Book Dream Meaning – Top 42 Dreams About Books

Did you dream about books? They indicate that you are moving towards your knowledge goals at a steady pace. Books symbolize intellect, wisdom, knowledge, and experiences. It embraces the alluring human imagination or histories of the past. Consider the types of books in the dream, and how you are consuming the materials. Below we will provide you with a deep and detailed book dream meanings analysis.

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Dream About Interacting with Books

Burning a Book
Burning books with fire in the dream; points to a complete rejection for a school of thought or opinion. Perhaps you want to people to stop listening to a specific type of narrative. And you are rejecting it for both yourself and people around you. You will soon make a statement and protest.

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Book Falling on You
To see books falling on your head or thrown at your face; forewarns that you will make serious mistakes due to a lack of knowledge. However, it might be too late by the time you realize your faults. The damage would have been done.

Someone Giving You a Book or Receiving Books
To dream that someone is giving you books as gifts; points to advice. Other people will share their knowledge with you. It is up to you to listen to them and accept their wisdom. They cannot force you to act a certain way.

Looking for and Finding Book
To see yourself searching and finding specific books; indicate that you are looking for spiritual guidance. You are at a crossroad where you do not have prior knowledge. Thus you are looking for answers elsewhere, to see if there have been precedences that you could follow.

Holding Book
To dream about holding a book tightly in your hands; indicate that you will uphold specific belief system. There are some ideas that you believe strongly in. You will not let it go easily.

Losing Book
To see yourself losing or dropping books on the floor in the dream; forewarns that you will have trouble in your pursuits of knowledge and skills. Look out for troubles in your studies or improvement of your education.

Dream About Working on Books

Reading a Book
To dream that you are reading a book; denotes calmness and the ability to grasp new ideas with ease. You are escaping from reality. Or you are tackling the realm of research so that you could face real-world challenges. Rely on the experiences. Stand on the shoulders of previous giants to face the world.

Writing a Book
To write a book in the dream; points to honors and riches that you are pursuing. Specifically, you will share your ideas and knowledge through written words. You will soon tell an important story. Narrate a series of events about yourself through resumes and interviews. Or that you will share your thoughts about the world on platforms like social media.

Signing Books
To see yourself signing books; point to your agreement with ideas. You stand by what you have said in the past. You have awakened to certain truths.

Making Books or Binding Books
Dreaming that you are making or printing a book physically to bind them; indicates that you feel confident about your education. You are ready to present your lines of thought, thesis, and research to the public.

Dream About Different Types of Books

Generic Book Types

Digital Online eBooks
To dream about getting online digital ebooks from the internet; symbolize your desire for instant knowledge or advancement in skills. However, be aware of the knowledge that you pick up online. As online resources do not go through the same type of scrutiny or accountability.

Audio Books
Dreaming about listening to audiobook tapes or files; foretells that you will receive important advice or knowledge from people. Pay attention to what will be said to you in the near future.

Children’s Book
Children’s books in dreams symbolize memories or events in your childhood. You need more playfulness and innocence in your daily living. Perhaps some time to escape from reality and retreat into a fantasy world is needed.

Check Book
To dream about a banking checkbook; represents the need to keep your life in balance and harmony. Take note of your decisions on a daily basis. Understand why and how you behave in a certain way. You will be able to better advance your livelihood.

Journal Diary Book
To dream about a journal diary book that is locked; symbolize closely guarded secrets. If you are writing in a journal; it suggests that you are choosing to keep secrets to yourself alone.

Foreign Book in a Different Language
To see a foreign book in the dream; suggests that you need to be open to exotic ideas.

Reference Books

Bible Book or Holy Book
A dream about the bible or other religious book points to your desire to seek truth, inspiration, and knowledge. You wish to learn more about the world that you are unsure of.

Phone Book or Address Book
To dream about a phone book on a mobile or address book; points to communication. There is something that you want to tell others but you have a hard time. You are looking at potential dates or relationships. However, it is hard to take concrete actions towards those desires.

Law Books and Regulation References
To dream about a book of laws and regulations for tax or others; point to truth and judgment. You will have to follow the rules dictated by others in order to succeed in waking life. Make sure you understand all the rules before you start your endeavors.

To dream about a cookbook full of recipes; symbolize your need to cook something up. Find a new solution to a problem or situation in your life. Do not be afraid to seek help from others and rely on people’s creativity.

