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    • I dream i was in a house with my son and dead mother. The house cough on fire my son said get out he jump out a window. I try to get out but couldn’t find a way out. Left the room where I was and saw my dead mom sleeping on a bed. I ask her if she doesn’t know the house is on fire. She sat up but didn’t say anything. There was no fire in the room we were at and we were not afraid The house was on fire but nothing happens to us. What does that mean

  1. I was awakening in the morning from a confusing dream I hope someone can decipher. I was younger then was old and I stood in the midst of a beautiful flowered field where I saw someone in the far distance walking towards me. A dove landed in my hand and when I sent it to flight it burst into flame and the dove landed on the shoulder of the person

  2. I dreamnt this morning of a paper burning in my car when I turn the ignition on. I asked my colleague to start the car, it burnt more on the floor in front of the passenger seat. I was scared that it would explode but we managed to take it to the
    mechanic. Strangely when
    she switched the ignition off the fire stopped. And a white smoke came out. What’s the meaning of this?

  3. I had a strange dream….what does it mean.. me and my family were shopping(looked a bit like a shopping centre), I heard a loud squeaky noise coming from the window with people gathering. It was a giant bubble. I started running back to my family telling them to run, just as I got to them the windows shattered and there was an explosion. When the fire broke out we headed for the stairs. I put my nan on my back, young brother infront of me, mum behind holding my baby. We ran down the empty staircase. When we found the door, we got out. My brother wasnt there. I went back in and continued downstairs, trying to phone him….. then my phone alarm went off telling me to get up. What does it mean??

  4. I’ve had dreams like this many times

    I’m trying to save all of our family pets , horses dogs and cats on our property and it always ends devestantanly .
    My mum was also on fire ,and I think we saved the animals this time
    I woke up for this dream this morning crying

    Please help 🙂 thank you

  5. I had a strange dream. I was in front of the mirror with one hand above the other. Through the mirrors reflection I could see between my hands a growing spark that grew to a golf ball size blue flame. My forehead heard streaks of blue light moving down the sides of my face, through my collar bones down my arms, and out through the palms of my hands to feed the blue flame.

    At the beginning of the dream I could only see the blue flame through the reflection from the mirror, by the end of the dream the blue flame had really materialised between the palms of my hand independent from the mirror.
    My thoughts through the dream was:”if I can imagine it; I can see it; If I can hold on to it; it will really happen.

  6. Had a dream of my hair simultaneously catching on fire…….. I was walking in my house in my dream and out of no where my hair caught on fire. I tried putting out the fire on my hair. But it kept going back on…… I was so nervous. Because even though my hair was burning off. I couldn’t feel the flame but as I look in the mirror I saw my hair being eaten away slowly by the flame…..

  7. in a dream in bed room on top bed by feet side on bed sheet white I made fire lying on right side of body my daughter playing next to bed, it happened three times eventually the was fire but the sheet or nothing burned. My daughter came to sleep in the she woke up from bed I called she came and I covered her in my arms. Then I woke up for real. Can any explain?

  8. I had one where me n my cousin shawn were putting out small patches of fires while i was holding the baby cow, like it was licking to put the fires or water was coming out its mouth, then it escaped my grasp and i was running through the woods and got bit by a bunch of snakes on my back and woke up really scared. I just had this dream 30 minutes ago its 5:36 am and today’s date is 1/24/17 im really scared n dont know what it means please contact me @ [email protected] thank you😳

  9. i had a dream and this isnt exolained here so i would like to ask. if i had a dream and they all take place im different places, with different people eccept one and it always end the same, i have a dream that someone is helping start a fire, weather its my dad, a friend, or someone random, and i tell them to wait because my little sister is near but somehow they dont hear me and the light the fire up. and then moments later her hair starts burning like in less that a second i mean it probably a small fire trying to be medium fire, and every single time it happens i am not prepared for it so i make her stop drop and roll and every time we think we put it out it only there again and so fowarx until i wake up buy sometimes before this happens i kinda want to jump in a let my hair burn but and i just cant move and other times im just there standing like an idiot. so what does that mean

