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  1. Exuse me. What about missing lines on palms and peeled, dead skin becuse i had a dream that my palm skin was peeling and the lines got peeled as well and whole of my palms are pale, i got worried.
    What do they mean?

  2. I dreamt of about my mother around 5 o’clock early morning and her hand got cut by something from elbow and fall in truck where my mother hand started to burn …only ashes left and her hand gold jewellery. where truck person start to fight with me that he will take my mother jewellery and i deny her i started fight with him about my mother hand jewellery and i’m crying inside .and suddenly woke up
    What should I make of this dream.
    i hope everything is fine.



  3. nothing I read represent what I had dreamed. My hands were being wrapped by an impostor against my will. I can’t remember everything but the wrapping of my hands and previous wrapping each finger tightly was very uncomfortable by people I didn’t know but people that were around me I knew —some of them.

  4. My girlfriend had a dream that I told her I was going to take my daughter to work she didn’t believe me I went out the back door without saying goodbye she followed me and she seen me pulling a black bag from a long haired brunette that looked gothic and was holding my hand and said I’ll love it here I said let go of my hand she ran up saying what the hell is going on some other people grabbed the gothic girl and my reaction to my girlfriend was anger can someone please tell me what this dream means to ease her mind thank you

    • I dream with a little child sleeping together and later on he stool very seming on my right hand and am pushing him away but his refuse to push.what the meaning of this dream

    • I see him in a small boat coming towards me.
      He shows me his hand , I thinknow it’s palm side up.
      I’m not sure. .. but I see his fingers.

      Next day I get an email… on the back of one , where I ask him to help me. (He had not answered this email, )

      What does it mean… what does the dream mean?

      It says sorry.

  5. My name is Viwe I had a dream being cut by a window glass at the center of my hand bleeding leaving a shining glass at the center of my right hand bt someone is cleaning my hand bt the shinning glass is stuck in my hand.

  6. in my dream I was at a school, it was dark and there were only a few hallway lights lit. I was searching for the girl’s bathroom and I saw a floating hand in the middle of the hall. it beckoned me to move forward. When I went toward it the hand grabbed me forcefully and my dream ended there. I’m not sure what the dream meant but I felt lonely and scared throughout. :/

  7. In my dream…
    I was working at work and holding a knife to open boxes. My superior removed the knife and it cut my hand and it didn’t bleed at first then it gushed blood. I held it and it stopped. His superior came over and asked to see it. I showed it to him and it had stopped bleeding but was deep and pink. He put his finger in it and said it was deep I should get it looked at. He left and I washed it out because he touched it. Then I closed my hand and it healed.

  8. i dreamed about fighting someone i know, and on the action i got hold of his hand and broke it. what is the possible meaning of this dream.

  9. Had a dream that my right arm had bubbles like grapes size grown on it. It was very uncomfortable and heavy. Please explain what it means.

  10. I dreamt that a female friend accidentally cut my left wrist with the edge of her macbook pro and I was bleeding profusely I felt like I was about to die in the dream. Someone please help interpret what this dream implies.

  11. I dreamt I saw myself and I heard a voice saying, “I av put fire on your right hand and money on your left,and just the voice was saying this I saw fire come out of my right and money on my left.please what those it mean

  12. I had a dream, when I looked down at my hands they both had quarter size round holes in them. When I lifted my left hand up I could see through the hole a beautiful scene of a blue sky with trees and grass. It was like looking through a stained glass window. Any idea what it means?

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