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Did you dream about hands? Hands in dreams represent your relationships and how you connect with the world. To successfully interpret the focus of hands in the dream, always consider the action that the hands are taking and the context of seeing hands. Hands can also suggest authority, power, protection, and justice. Below we will go over other interpretations of hands in dreams.

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Dream About Different Hands

Left Hand
Left hand in the dream symbolizes your graciousness and your feminine, receptive qualities.

Right Hand
The right hand symbolizes the masculine and active attributes, or at times it can suggest “being right”.

Detached Hands by Themselves
Detached hands indicate that you are not getting your point of view across. Someone is not understanding you nor is he or she trying to. The dream may also symbolize feelings of loneliness.

Dream About the Appearance of Hands

Baby Hands
Tiny baby hands indicate your maternal eagerness or your desires to feel needed.

Hairy or Rough Hands
To dream that your hands are hairy or rough implies your lack of gentleness in dealing with others.

Dream About Hands Formation

Clasped Hands
To dream that clasped or closed hands in a fist form signify unity, completeness, acceptance or agreement.

Hands as a Fist
The fist symbolizes violence and justice.

Waving Hand:
Indicates that you will meet new people.

Dream About Injured Hands

Bloody Hands:
Hands with blood reflect your guilt for something bad that you have done.

Broken Hands:
If the bone of the hands or palms is broken, it suggests a shattered spiritual connection that you may have to others.

Hands on Fire:
Hands on fire suggests you are burning yourself with poor or impulsive actions. Perhaps you did not realize the risk and danger of the tasks at hand.

Hands Stuck Together or Tied:
Hands being tied up by either glue, rope or handcuffs, indicates your lack of ability to reach out and help others. Perhaps you feel hopeless against a situation that is hurting someone you know.

Hands Missing Cutoff or Amputation:
If you dream about losing your hands because they got cut off and amputated, indicates the loss of touch. You may have severed or lost the ability to reach out to others. Or you may have lost your work skills. Cutting of Left hand in the dream symbolizes losing the feminine side. Cutting off the right hand symbolizes losing of the masculine side.

Bee or Wasp Stinging Hands:
It indicates that you are working with difficult people.

Bitten Hands:
To dream about other animals or dogs biting your hands. Suggest that the person being represented by the animals may be hurting you in some way.

No Hand or Missing Hand:
If in the dream features missing hands that do not exist at all, it suggests a loss of power and the ability to do anything.

Stabbed or Cut:
Dreaming about your hands being injured, suggests that your attempt to do a project or communicate has not gone smoothly.

Dream About Hands Action

Giving a Helping Hand:
If someone else is giving you a helping hand, then it implies your need for help. Do not be afraid to ask for assistance or to depend on others from time to time.

Holding Hands:
To dream that you are holding hands with someone represents love, affection, and your connection with that person. To hold hands with your ex in the dream may suggest that you miss the companionship and you are afraid of losing touch with him/her forever.

Dreaming about a handshake suggests that you have reached an agreement with someone about something.

Washing or Cleaning Something:
Pay attention to what item you are cleaning. For example, washing clothes or laundry suggests that you are renewing your outer image. Clean windows with hands suggest that you want to have a clearer view of life. Washing or cleaning the items by hand without using any other tools; suggest that you are taking the rawest approach in these endeavors, which may not be effective at times.

Dream About Hands Holding Objects

Holding a Broken Glass:
This suggests that someone will shatter your relationship with him or her. What is leftover may be dangerous, perhaps it is time to let it go.

Wielding Weapons by Hand:
If the hand in the dream is focused on equipping and using a weapon like a gun or a hand grenade bomb, watch out since violent acts can occur. Perhaps you should try to control your anger and rage for the better.

Hand and Bird:
If birds are either in your hand or trying to land, it suggests that you seek freedom. Or that you have taken away someone else’s freedom if you keep the bird captured. Pay attention to the type of birds such as eagle, pigeon, or others for more clues.

Dream About What You Are Doing with Hands

Washing Hands:
Dreaming about washing your hands represent a worrisome issue that you need to rid off. Consider the type of dirt on your hands that might offer you some insight on the issues.

Hands are Itchy:
If the left hand is itchy, then it signifies receiving money. If the right hand or both hands are itchy, then it signifies money being given or lost.

Dream About Hands

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