Assassin Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about the assassin? Assassins in dream represent someone being hired to end a hopeless or unwanted situation. