harmed yet but the wolf had the sheep on the ground and was beginning to ravish the sheep I reached down underneath them both in order to pull the sheep out off his grasp I grabbed hold and pulled out what was a dead stag-buck and I was holding bye the antlers.

  9. I had a dream a male deer with large antlers came running up to me almost like it was a dog its tongue sticking out and wanted me to pet it

  10. Hello,

    I had a dream last night about a baby deer. It was a very fragile deer.
    I was running and walking through small streets in what seemed as a warm country, there were no other people.
    The deer was around my neck and I wanted to throw it off a few times but it kept following me and ending up in my neck, no matter I threw it away hard once. I woke up immediately after the dream and I felt it had a big meaning.
    Can you help me what this means? 🙂


  11. Hello,
    This dream I had last night twice in a row! I’m walking down a dirt road path in the middle of the woods. Up ahead, I see a herd of Bambi deers in my path. I stop and slowly walk backwards to turn back but, as soon as I do that, I see another herd of deers with little horns and one with real big large horns, walking towards me. I quickly turn around to walk towards the bambi’s but they was looking at me and started walking towards me. I’m surrounded so, I stand there. The deers stand there staring at me and the one deer with the large horns walks up to me and stop and stare again at me. Then he bends his head down as if its bout to buck me but it doesn’t, it kneels before me. Once that happens all the other deers around me did the same thing and I woke up. I looked at the time and it was 3:46 AM, I went to use bathroom and went back to bed. Fell back asleep, and had the same dream all over again and it ended the same but I started dreaming something else that I don’t remember. But this deer dream stayed with me all day. I can’t shake it. What does this mean for me? Please I need answers. Please help!

  12. Always same dream of male deer who has me trapped in a tree. He puts his ground legs up on tree looks upat me and starts talking to me. It alarms me enough to wake me up

  13. A week after my son passed away . I dreamed of a baby fawn that was hurt. I saw it fall off the side of a mountain possibly a hill. I ran to it and picked it up and with it I found a piece of paper and it revealed a name.. what do you say this means because I automatically woke up was like the name on the paper I knew the man but never meet him before.but my son he was found hung in his bedroom and I do not believe he did this to self.i was begging and pleading for anwers when I had this dream so I fill the name on this paper hung my son.10 months ago feb12,2019. The police refused to do autopsy on my son .so I’m left going crazy about what truely happened .my son was my heart it’s killing me ..

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