Resume Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Resume

Did you dream about resumes? It suggests that you are evaluating your skills. You are reviewing your accomplishments and performances. So that you can take on more challenges in the future. Perhaps you are looking to be recognized for your work, so that you could obtain new opportunities and pay raises. Consider how and what you are doing with the resume to get more related dream meaning.

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Dream About Preparing Resume

Writing Resume
Dreaming about writing and printing your resume; represents your attempt to show your experience. You wish to impress someone so that you could obtain some type of approval. Do not be afraid to sell yourself.

Sending Resume
Sending off the resume and cover letters in the dream; foretells that you will soon start another chapter of your life. You are preparing to make job changes or look forward to interviews. Follow your dreams so that you could progress in your personal growth.

Dream About Other People’s Resume

Reading Resume
To dream that you are reading resumes; foretells that you will soon take on managerial positions or become a boss. You will enter a position where you could decide the outcome of other people’s lives. Perhaps you are analyzing and grading others based on their performances.

Critiquing Resumes
Dreaming that you are reviewing and critiquing resumes; suggests that you will soon offer important advice to people. You will dictate how others should live their life. Perhaps you do not think others are living up to their full capacity and potential. You are not shy about displaying your expectation.

Throwing Resume in the Trash
To throw resumes into the trash points to rejection. You are in some type of dating or selection situation for individuals that you are looking for. The dream forewarns that your current candidate is not suitable for you. Your subconscious is flashing warning signs for you to take a deeper look.

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