Signature Dream Interpretation

Signatures in dreams relate to formal and written approval of something or someone. Pay attention to the type of items that you are seeing signatures or autographs on, as they will offer valuable clues to the waking life events that your subconscious mind is processing.

Dream About Writing Signature or Signing Autograph
To write your name as a signature or autograph, indicates that you are giving your consent and approval. In terms of autograph signing, it indicates that you have a strong desire to achieve celebrity or expert status in your field. The dream reflects your desire to be looked upon and admired of.

Dream About Getting Autograph
Dreaming that you are getting an autograph from a sports superstar, author, or other celebrities, indicates your desire to be like the person whose autograph you seek. It could also suggest that you do not trust your own abilities, you believe that you are not good enough in certain endeavors.

Dream About Someone Asking for Your Autograph
To dream that people ask for your autograph, suggests that you have influence over other people’s mind and actions.

Dream About Receiving Autographed Gifts
To dream about an autographed souvenir or gifts, represent a memory you have of a positive situation, which proves you better than others in some way.

Dream About Signing Signature on a Document
Dreaming that you are signing your signature on anything, pay attention to the purpose of that specific document. The dream suggests that you approve and want to be a part of a something. For example, if you are signing a contract, it suggests that you will enter a formal agreement in waking life. But if you sign a divorce paper, it suggests that you wish to exit something.

Dream About Creating a Signature Move
To see yourself creating or pulling off your signature move, reflects that you are using your experience and expertise, to create something unique to yours. The dream foretells that you will create a brand with good reputation that will be well known.

Dream About Someone’s Signature
To see other people’s signature on documents, indicates that you will accept other people’s wish and obey his or her rules.

Dream About Forging a Signature
Forging a signature in dream, foretells that you will fake your expertise or identity in certain situations. Perhaps you wish miscommunicate and pretend someone else’s words, in order to benefit yourself.

Dream About Finding Your Signature
Finding your own signature without signing it in the dream, suggests that someone had been using your authority to benefit themselves. Be aware of your employees or students who use your influence, to achieve their own selfish personal goals.

Dream About Illegible Signature
Illegible signatures in dream, indicates the unclear directions or wishes of people working with you. The dream foretells that the coming task will be difficult and prone to failure.

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