  10. Can anyone help me ? I dreamed about this man where he removes soul and turns them into .. Idk people with abnormalities as he move there’s a blue fire that gets out of his hand so he said that he haves this lighter which turns people with abnormalities then I fight him I crush his lighter that haves blue flame I fall to the ground holding the crushed lighter then he showed me he still have one and as he speak he said that can be deadly (of oil) and iam gonna be hallucinated so I fall then I dream about dying people and my friends which is also dying and after all that tragic vision I woke up … This dream is detailed bcos I wrote it right after I wake up

  11. I had a strange dream.. I was sitting with my grandma and their were people walking by and then I saw my great grandma sitting and moving with her wheelchair I was the only one that could see her. She was happy at first then her eyes turned into fire and then she just looked like if she was mad at me for something. Now I’m scared to even go back to sleep or walk in the dark in my house. This is scary!!!!

  12. What does it mean if I wake up and see my room and house and fire and then shake my head and it’s gone. I jumped out of bed because I thought my house was on fire. And I was wide awake. I looked into the hallway and there was an orange glow coming from downstairs. I shook my head and it was all gone. Am I having hallucinations?

  13. I was inside a small glass house. No curtains . somebody started to light crackers,I understood that they wanted to make me frightened. But I didn’t. They moved the crackers to the edges of my glass house. Even I didn’t. Thw house was not even bis. Just like bathroom cubicle as I felt. Please describe this

  14. I had a dream I was crying flames and ash while standing on warm water.I opened my eyes and thay were made of flames the ash and flames surrounded me and turned into a Phenix.I then road into the sun.calming music was also playing while this happend

  15. I had a dream this morning, that I was with my two friends. We were walking happy I was at the center and them on my side, holding each others arms. A beautiful song played but I didn’t take note of the lyrics.

    Then we jumped into this nice convertable and all 3 of us were sitting in the front seat. Then a big van passed us in speed, spitting fire, then it left the fire on the corner infont of us. My friend who was driving I told her to stop speeding, because we were either going to crash on another car or go in that fire. I then noticed that she didn’t hear me, and looked as if she’s sleeping, then I took the stirring wheel and turned before crushing on the fire.
    I managed to drive the car and noticed when I stopped, we had passengers too and the car was overloaded. The traffic looked at us, but had fear of him coming to.us after seeing guys coming out of the car.

  16. I also had a dream….. My hands catched fire n I try to touch the photos I was looking at with my boyfriend,when I touched them the fire burned the photos….why does that dream mean?

  17. I dreamt was running way from fire burning house tress and suddenly say water running back and front continued running until I waked up in fear.

  18. I dreamt that my cousin was living in a different house than what she does already and it caught on fire and people kept trying to put it out and it was easy to put out but every day a tiny part kept burning again. She has a dog who made it out alive, but in the dream there were a couple cats that we couldn’t find and her family kept living there despite the fact that most of the house was in black ashes and certain parts continued burning.

  19. I was leaving an event and driving home through the woods, I drove through a tunnel but couldn’t continue because on the other side was a raging wildfire. I turned around to go back but the raging fire had just started blazing on that side. I figured that was my only chance but it was already so bad I doubted I would make it. I just figured this was the end. Later I tried explaining to my mother what happened, but I think it was my spirit telling her, I’m not sure.

  20. I dreamt that my computer at work is on fire I am feeling somewhat bad but also relieved, in the same dream I am seeing a white snake playing with spaghetti in distance again I am not scared of it.

  21. I dream that I carry grandnutoil on my hand in one place like this bush was there.suddenly I just saw the bush started burning and I started running through that fire and I did not burn

  22. I had a dream that my twin girls and I was on our was home and it began to rain. Water was on both sides of the highway. The wind began blowing very hard, and you can see the waves hitting the sides, the waves were very rough. I could look out across the water and see Tidel waves, that looked just like fire. The waves were high and red with flames. We were able to escape, but the thought of flaming waves of water is creepy.

  23. I had a dream that I was stuck in overlapping circles of fire with a lizard. The lizard was stuck in the circle of flames around me under a park bench and I was trying to save the lizard but woke up straight after I tried to get close to the lizard.

