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Pig Hog Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. Uh. Well there’s was a pig that was tied up pretty good. And for reason I heard screams so I ran out of the house. I guess it was a house and ran to a barn. And somehow it got out. And there’s was someone else there saying it was bad, and now, Idk I can’t remember what they said. But we got this pig and they pinned it down while I was started tying it down. But we tied it with belts like regular belts for pants, and I was trying to go around it fast and lay on top of it saying “It’s OK. We just have to put another restraint on it.”
    But the whole point was it had to be tied flat on its side. At least that’s what I noticed otherwise it’d find a way out. I wouldn’t say it seemed evil, just smarter than usual. It shouldn’t have gotten out.
    And everything was a scramble. Like we had to do it fast or it’d just get harder.

    • I dreamed that a pig and it’s piglets was was running in my door when I was about to leave out of my home tried to close the door real fast bout some how they forced their way In with the big pink pig nibbled on my lower leg then continued running in my home..I don’t understand

  2. In my dream i saw a black pig a little but muddy..a man was carrying the pig but he let go of that pig and let it run around i side the department store…..while i was curiius watchung the pig and the man ..all of a sudden i saw a batch of army, came in thats department store and i saw a few of them are tied up. Hands to their back..i lost sight for pig but man still there then i woke up

  3. Help my friend is dreaming about dead pigs. However some of them aren’t not dead. She says she has had this dream 3 nights in a row. Asking for a friends.

    Ps she is a vegetarian

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