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Search Engine Dream Interpretation — 3 Comments

  1. I dreamed that my wife left and somehow got taken and they did experiments on her I went looking for her and got taken to and she cheated on me and left me for another leaving me to suffer alone

  2. I keep dreaming about a scary looking old witch lady coming after me when I’m sleeping or coming after me and my kids when we are in the same bed. I keep trying to rebuke her in the name of Jesus but feel like the wind is knocked out of my lungs I’m screaming for my mom or my gf or Jesus but nobody can hear me or there’s no volume in my voice idn she is usually reaching up from under the floor boards that look more like a deck or one time she started out as a girl from the past invited me in for a drink after a while I realized it was not her house at all and we get out side I look back be like yo wtf and she is the old nasty looking witch lady . What dose this mean if anything and why the same witch lady every time?

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