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Did you dream about fire? Fire can have many different meanings when you encounter it within your dream. Fire symbolizes passion, rejuvenation, destruction, and guiding light. Like all the dream interpretation process, always take every little detail into consideration to get the most correct reading of your fire-related dreams. First, you will look at the effects of fire within your dream, the fire’s intensity, and finally how you feel or react to the presence of fire.

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We will go over several of the general meaning of experiencing a fire in your dream, what they mean, and what the fire is trying to tell you. Then we will go into specific cases of seeing the fire in their context to help you achieve a better understanding. You can use the search box to filter out the keywords to help you look through the dream meaning interpretations, or if you just want to get a general idea. Find the complete interpretation and analysis of fire now in the dream.

General Fire Symbols in Dreams

Fire as:
Passion and Enthusiasm
Symbol of Rejuvenation
Two-Edged Sword Able to Nourish and Destroy
Guiding Light in the Dream
Symbol of War, Aggression, and Male Power
Symbol of Change and Rebirth
Form of Destruction and Anger
Symbol of Warmth and Love
Source of Good Fortune and Profitability
Warning Sign and Danger

Dream About Starting a Fire

When the dream has parts where you kindle and start a controllable fire such as chimney fire from the fireplace, barbecue fire, torch fire, camp fire pit. It represents warmth, love, and a guiding light when you lose hope. The process of lighting a fire with things like lighter or a match signifies your attempt to keep a positive mindset during a difficult moment. Make sure you do what you can to keep your spirits high no matter how difficult the situations are.

During the dream, take note of your surroundings such as the people around you and the location of your dream’s setting. The things or items around you can help you to keep the fire burning in waking life. Cherish those that are around you. The lighting of the small fire also represents that you are starting new and small. You hope that it will turn into a much bigger meaning in the future.

If the dream contains parts where you add fuel, wood, or gasoline to the fire, to make it burn brighter. It symbolizes your passion and enthusiasm to keep going and burning. Follow your passion to achieve great things. The rise of controlled fire suggests that you will achieve good fortune and profit with your endeavors.

Dream About Burning Items with Fire

By burning different items in the dream with fire, it represents transition and letting go. Pay special attention to the items that you are burning, they represent a part of you or your past. Also, remember how you feel at the time of burning items.

If the item fire burning dream occurs during a time of transition, it symbolizes rejuvenation and rebirth. If you are burning old furniture, it could relate to life with an ex or divorced spouse that you no longer wish to remember.

When you have the item burning dream while feeling depressed, then your mind is telling you to let go and start over.

Dreaming about burning pictures or photo album represents you want to forget about your past. Let those mistakes go to move forward with your life.

When the dream features unintentionally getting items caught on fire in an accident, you are hurting people around you unintentionally with your hot tempers. Consider the paper items that you burn as well for their significance. Test score papers might represent the breakdown of your studies. And advertisement papers could relate to your impulsive buying behaviors.

If you are burning items that make the fire even bigger, for example, wood at a fireplace, it suggests good fortune with your future projects.

Dream About a Fire Bird or Phoenix

A firebird or phoenix in dreams symbolizes revival and rebirth. It is time to start living a new and transit. You may be starting a new job, a completely new lifestyle, or starting a new relationship after ending one with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Dream About a Fire Breathing Dragon or Other Animal on Fire

When an animal or creature such as dragon breathing out a fire or shooting out fireballs, it symbolizes negative forces are at play in your life. The fire coming from the creatures are dangerous and can burn you. You have no way of controlling the beasts other than hiding from them. It foretells you to look out for imminent dangers and stay away from them.

Alternatively, you will confront some forces in your life by getting in heated discussions and fights, or even war-like behaviors.

If the animal in question is harmless animals like burning dog or cat on fire, it represents your hot temper is hurting people around you. Use the different animal interpretations to get some clues on who is hurting.

Dream About Fire Falling from Sky

Seeing fire or fireballs falling or raining from the sky, typically represents a warning of the upcoming threat from some authoritative figures. At work, upper management may be considering a major layoff that affects many numbers of people, including you.

If you are observing flames in the faraway sky, it means that trouble is brewing. You should prepare for potential upcoming disasters.

Dream About Fire Burning House

An apartment or house on fire suggests that you should reflect on personal changes. It is time to start life anew and refresh your old believes and lifestyle. If you continue your old ways, everything will simply get burned down.

If the fire burning house dream is recurring, then you might not be ready for the alterations and are struggling to keep them from happening. Your best course of action is to take things or changes slow and gradual.

However, if you are having a house burning dream while having a fight with your family members or close friends. The burning house on fire means that you need to find a way to reconcile. Do so before the fire or conflict consumes your entire home.

