Pig Hog Dream Interpretation

To see a pig in your dream symbolizes gluttony, greediness, stubbornness, and dirtiness depending on the context. Dreams regarding pigs can relate to how you perceive pigs in your waking life, as well as how they interact with you within your dream. They may symbolize a particular life style or person that exhibit qualities of greed and selfishness.

If you like pigs and think that pigs are cute, then your dream about a fat dirty pig represents your misconceptions about certain things. What you believe and what is reality may be two different things.

Dream About Interaction with Pigs
Dream About Killing or Pig Slaughtering
Slaughtering a pig in a dream is a positive sign that your hard work can pay off in the near future. However, it can also typically suggest some form of sacrifice, you may be willing to let go one or few of your projects to reap the rewards that they offer.

Dream About Feeding Pigs
Feeding or giving food to pigs symbolize the actions that you are taking to ensure your success. Pay attention to the type of pigs and context of where you feed. Those might be the area that worth the most of your attention during waking life.

Dream About Different Parts of Pigs
Dream About Pig Head
A pig’s head or the face part in the dream symbolizes some form of call to action. Try to remember the context and actions that you have taken during the dream of a pigs head in focus. If the pig’s head is on a silver platter, it can suggest that the reward is within arms reach, you simply have to make the call and act upon the plan. If the pig’s head is full of blood and dismantled, it may suggest that your plans might get messy once you act upon them.

Dream About Pig Ear
Seeing or eating pig’s ear in a dream, represent that you have higher chance of getting fooled or cheated, be careful about listening and following other people’s advice.

Dream About Pig Nose
A dream that is focused on pig snout or nose, suggest that you might have unwanted guests or people within your household or work. Someone might have tried to butt in your business unappreciated.

Dream About Pig Feet
Eating or seeing pig feet in the dream suggest that your name might be tainted in the near future because of gossip. If you are trying to get pregnant, pig feet is a good omen that you might conceive soon.

Dream About Pig Meat
Pork or pig meat such as bacon or pork chop in the dream suggest positive transformation. You are turning negativity surrounding your life into positive experiences. Consider the parts of the pork that you are consuming to get some contexts of these transformations. For example, a fully roasted pig may suggest that full transformation is needed in every part of your life.

Dream About Pig Blood
Drinking or touching pig blood in the dream suggest that you have to fight to claim what is rightfully yours. It might be time to ask for that raise or things that you have always wanted.

Dream About Pig Actions
Dreaming about Pig Attacking and Chasing
If the pig is attacking and chasing you within the dream, and you are running or hiding away from the aggressive boar. It is a sign that you need to focus on the sanitary conditions of your household and work. There are unclean parts of your life’s environment that may cause infectious diseases.

Dream About Pig Bite
Depending on the location and severity of the bite, the pig biting dream can be interpreted differently. If the pig is nibbling on parts of your body, it may foreshadow upcoming wealth is on its way. You may receive small types of winning in a lottery draw or surprise monetary gain.

However, if the pig bite is really painful in the dream, it may suggest that bitten part of your body may be hurt or infected with disease in the near future.

Dream About Pigs Giving Birth
A pig giving birth to piglets in the dream suggest creation of new ideas and projects. However, if the newborn piglets are sick or fighting over mother pig or sow’s breast milk. It can represent that perhaps you are too greedy with your pet projects, these pet projects are pulling too much resources or time away from your life.

Dream About Pig Talking
If the pigs are talking in the dream, pay close attention to the message being said. The words from the pig within the dream can offer profitable business insights if you can relate and make sense out of them.

Dream About Pig Going Wild
When the dream pig is going wild and hitting everything, it represents a loss of emotional control. It can suggest that things have not turned out the way for you or someone financially, and the person is blaming and wrecking things in his path.

Dream About Different Types of Pigs
Dream About Dead Pig
Seeing a dead pig just lying on the ground in the dream, suggest that you are lowering your standards.

Dream About Baby Pig or Piglets
Little piggies or baby pigs are small projects that you have during waking hour. These are side projects that can give you minor financial gains.

Dream About Clean Pig
Clean pigs that are getting washed suggest that someone in your life is trying to clean themselves up. However, you are having a hard time accepting those changes and deeply believe that pigs may always be pigs. It

Dream About Huge Pigs or Hogs
To see a hog in your dream symbolizes abundance, however the abundance may be result of you being greedy and hogging resources that might have meant for others. You are securing your own abundance at the cost of sharing wealth with others. The fat pig may also symbolize someone greedy that is profiting at the expense of others. If a pig is a giant pig that are way out of proportions, it can mirror some type of large business venture that are outside of your capability.

Dream About Black Pigs
Black pig may be analogous to a relationship or a man in your life. You think that the pig will be a certain way, but the man or relationship might turn out to be totally unexpected.

Dream About White Pigs
A white pig is a symbol of change in relationship, perhaps you have met someone knew and is starting a great friendship.

Dream About Pink Pigs
Pink pig in the dream relate to the person whom you love dearly, however this person is being stubborn about certain issues. The dream is telling you that you should still love the person no matter what their belief is.

Dream About Flying Pigs
Seeing a pig flying in the dream suggest that someone you know is chasing dreams that are deemed impossible by you. You are likely to say anything to the person in waking life, but you secretly believe that the person will fail. Or you could be working on some seemingly impossible projects yourselves and your subconscious knows so as well.

Dream About Other Kind of Pig Related Dreams
Dream About Pig Pen
A pig pen in the dream is a peaceful reminder of your mind to feel content, amidst chaos or dirtiness. You need to find joy in the little things in life, get yourself dirty even if the condition is not that great. You are reminding yourself it is better to find a place that you can call your home.

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