Floor Dream Interpretation

Floor in dreams represent your support system and something that you could count on. They represent basic foundations in life such as your ongoing attitudes and confidence, that allow you to stand your ground and moving forward. Pay attention to the type of floors, conditions of the floor, and how you are interacting with the floor to get better dream interpretation based on contexts.

Dream About Floor Collapsing or Floor Breaking
To experience floor collapsing and breaking under you, indicates that you are being caught completely surprised and off guard about something. Something foundational and basic in your life is coming to a sudden end. Perhaps someone important in your life that provides you with basic support like a mother or father, will suddenly fall ill.

Dream About Floor Disappearing and Missing
To dream that floor is missing or disappearing, indicates that your perspective or understanding of certain situations may be an illusion that will lead to eventual failure. You are losing your awareness of yourself, and the support around you may also be disappearing. The dream signals that your ego and confidence is understand attack and disappearing fast. Soon you might not have a basis to stand on.

Dream About Floor Moving and Being Unstable
Dreaming that the floor is moving, shaking, and being unstable in an earthquake, is a sign that a major shake up will occur in your life. Your principals may become unstable which may affect how you approach and view your upcoming problems.

Dream About Scrubbing and Cleaning Floor or Power Washing Floor
To see yourself deep cleaning a floor by scrubbing or power washing, is a sign that you cannot stand your own mistakes and flaws. You are revisiting your past to erase any signs of imperfection. Perhaps you have left certain marks or negative traces in the past, the dream indicates that you will work hard to erase those existence.

Dream About Sweeping Floor or Mopping Floor
Sweeping or mopping floor in the dream, by getting rid of the trash on the floor, is a sign that you are working hard to get rid of bad habits in the past. Be aware that these bad habits may only be minor, but yet they creep back into your life often when you are not careful.

Dream About Buying Flooring
Shopping and Buying new flooring in the dream, suggests that you have come into status changes recently, such as a significant promotion and pay raise that comes with the positive change. The dream foretells that you are working to update and upgrade your appearances, so that you match your appearances with your new found social status.

Dream About Fixing or Repairing Floor
Fixing and repairing floor in the dream, suggest that you are mending your flaws and the support system that you have built your success with. Perhaps with the passage of time, certain bad habits and negative loopholes developed in your system, consider taking some time off to repair those negativity before moving forward.

Dream About Falling Through or Sinking in Floor
Dreaming that you are sinking or falling through a floor, indicates that your boundaries are being broken. You are being tested on how low you will go with certain projects or life choices. You may be crashing through life’s difficulties and you cannot seem to catch a break. The dream foretells that the support system you once trusted, may also fail you and let you drop further downward.

Dream About Lying or Sleeping on Floor
To see yourself sleeping or simply lying on a bare floor, indicates that you are being overpowered by life’s gravity and pressure. The dream suggests that you might be giving up and being humbled to handle life’s situations. Perhaps you are resting and regaining your strength before attempting again.

Dream About Sitting or Resting on Floor
Sitting and resting on a floor without doing anything in the dream, suggests that you need to take some time off to meditate and plan out your future without distraction. Go back to the basics and figure out what truly matters to you. Rely on the people around you as foundations to assist you progressing.

Dream About Picking Money on the Floor
Dreams that involve picking up money or other valuables on the floor, is a sign that opportunity exist all around you. Pay attention to your surrounding and be quick to tap into those opportunities, you will be able to succeed and make money.

Dream About Wood Floor
Wooden floors in the dream, represent that you need to continuously grow your foundation and support system. Be flexible to improve your understanding and awareness in order to achieve success.

Dream About Concrete Floor or Cement Floor
A concrete floor in dreams, symbolizes roughness and toughness. It will be hard for you to make any errors. But the dream also suggests that there will always be cracks in your ideals, try to be a little more flexible can help you a long way.

Dream About Dirty Floor or Dusty Floor
A dirty or dusty floor in dream, symbolizes lack of activity, care and indifference. Your support system may be indifferent to your overall well being, and you gradually disregard them as unhelpful.

Dream About Wet Floor or Water on the Floor
Wet floor in dreams, foretells that you will be emotional and potentially make wrong decisions. Consider waiting some time to recover and tread carefully.

Dream About Glass Floor
Glass floor in dreams, symbolize that your support network is not apparent on its own. You can only move forward if you conquer your fears and place trust on the people supporting you. However, if the glass floor cracks in the dream, it portends that your support system may fail under pressure and weight of responsibility.

Dream About Stone Floor
To dream about stone floor, points to your permanence and unchanging attitude. Stand your ground and not compromise and yield to people easily. You will be able to earn respect and succeed.

Dream About Bamboo Floor
Bamboo floor in dreams symbolize strength and resilience. You will be able to find strength and power at unexpected places. Be sure to cultivate and build upon them.

