Internet Dream Meaning – Top 12 Dreams About Internet

Did you dream about the internet? It suggests that you need to connect and communicate with other people. You are tapping into vast amount of information and knowledge. Pay attention to how and why you are utilizing internet in the dream to get better interpretation. Below we will note the most common dreams regarding the internet.

Dream About Actions with Internet

Dream About Using Internet for Research
To dream that you are using internet to researching information; suggests that you wish to acquire knowledge from an important resource. You want to hear from different sources so that you could make your own judgement calls. Something does not right to you and you wish to hear more opinions

Dream About Using Internet to Connect with Other People
Dreaming about internet dating apps, forums, or social networks; represents your desires to expand your social circle or reconnect with old acquaintances. You wish to meet new people online.

Dream About Dark Internet
To see yourself using or access dark web or dark internet, points to negative or dishonest connections to other people. You are trying to form some sort of agreement or alliance that cannot be public. Be careful about keeping your business or personal dealings a secret out of the spotlight.

Dream About Using Internet to Spread Ideas and Thoughts
To dream that you are using internet chatrooms to share your life or opinions; suggests that you want to support your thoughts and ideas. You want to deliver a certain message to others. However, be careful about your delivery, as you might hard time getting through to people. The dream reflects that you might end up having problems with your personal and intimate relationship.

Dream About Common Internet Uses

Dream About Internet Search Engine
To dream that you are using internet search engines; the dream may suggest that you are searching for a purpose in life. 

Dream About Trouble Connecting to Internet
To see yourself having trouble or weak connection to the internet Wifi, bluetooth, or cell tower signal. It indicates that you are dreaming of being lost and unheard in waking life. You are having trouble forming connections to the outside world. You cannot understand others around you, and you feel that no one is understanding your emotions neither.

Dream About Internet Firewalls or Blocks
To dream about internet firewalls or blocking; it relates to isolation and being cut off. The dream forewarns that you will be banned or denied access to others. Try to be creative and test out other methods so that you can get through to people.

Dream About Mobile Internet Hotspots
Seeing mobile internet hotspot, symbolizes the hidden network of life that will bring you closer to the truth. Try to get ideas and opinions filtered through other people’s eyes. They could provide you with what you need or introduce you to resources that can help you. You will have hard time getting through to the real truth by your own efforts.

Dream About Internet Related Technology and Equipment

Dream About Wifi Network
To dream about wifi networks, represents interests or experiences that you want to be a part of. You will soon form a close knit or circle of friends to share resources and opinions. Focus on the hidden networks of life that you share with different friends that you might have. Be aware of mixing your friends, families, or work together, try to communicate with each network separately.

Dream About Internet Router or Switches
Internet router or switches in the dream, represents the flow of thoughts and information. Be careful about how, why, and where you give or receive knowledge. Try to specific and exact when you share your thoughts. If you are not careful, you might encounter conflicting or incomplete information.

Dream About Internet VPN
To see or use Internet VPN tunnel technology; suggests that you need to use specific tactic or methods to get your point across. Find the weakness in other people’s resistances or mind blocks. So that you can really understand and persuade people of your ideology.

Dream About Satellite Internet
Satellite internet in dreams symbolizes that things will unfold in an amazing way. Be open to wisdom and knowledge that seems to come out of nowhere. Be open to new thoughts that you may experience in the near future.

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