Interview Dream Interpretation

To dream of an interview, could be your mind’s way of mentally practicing for an upcoming interview or a relive of a past experience. However, if you do not have any interview coming up in the near future, the dream of job interviews can have deeper or hidden meanings. Below we will go through most common job interview related dream interpretations.

Dream About Being Interviewed
Dreaming about being in an interview, suggests that you will be using your communications skills to improve your circumstances in life. By answering and asking the right questions to the right people, you life will take a turn for the better. The dream could relate to dating and interpersonal relationship that you are establishing.

Dream About Interviewing a Job Candidate
To dream of being an interviewer, suggests that you are in the position of power or authority to help others. It foretells that you will be a judge or mentor of some sort, people less experienced may come to you for advice. Be mindful of coming out as sincere to help instead of brushing people off, the people whom you help may be able to help you down the road.

Dream About Being Late for Interview
To be late for an interview inside a dream, foretells that you will lose important opportunity by missing out. The dream suggests that to be successful in your endeavor, the most important thing is to be present at the right time. Be aware of potential projects or tasks that are coming your way, and be the right place at the right time to profit off those opportunities.

Dream About Cannot Find Interview Location
To dream of getting lost to your interview, suggests that you are not yet physically prepared for your upcoming project or task. You are missing some important pieces of the puzzle that can lead you to success. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others, because that may result on you missing out and become late.

Dream About Preparing for Interview
To dream of preparing for an interview, suggests that you will be put up to a test in the near future. Maybe a promotion is on the horizon, however you need to make sure that your knowledge and skill base is up to par with the upcoming opportunity. Consider educating yourself on your personal time so that you can improve upon your career path.

Dream About a Bad Interview
Experiencing a bad interview in the dream, points to your fear of exposing yourself to others. The dream suggests that you have trouble understanding the questions and expressing your thoughts. Perhaps you do not have the answers to the issues that you are now facing, there could be issues with your communications to the people in your environment, and you believe that you are screwing up everything.

Dream About Interview Questions
Dream about interview questions or preparing for them, reflect self-help tools that you have. They represent self realization and self talk that help you through troublesome times. Your psyche is preparing yourself for any trials and down turns, you are questioning your own commitment to the new projects that you are undertaking. These questions define you and shape your reality.

Dream About Interview Coach
To dream of an interview coach, reflects important individuals that can mentor you and guide you through the course of life.

Dream About Group Interview with Other Candidates
Dreaming about being a part of a multi candidate job interview, represent multiple paths or personalities that you have within you. The dream foretells that you will be faced down with an important life changing question, such as marriage, career change, or having kids. You are questioning the different aspect of you, what your true values are. Be mindful of the questions being asked and answers, they may guide you to the best approach to your current crossroad. Be careful about making fast decisions without a well thought out process in advance.

Dream About Group Interview with Multiple Interviewers
To dream of multiple interviewers questioning you, suggest that you will need to read between the lines to find out the underlying cause of events. Someone is going to expect you to perform certain tasks, however their language and request will not be straight forward. They may tell you different wants and needs, it is up to you to figure out how to best respond and fulfill their desires.

Dream About Improperly Dressed for Interview
Dreaming about being improperly dressed like being naked or wearing t-shirts for interview, signifies that you are worried about your impressions and appearances in professional life. You worry alot about how you are perceived professionally, you are afraid that your colleagues and bosses may undermine your ability to work simply due to your appearances, race, or gender.

Dream About Interview Follow Up Thank You
To send a interview follow up thank you letter, suggests that you will achieve stability in your careers. The dream reflects that you are willing to put in work to reflect and collect feedback from your bosses or customers, which will propel you to the next level.

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