Dream About Soft Floor or Rubber Floor
To dream about standing on soft or rubber floor mats, suggests that you will test your limits and flexibility. Be prepared to move fast and make adjustments to achieve your goals. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and fall, the dream also hints that you are unlikely to get hurt from failing.

Dream About Dance Floor
Dance floor in dreams, indicates that you are given certain freedom to explore and express who you are. Be more open to show how you truly feel and perform for yourself.

Dream About Marble Floor
Marble floor in your dream refers to your solid stance and luxury tendency. The dream suggests that you tend to think more highly of yourself than others.

Dream About Ocean Floor
To dream that you are on ocean floor, suggests that you are getting close to the core of your emotions. Healing will soon begin and you are moving in the right direction to heal yourself.

Dream About Red Floor
Red floor in dreams, refer to primal attitudes that relate to sexuality. You are exploring and experimenting with the sexual foundations that you have laid out.

Dream About Broken Floor or Cracked Floor
Dreaming about broken floor or cracked flooring, refer to flaws and imperfections in your life. Your support group may be broken somehow and negativity may worsen over time if you are not careful.

Dream About Specific Room Floor
Depending on the floor of where the room is in the dream, it could relate to that room specifically. For example, bathroom floor may refer to support areas that help you cleanse yourself. Bedroom floors refer to the support of your intimate family. And lastly, kitchen floors reflect the base emotions and nutritious parts of your family in the dream.

Dream About Blood Floor
Blood on the floor in the dream, refers to sacrifices or collateral damage that may occur in your pursuit towards your goals. It could point to a lost cause that might cost you too much to proceed.

Dream About Hole in Floor
To dream about a hole in the floor, foretells that certain transformation will occur in your foundation and believe. You will have a chance to get a glimpse of the life out of your comfort zone. Specifically, you will have a chance to have close encounter with people whom you may look below.

Dream About Slippery Floor
To dream about slippery floor, is a sign that you might fail when you least suspect it. Consider to be more cautious and not be overconfident with your projects. When everything is going smooth is when you have the greatest chance of stumbling.

Dream About Buffed Shiny Floor
Dreaming about buffed shiny floor, indicates that you should spend more time to cover the blemish and flaws with your system or footing. Specifically, focus on how you look and appear to others, investing on your clothing and the way you present yourself to others. You may be able to earn more trust and respect. Floor wax by itself suggests that you want to suppress and cover up some of your negative thoughts and expressions.

Dream About Slanted Floor or Uneven Tilted Floor
To see floor tilted or slanted, foretells that you will deviate too far from your original plans and goals. You original focus and intention will be shifted or distorted.

Dream About Floor Boards
Floor boards are protections of the grounding ideas that are important to you. You try to cover up the weakness in your thinking, so that you would feel secure about your believes. If the floor board is missing or broken in the dream, it indicates that your belief is inconsistent and people are exposing your weakness.

Dream About Floor Tiles
Dreaming about floor tiles, suggests that your family and work space look balanced and function in unity.

Dream About Floor Mat or Floor Rug
Seeing or placing a floor mat or floor rug, points to a desire to cover up or deny something.

Dream About Worms, Maggots or Bugs Crawling on the Floor
To see bugs, worms, or maggots crawling on the floor in the dream, indicates that there are certain type of anxiety or transition in your daily life. Consider the types of insects in the dream, and figure out additional dream interpretations.

Dream About Clothes on the Floor
To see clothes on the floor, refers to certain situation or behaviors that are on hold and waiting to be restarted. Observe the types of clothes on the floor. For example, if they are workout clothes or shoes, they could suggest that your putting off your gym or exercise sessions.

Dream About Feces or Poop on Floor
To see poop or feces on the floor in general, points to waste of resources and unwanted consequences of you spending your money on others. The dream foretells that they might be ungrateful and take your actions for granted.

Dream About Food on Floor
To see food on the floor, is a sign that you will have to make quick and sometimes hard decision in the near future. This decision will relate to both your money, health, and well being.

Dream About Pee or Urine on Floor
To dream about pee on the floor, indicates that you will be left with a bad situation waiting for you to clean up. Your ground support is going to mess up and create lingering damage to your reputation.

Dream About Floor Plan
Floor plans in dream reflect your overall life’s plan. You know and understand the parts of things that you need and want. The dream suggests that you will work towards your goals. You are concerned about your future, and you keep checking if you are still on track. Be aware of worrying and planning too much without taking real actions towards your final wish.

Dream About Floor Painting
To dream about painting the floor with floor paint, implies that you are not grateful or satisfied for the life you have. You want to replace your surrounding with different light. You want something more and you wish to cover up the past that has made you who you are. But perhaps it might be the best way for you to advance and move forward.

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