Dream About Being Burned by the Fire

Dreams with being burned by the fire, means that you are being consumed by your anger. Interpret the dreams of being burned together with the general interpretation of the body parts to get a better clue.

For example, if you have burned your arms and hands in the dreams, it means that your hot temper is holding you back and hurting you with your work responsibilities. And if the leg parts like ankle are burned or feet on fire, it shows that the hot temper is causing you to lose all balance of life.

If your face is burned by the fire, it means that your temper is making you “lose” face in front of others. Other people will think less of you. Alternative, it can mean that someone is talking behind your back.

When your hair catches on fire in your dream, you are having issues with your negative thoughts. The hair catching on fire is not immediately felt until the heat gets your attention. Pay more attention and control your thoughts to keep them positive.

The dream about another person on fire, means that you are indifferent to the people around you.

Dream About Fire Explosion

Seeing fire accidents coming from sudden explosions, flamethrower, or even bombs symbolize repressed anger “blowing up”. Take some time to note or find out in the dream the cause of the fiery explosion. The cause of the fire explosion can offer you important clues. They point to the “trigger” that will likely cause you to lose control of your temper. For example, a kitchen gas stove explosion fire can potentially relate to anger-related over food or meal.

The rage that you have been holding or repressing has now come exploded in full force violently. Your subconscious mind is sending you a huge warning signal about your bottled emotions. Find a way to release yourself of your rage or things will soon go awry.

If your face is burned from the fire in the explosion, it indicates that you will be confronted with unjust accusations.

To dream that you are enveloped in flames from the explosion suggests that you are being taken advantage of.

If the fire comes from a volcano eruption that destroys things in its path, you may have bottled up your feelings for too long. Check out more volcano dream meanings.

Dream About Fire and Water or Ice

When you have a dream with coexisting Fire versus Water and Ice, and they are trying to win or overpower one another. It means that you have to have some internal conflicts with your passionate self (fire) and the reasonable calming self (water).

Dream About Putting Out a Fire

In this type of dream, note the type of tools that you are using as well as the type of fire you are facing. Is it a small kitchen fire easily put out by a fire extinguisher? Or is it a huge fire that requires professional attention. The size and type of fire symbolize the upcoming difficulties, destruction, or obstacle that you will face.

The tool that you have to use to put out the fire signifies your preparedness to face the problem, or control your emotions and not panic during the crisis. If you find yourself unable to put the fire or equipped with a small fire extinguisher unable to do its job. It means that you are not ready to encounter the change it, spend more time, and think about how you face your problems.

Alternatively, if you just see a simple fire extinguisher in the dream without putting fires, it is only a sign that you should remove your negative emotions from your waking life.

A fire hydrant, however, represents long term planning to face a rare crisis. Perhaps you should save more money for a rainy day.

Dream About Fire Alarm, Fire Drill, or Fire Escape

Seeing a fire alarm or participating in a fire drill typically means that something needs your attention. Perhaps you have something that needs to be looked at and maintenance done.

Seeing fire escape is a reminder to check your back up plans, do you have a future plan when everything else seems to go wrong?

Dream About a Firefighter or Being One

It means that you have a desire to be rescued or rescue others from fire. Perhaps you are having some serious life issues or know some people who do. Being a firefighter also requires you to be strong and protective of others. You need to rely on your strength and power of will to be able to get through the hard times. Saving someone or something as a firefighter represents that you have to take risks to protect what is valuable to you.

Similarly, a dream about a firehouse or training in one has similar symbols. You are getting ready to confront the upcoming war to protect what is dear to you.

Dream About Specific Locations on Fire

When you dream about specific places on fire such as school, work, church, bank, or even your kitchen. It can always be about the actual fear of those places catching fire and going up in flames. However, sometimes you can also take symbolic meanings when you dream about those places. For example, school fire may reflect your fear that you will do poorly in school and reflecting warning signs of trouble.

If the fire comes as a side product of another event like a car accident, it could simply be a by-product of such an event without serving additional meaning.

Dream About a Fire Truck or Engine

Very similar to the dream about a firefighter, a fire truck is a tool or vehicle to protect what is on fire and burning. Maybe it is a sign to tell you that you need to prep and get ready for the hard times. And you will have to ability and vehicle to protect what is yours.

Dream About Different Color Fire Flames

Consider checking the different types of colored fire flames with our color dream interpretation.

Blue Fire Flame:
Heavenly inspiration is present.

Green Fire Flame:
Wealth is around the corner.

White Fire Flame:
Perfection and a new beginning, the purest and brightest of all fire.

Black Fire Flame:
Dangerous omen.

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