Tape Dream Interpretation

To dream about tapes in general, indicates casual feelings or maintaining a temporary situation. Pay attention to the context of what type of tape and where you are using them, as they could offer more detailed explanation of the dream. The dream foretells that you may have to settle on a certain fixes that are not your ideal, but it might be the most practical method for the situation.

Dream About Scotch Tape
Dream about using scotch tape, indicates that you lack the expertise or knowledge on a certain issues. Be aware of trying to fix things yourself if they require expert knowledge or skills, as the fixes may be temporary.

Dream About Caution Tape or Yellow Tape
To see caution tape or yellow tape, implies certain boundaries that are in place. If your dream involves in placing caution tape, it suggests that you are setting up center parameters that you expect not to be crossed. However, if you dream about stepping or bypass yellow tape, it foretells that you will test the limits of other people’s expectations, you will try to get away with something.

Dream About Duct Tape
To use duct tape in the dream, indicates that you are exerting a strong hold or grasp on some situation. You wish to be emotionless and objective towards your goals. Using duct tape foretells that you will do whatever it takes to get things done, even if it results in others being unhappy about the result.

Dream About Security Tape
To see a security tape in dream, indicates that there might be a future oppression laid upon you or a misfortune. You will hit certain blockage in life, where you cannot proceed unless you break the rules. Be prepared to face oppositions and the status quo if you wish to forward with your decisions.

Dream About Colorful Red Tape
To dream about colorful red tape in dream, denotes with the connection and joining of man and woman.

Dream About Double Sided Sticky Tape
Double sided sticky tape in dreams, signals certain sticky situations where you have to proceed with caution. Be careful about how you apply your actions and comments in the near future, they may break or make your project.

Dream About Clear Packing Tape
To use clear packing tape in the dream, suggests that you need to work closely with others to keep everything together. Be transparent and you will achieve unity and solidarity, in order to work towards a common goal and objective.

Dream About Black Electrical Tape
Seeing or using black electrical tape in the dream, foretells that a sudden event will happen in the near future. However, you will take certain precautions to isolate yourself from the shock. You will be able to channel the energy and direct them with least amount of impact to your daily routine. You will be prepared to fulfill your obligations.

Dream About Tape Dispenser
A tape dispenser in dream, symbolizes forthcoming separation. You will be assigned to work on certain projects on your own under minimal supervision.

Dream About Tangled or Knotted Tape
Dreaming of a tangled or knotted tape, indicates that you will experience self defeating doubts about your ability to accomplish something. You will become mixed up and muddled with projects or endeavors completely out of your ability and comfort zone. Be prepared to lose all of your progress and start over if needed.

Dream About Tape Measure
To see or use measuring tapes in the dream, suggests that you are constantly comparing yourself to others. Or it could suggests that others are trying to measure you as well. You are competing with others in certain areas of your waking life.

Dream About Cassette Tape or Video VHS Tape
To dream about a tape containing information such as audio cassette or video camera tape, points to certain memories or pasts that you have retained for a long time. These are the events that have shaped how you think and act in the present, and your subconscious mind keeps the mental image to play them over and over.

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