Entertainment Books

Comic Books
A superhero comic book in the dream relates to your feelings of wanting help. You have an optimistic approach to life’s problems. You believe that everything will turn out well. Believe in the good things.

Coloring Book
A coloring book in the dream points to progress and personal growth. You have certain outlines in your mental and physical health. Now you are filling in the blanks. Soon you will develop into your full potential.

Fictional Novel Book
Fictional books in the dream point to a need to escape from reality. You want to be entertained. Maybe the routine of life is boring you. Open your mind up to the endless opportunities of tales.

Scrapbooks in the dream symbolize albums and memories that you have. Consider your emotions while handling the scrapbook. Perhaps you need to let go of the past. Or you need to double down and cherish your lessons learned.

Academic Books

Pocketbook or Notebook
To dream about a pocketbook or paper notebooks for school; signify your desire to learn more. Gain new knowledge through learning, studying, and practice. You are taking notes of the new ideas that you are picking up along the way.

Exercise Book
Exercise books in the dream foretell that you will soon prepare and study for a test. Your ability and knowledge will be put on a constant challenge. Be patient and use the opportunity to sharpen your mind and tools.

To see textbooks in the dream; reflects your calling to a specific field of work. You need to devote more energy to certain areas. Respect the professional for the knowledge.

Dream About Locations Related to Books

To dream about a book store, symbolize your quest for knowledge. Consider paying money to invest in your education. Develop your mental sharpness whenever possible.

The bookshelf in the dream represents various levels of your mind. You have organized ideas, memories, and concepts in your mental maze. Consider sorting through or acquire new information before making your decision.

Book Library
Dreaming about the library suggests that you are searching for knowledge and ideas. You are hungry and thirsty for wisdom and other people‚Äôs experiences. 

Overdue Books
To see yourself getting charged a fee with late overdue books from the library suggests that you are sitting on an idea for too long.

Dream About Book Conditions

Empty Book
An empty blank book with no ink in the dream points to a lack of insight. Be aware of the people whom you are talking to. They might be unreliable or downright fraudulent. Be aware of empty promises or fake narratives.

Closed Book
A closed book in the dream represents your inability to grasp new ideas. You are letting things be mysterious. Perhaps you refuse to take on new information.

Large Giant Book
To see a large giant book in the dream; relates to collective thoughts. You will soon experience different things. However, this encounter will prove to be hard to digest. You will have mixed views or relationship.

Open Book
An open book in the dream relates to an open mind. You will be open to new ideas and knowledge. Perhaps you want to seek more information about someone new in waking life.

Leather Book
A book made of leather in the dream points to knowledge and wisdom that can withstand the test of time.

New Book
A brand new book in the dream suggests that you can master and learn new skills. You will need to spend the time and effort into your projects. It foretells that you will venture into areas that you are not familiar with.

Ripped Torn Book
A book with torn or ripped pages denotes forgotten knowledge. You have overlooked previous chapters of your life. Try to find what was missing. As they could offer you important skills to be more confident.  

Wet Book
A wet book in your dream represents your emotional way of thinking and looking at things. You are letting nasty emotions getting to the way you communicate and store thoughts. Watch out for hard feelings that grow within like mold.

Dream About Book Colors

White Book
White books in the dream point to fundamental truth or principles that you live by.

Black Book
Black book in the dream points to mysteries and hidden secrets. You are holding a list of secret admirations or grudges.

Blue Book
A blue book in the dream points to investment and monetary values. You have an inner weight or ledgers about items or people that you value in waking life.

Green Book
Green book in the dream points to rules of the community. You will abide by certain rules of the society moving forward.

Golden Book
Golden book in the dream points to profitable knowledge or skills. You will soon start a new money producing side projects using what you know.

Yellow Book
Yellow book in the dream points to potential business opportunity and relationship.

Red Book
The red book in the dream points to temper and argument. There are certain issues or problems with people. You feel strongly about them.

Pink Book
Pink book in the dream suggests to new found relationship and intimacy.

Other Book Related Objects

Book Covers
A book cover in the dream points to strength and knowledge. You are finding ways to package and protect your thoughts. Letting the public know and understand why you feel and make certain decisions. You will be able to handle whatever obstacles or criticism life throws at you. No matter how the world turns the outside, it will not alter your inner principles.

To see bookmarks in the dream; points to important things that you are overlooking in waking life. Draw focus and attention to what matters the most to you. Do not dwell or waste your energy on the unimportant parts.

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