  24. i dreams about fire most times sometimes it blue n sometimes green on my right hand,on this particular dream some people came to attack my people so i was so angry immediatly my right hand start shaking n it turn into a blue fire then a woman came to me n told me to be careful with my powers.what does it means

  25. My dream involved walking down the street with somebody who I’m not certain who it was. We were discussing the governor. As we walked we came upon a house and we stopped in front of it and the person I was speaking with said this is the governor’s house. At that precise moment the house caught fire in a huge fireball and just as quickly became just a slow methodical fire. Just the interior of the house was on fire the rest of the house seemed to be intact. There was a wrap around porch with a woman and a man on the right side, there was a little boy at the top of the stairs in front of them leading to the lawn and a little girl who was falling down the stairs into the yard. She was wearing white ankle socks and they were on fire but curiously she wasn’t afraid or screaming she just said it will go out don’t worry about it. I dreamed this several times in the same night. For the life of me I cannot figure out what this means. The fire was brilliant white and I felt peaceful and calm throughout the dream. Can you help? Thank you.

  26. i was the consuming fire wherever i walked, spitting fire when i talk.my eyes were fireballs, my feet was fire..the light was glowing yellow..but i felt sad for the people whom i spoke to..

  27. i dream some tree burn at the mid night and when i start to close to the burning tree .imdetly gone and then after that drop of water start to rain at me ..,…at the same time the land was strongly volcanic and i start to run but in every where like that ….. whats its means please help me i am so worry …..

  28. In my dream I was at school in class with a friend when it was next class time and she had detention, after that we were heading to our next class which was cooking and suddenly noticed it was getting Smokey and the fire alarms went off, after that we all ran outside to the back gate and some how ended up to the front of the school where there was huge buildings I’ve never seen before then i saw a huge building with a lot of white smoke coming out of it, after that I was crying and scared so I ran home but this was weird because I was running to were I used to live but it was my school that’s 15 hours away all the way to a place I used to live at. On the way there was quite a few drunk pervert guys I ran past them and then I found myself back at school, again I was balling my eyes out I didn’t know who was dead or alive but there were a lot of girls on there knees so that made me even more sad I went on my knees and wouldn’t stop crying then I spotted my mum and my stepdad sitting over in a bustop area at the school at least it looked like a bustop to me with no room for a bus, anyways they were sitting apart and my aunti was standing in tears next to my mum I then gave a big hug to my mum then later my stepdad as I was hugging them I told mum I ran all the way home and back. After I told her that I went and kicked a ball idk y there was all balls there anyways it was a bad kick and it was a football, after I kicked the ball I noticed someone coming out of the school it was my crush I quickly sprinted as fast as I can to make sure he was ok and to bring him away from the fire I grabbed him by his arms and helped him get to his mum but almost fell down a massive hole where a building was. I safely got him to his mum and his mum was very thankful and I told her I’d take a bullet for her son.

    And that was the end of my dream do u know what caused this dream I feel like it’s mixed emotions or something like that but in that dream I really would take a bullet for my crush even tho I’m shy and don’t talk much I’d do anything to know he’s alive.

  29. My dream was not so severe, I dreamed that a electric fire was put in my communial hallway, I live in a converted victorian house on the ground floor. There were no flames but bars on the fire I think around four and they were a beautiful amber golden colour. What could this mean?

  30. Last night I dreamed our house was on fire. In the dream I was handing my 3 month old grandbaby to a fireman out the window and the floor gave way and I fell into the fire. Afterward me & my family were sudden wakened by the smoke alarm. There was no fire, tho. And it went off on its own. Weird? Right?

  31. I had a dream where I was at my wedding my husband to be showed up late the flower girls weren’t ready so i helped right quick next thing I know I’m starting to walk down the aisle and the bible that was in the priests hand just bursts into flames and flies at me and lands at my feet. What does it mean?

  32. I had a dream where I was at my wedding my husband to be showed up late the flower girls weren’t ready so i helped right quick next thing I know I’m starting to walk down the aisle and the bible that was in the priests hand just bursts into flames and flies at me and lands at my feet. What does it mean?

  33. I had a weird dream. I was running barefooot and the man I like (and i think he likes me back) gave me his shoes then I continued running with his shoes and found my self in a room where some curtains were in contact with a heater and started a fire. I was calm I wasn’t scared at all I was just trying thinking of a quick method to evacuate people who are in the building. Can you please tell me what can this mean ? Thank you in advance

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