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  1. Uh. Well there’s was a pig that was tied up pretty good. And for reason I heard screams so I ran out of the house. I guess it was a house and ran to a barn. And somehow it got out. And there’s was someone else there saying it was bad, and now, Idk I can’t remember what they said. But we got this pig and they pinned it down while I was started tying it down. But we tied it with belts like regular belts for pants, and I was trying to go around it fast and lay on top of it saying “It’s OK. We just have to put another restraint on it.”
    But the whole point was it had to be tied flat on its side. At least that’s what I noticed otherwise it’d find a way out. I wouldn’t say it seemed evil, just smarter than usual. It shouldn’t have gotten out.
    And everything was a scramble. Like we had to do it fast or it’d just get harder.

    • I dreamed that a pig and it’s piglets was was running in my door when I was about to leave out of my home tried to close the door real fast bout some how they forced their way In with the big pink pig nibbled on my lower leg then continued running in my home..I don’t understand


  2. In my dream i saw a black pig a little but muddy..a man was carrying the pig but he let go of that pig and let it run around i side the department store…..while i was curiius watchung the pig and the man ..all of a sudden i saw a batch of army, came in thats department store and i saw a few of them are tied up. Hands to their back..i lost sight for pig but man still there then i woke up

  3. Help my friend is dreaming about dead pigs. However some of them aren’t not dead. She says she has had this dream 3 nights in a row. Asking for a friends.

    Ps she is a vegetarian

  4. I dreamt that baby pigs were attacking me and growing larger by the minute and the bites getting extremely bad. I woke myself up in a suffering scream. They were pink and in a pen stalking me It was terrifying and I couldn’t get away

  5. I was outside looking for a bag of mine when I noted that a lot of trees had been cut down and then saw a pink dead pig. It looked fat and healthy otherwise. I left the area for a while and then went back to look for the bag again and there were more dead pigs and one of the pigs, a young black pig had not been slaughtered correctly and was crawling over another pig. I was very angry and went back inside and started shouting at what was a mix between my father and ex-husband. I was so angry…absolutely livid at him for the inhumane way he had slaughtered these poor pigs – for absolutely no reason.

  6. I dreamt that a man we knew fell through the trap door into the cellar and was eaten alive by pigs. His scream went on and on but was made more unusual be the inaction of the other men around me.
    Ive just called off a relationship with a man ive been seeing, perhaps its to do with that. I had a similar dream when I started to ignor my husband 7 years ago (he was drinking himself to death). It was the night of an eclipse on my natal sun position and salamander women with pointy teeth crawled out from the swamp to eat a lieutenant who had hidden in a cave. Very symbolic ! The man eaten by the pigs was a bit of a bad boy type, although well loved, and the other men stood around not moving were more like older, materialistic, bullish males, which I dislike in real life. Similarities of both dreams : Cave/cellar/swamp; hero type male, prince archetype; eaten alive; my nan (covered in makeup, a mask) and folk like my dad (capitalist bully, king/queen archetype) were in the background representing the part of me I dont like. Maybe its a growing up dream and Im not happy with killing off the prince archetype in my character and taking on board responsibilities.

  7. I dream that a big pig bite me, and a piglet too. but when the piglet bite me I bite him too.
    What was the meaning of that. Please help me figure it out please.

    Thank you.

  8. It starts with me being overly excited to download a new game called “The Misery Game” on my computer. Little do I know it has a virus that takes control of my entire house. The game is not playable on PC, however, it is played out in real life (in the dream). I am completely conscious and am forced to make the decision on whether or not to play the game in order to wake up. It starts like this: Every screen, whether it be a tv, pc, tablet, or phone in my house turns on. A figure in a bloody pig mask then approaches and tells me the parameters of the game. At first, as anyone would, I try to leave, but the door is locked. I then sit down and mess around with the computer to see the new world that has been created within. If I search ANYTHING on YouTube, I get a flood of old-school(but not black and white) pig clips. One I very specifically remember was a video of one male in a pig mask running from around 4-5 females in pig masks captioned “Let us kiss you!” The sound playing is a old kind of jig, something Looney Tunes might have done, covered with squealing pig sounds. As the clip progresses, the female pigs catch up with the male, and devour his face. The ads on sites are just the same as any other, but everyone is in pig masks and the entire ad covered in blood spatter. Anyways, Aside from that journey I call for the pig and ask it to explain the parameters of the game once more. It tells me in a deep, dark voice: “The only way to leave this place is to do as I say. Your first task is to remove your fingernails(Gesturing to the knife below my TV).” So, having no choice but do it, I remove my fingernails in agonizing pain. REAL PAIN (which may be stress related) I WAKE UP WITH AFTER THE DREAM IS OVER. After the door of my room is open, everything is switched around, as if someone has literally broken in and taken everything out, making it look more like a lab with a single metal table in the middle of the room, with a single blender on it, with a single light above it. From the darkness a television flickers on. The pig approaches. It tells me I have to PUT MY HAND IN THE BLENDER, AND TURN IT ON. You can imagine how hard this choice is to make, because as I said before I am FULLY conscious. I tried waiting, but I never would wake up. After I painfully grind my hand to a nub and progress to the next room, which has had a wooden wall placed, redirecting me to the bathroom, a phone on the sink rings to video chat and I am told by the pig masked man to take a shower. I asked what the cache was, an he said none. Little did I know, the water that came out of the shower nozzle would be acid, which burned my entire body. After that I’m released into a room filled with POISONOUS GAS, in which kills and wakes me up after being told escape is hopeless by the pig. This is only one of the many variations of this dream, there have been 5 others, some much more painful than this one, however they are all the same except the ways of torture I’m put through. . If you can tell me how to make it stop, please let me know.

  9. I dreamt about apig suckling or sacking a cows milk and i was not letting it do it. By hitting it and chasing it away. What does it mean please you can email me the answer. . Thx

  10. i dream’t that at my kitchen there was a lot of meat behind a table we don’t normally move and then i decided to cut the meat in small pieces to refrigerate it and i realized it was pigs meat.
    what does that mean?

  11. I had a dream that this guy I had just kissed stopped me, after I told him I didn’t want to be with him. When I looked at him, he had a golden pigs head but a normal human body and said he’s in love with me. I don’t know what it means, can someone help?

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