Search Engine Dream Interpretation

With search engine being one of the most important tool that we use on a daily basis, it is inevitable that you may dream about this common action of yours. The process of using the actual internet search engine such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple, Amazon, or Duckduckgo is all the same. You are trying to look up sites for the information or intent that you have. This dream interpretation will help you decipher some of the internet search related dreams.

Dream About Searching in General
When you dream about using technology such as a computer or a mobile device to do search, always try to remember the purpose of the search, how you start using the sites, and finally your emotions when using the search engine.

The purpose of trying to search something on the internet, may suggest that you are searching for a purpose in life. Perhaps you want more knowledge or materialistic things to improve your life. You find your life to be lacking of something yet you only have a broad clue of what it is.

If you know the exact item that you are searching for in the dream, it reflects that you have a clear goal in life.

Dream About Bad Search Results
When dreaming about bad search results, it usually reflect that what you are seeking may be what you want. It signifies that you should step bad and rethink about your path in life.

Hacked Sites on Search Engine
Seeing a hacked site through search engine, means that you need to rethink about the recommendations that your friends may offer you. Their advice might be flawed and faulty, yet they do not know about it.

Sites Make No Sense
Dreaming about visiting a gibberish site through a search engine, suggests that the search engine has failed to do its job. It has indexed the incorrect type of information for you to visit. This type of dream can reflect a need for you to communicate better with others.

Phishing Website from Search
When you dream about phishing websites or sites that want to steal your personal information, the dream suggests that some people or stranger might want to take advantage of you. They have laid down the traps and waiting for you to hop right into it.

Outdated Search Results
Dreams with outdated search results when you look up current information likes news or TV shows, suggest that you may have missed an important period of your life. Parts of your life has gone by without you realizing it. The dream suggests you to live in the moment and cherish the “now”.

Hard to Use Sites in SERP
In the dream where all the search results offer you sites that are really hard to use or navigate. It can suggest that you do not have the right tools to do your job. Perhaps it is time to change your perspective on life and ways to attack your problems.

Expensive Items on Search Engine
To dream about a search which returns all expensive items that you cannot afford, it is a reminder of the financial difficulty that you are currently experiencing. Or maybe you have searched the item because you have seen your friends with it, in this case the dream can incite some sort of jealousy towards other people’s possessions.

Dream About Hijacked or Limited Search
When the dream features that you cannot use other search engines rather than the selected ones, it suggest that your option has been limited. Some people are trying to force their opinions on you and take advantage of you. The dream can also suggest censorship or even brain wash.

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