Paper Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about paper? To dream about paper signifies different responsibilities and potentials that you need to achieve and keep track of. You are living proof of your hard work and you are keeping a record of your expressions and actions. Pay attention to what you are doing with the paper and the messages that might be on the paper. They could clue you on important details of waking life.

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Dream About Writing on Paper

Dream About Signing Papers
Signing papers in dreams, signifies that you will be offered a new job, gig, contract, or opportunity to take a part in a serious project. You are committing your resources and time towards something.

Dream About Writing on, Working on or Making Paper
To see yourself working with the paper medium, is a sign that you wish to express yourself somehow. You find it hard to talk directly to people, so you will need to use alternative methods.

Dream About Working with Paper

Dream About Folding or Wrapping Paper
Folding or wrapping papers in the dream, foretells that you will turn over various phases of projects. You will have the freedom to mold things into whatever you desire. Take it slowly and try to follow the steps. All of your mistakes might leave permanent marks for the final product.

Dream About Ripping or Tearing Paper
Ripping or tearing off papers in dreams, represents frustration or embarrassment that something didn’t work. You want to destroy all evidence that you have even tried and attempted something. If the paper is torn when you see it, it foretells that you will inherit big issues at work or school. You will have to cover for others.

Dream About Burning Paper
Burning paper in the dream is an omen of misfortune. You will face many troubles and anxieties. The dream foretells that you will only have a shot by letting go of everything and reborn in the fire.

Dream About Shredding Paper
Shredding paper in the dream, signifies that you wish to destroy all traces of a certain past. You are ready to call quits and take a loss in your projects.

Dream About Getting or Losing Paper

Dream About Buying Paper
To dream that you are buying paper; suggests that you are preparing to try out new ideas that have not come into fruition. You are at the very early planning stage of your plans. Perhaps you are lacking ideas and do not have anything concrete.

Dream About Receiving Papers
To receive papers in dreams, represents ideas that have to be respected. You are given a set of standard procedures that you must follow.

Dream About Giving Paper
Giving blank paper to others in the dream, is a sign that you wish others to be more communicative with you. However, if the paper is written with words; it is a sign that you are setting up expectations about how you wish to be communicated with.

Dream About Losing or Missing Paper
To lose or miss important papers in the dream, suggests that you lack confidence or resources to help you achieve your goals. You will miss important data and be convincing enough to others about your ability to perform.

Dream About Other Type of Paper Actions

Dream About Eating Paper in Mouth
To dream that you are chewing or eating paper in your mouth, warns that you are involved in odd and risky affairs. You may have to pay an exorbitant price for your decisions later that might be very uncomfortable.

Dream About Failing Exam Paper
When you dream about failing an exam or test paper, take note of the reason for your failure. These reasons may relate to your actual failures in waking life. Your mind is processing your waking life and trying to make sense out of your unsuccessful endeavors.

Dream About Removing Paper
To remove the paper from a folder or a book, suggests that you will choose to withhold certain ideas or sentiments. You are having second thoughts about saying or expressing certain opinions.

Dream About Paper Cut
Paper cut in the dream, foretells you will suffer through minor annoyances. Because you are not careful about how you are handling sensitive information.

Dream About Special Types of Paper

Dream About Toilet Paper Rolls or Tissue Paper
To dream about toilet paper rolls, represents the aftermath and cleanup of emotional release. You are ready to heal and recover from your emotional outburst. It should be noted that you will still leave a mark somewhere, but those marks will soon be forgotten.

Dream About Bond Paper Stock
To see the bond paper or high-quality paper; foretells that you will get yourself into some very important and extravagant affairs. Perhaps you are preparing or will get invited to an important party or gala.

Dream About Foil Paper
To see foil paper in the dream, points out that your hopes won’t justify themselves. People might be disappointed because they are unlikely to be affected by your influences.

Dream About Parchment Paper
To dream about parchment paper, is a sign that you will aspire for a better financial situation.

Dream About Reams or Stacks of Papers
To see stacks or reams of paper, denotes overwhelming responsibilities and stress for you to perform and sort through. Perhaps you are taking more than you could handle.

Dream About Purpose of Paper

Dream About Assignment Paper
To see assignment paper in the dream, points to an advantageous project soon. You will have the freedom to experiment and test out your ideas in a controlled setting.

Dream About Divorce Papers
To see divorce papers in dreams, suggests that you are doomed to spend a lot of money, time, and efforts to prove your case. Be clear about what you want and set up a clear expectation.

Dream About Paper Money or Paper Bill
To dream about paper money or paper bill, suggests that you will help your relative and family financially.

Dream About Wall Paper
Seeing wallpaper in the dream, suggests that you are placing too much emphasis on the outer look. Someone or you might not have the substance.

Dream About Newspaper
To see or read a newspaper in your dream signifies that new light and insight is being shed on you. However, if the newspaper is filled with advertisements; it suggests that an outside force is trying to influence you for their own benefit.

Dream About Paperwork
To dream about paperwork or paper forms like for tax filing. Points to a need to be thorough in your documentation. Someone is going to ask you about your records in the near future, and you will have to present them.

Dream About Printed Question Paper
To see or respond to a pointed question or survey paper, suggests that others really want to know about your opinion about certain aspects. However, they might not take your opinions seriously.

Dream About Paper Materials

Dream About Rice Paper
Using or eating rice paper in the dream, symbolizes that you will achieve success and prosperity. But you will need to handle your prosperity with care.

Dream About Carbon Paper
To see or use copy carbon paper in the dream, is a sign that there is nothing to worry about the words of your beloved partner. He or she means it and they will prove their words with actions shortly.

Dream About Paper Towel
Paper towels in your dream suggest that you will experience temporary setbacks. Be prepared to quickly clean up your past issues so you could move forward. It also suggests that the tough times might soon be forgotten and thrown away in the trash.

Dream About Construction Paper
To see or use construction paper in the dreams, foretells that you will work for the realization of your plans. Use proper tools and measurements of your progress.

Dream About Folded Paper Designs

Dream About Paper Airplane
To see paper airplanes, indicates that your frivolous pursuits. Your hobbies may only stay as hobbies, and they will have a hard time to turn into a profitable business.

Dream About Paper Doll or Paper Man
To dream about a paper doll, implies fleeting childhood that might not last forever. Pay attention to the type of accessories or clothing worn on the paper person. As they might relate to your childhood dreams and fantasy.

Dream About Paper Crane
Paper cranes in the dream, represent patience and diligence in your wishful thinking. You cannot directly impact how things are, so you are trying to do your parts to make things happen.

Dream About Paper Animal or Paper Fish
To dream about paper origami to form animals or fish, symbolizes a process of thoughts that are coming into fruition. Perhaps you do not exactly know how the end product might look exactly. You are taking the right steps towards your end goal.

Dream About Paper Flowers and Paper Heart
Dreaming about paper flowers, implies that people who surround you will favor you. They will try to do things to please you.

Dream About Paper Products

Dream About Paper Bag
To see paper bags in your dream, represents the womb and secrets. Do not judge something or someone by its plain-looking outside, focus on the inner content.

Dream About Paper Boat
To see or ride a boat made out of paper in the dream, indicates that you will soon be tested emotionally. You will go through certain harsh times that will test your perseverance. Be willing to carry out your task with the risk of sinking, you may need to act fast.

Dream About Paper Lantern
To see paper lanterns, denote how you feel others see you. You hope that you have shown your true intentions through your actions. You wish to bring hope and motivation to others.

Dream About Paper Kite
The paper kite in the dream, represents important things that you will need to realize. You might be fragile once you achieve a new high and get a different perspective.

Dream About Paper Shoes
Wearing shoes made out of paper in the dream; foretells that you will enter situations that you are not familiar with. Tread carefully and try not to mess things up.

Office Products

Dream About Pen and Paper
To see pen and paper together in the dream, suggests that you need to organize and record certain aspects of your life. You might soon have an adventure worth recording and be remembered to be told to others.

Dream About Paper Plate or Paper Cup
Using plats or paper cups, represents temporary nourishment or rewards. You will have a chance to quickly refuel yourself, but take the opportunity before it is gone forever.

Dream About Paper Clip
To use or see a paper clip in your dream, indicates that you are trying to hold together a loose relationship. You will put together some kind of temporary team in order to accomplish your goals.

Dream About Conditions of Paper

Dream About Crumpled Paper
Crumpled papers in dreams, symbolize abandoned ideas. You will need to go back to the drawing board for your plans.

Dream About Old Paper
Old papers in the dream, reflect old memories of the past. Perhaps you have forgotten important messages from the old life and lessons.

Dream About Dirty Paper
Dirty papers in dreams, symbolize tainted ideas or backdrop for you to move forward. You have either messed up or have to continue working on someone else’s problem.

Dream About Wet Paper
Dreaming about wet paper, indicates that you are getting overly emotional about your tasks. You might have a hard time getting your point across due to your tears.

Dream About Blood on Paper
Seeing blood on paper, points to certain messages or thoughts that could be damaging. You will soon be faced with harsh truths and information.

Dream About Colors of Paper

Bright Colors

Dream About Plain White Paper
To dream about blank plain white papers, refer to the potential possibilities that you possess. You will be easily influenced by outside forces. But nevertheless, you will have a fresh start in life.

Dream About Pink Paper
Dreams of pink papers, foretells that you will soon fall in love and receive love letters.

Dream About Yellow Paper
Yellow papers in the dreams, foretells that someone from your past will ask you for help.

Dream About Blue Paper
Blue paper in a dream foretells good luck.

Dark Colors

Dream About Brown Paper
Brown papers in dreams foretell good fortune, you may encounter profitable trades or transactions.

Dream About Black Paper
The black paper indicates that there will be uneasiness between you and your friends. You may have to present yourself in other ways or colors to let others know how you feel.

Dream About Green Paper
Green papers in dreams signal happy moments in your life.

Dream About Gold Paper
Gold paper in the dream, represents good luck and fortune. You may come into decent money that you did not think to be worthwhile.

Dream About Silver Paper
Silver paper in the dreams, foretells that you will overcome health issues.

Dream About Red Paper
Red papers in the dream, suggests that you will receive very good news soon. You will be invited to a joyful public event.

Dream About Papers

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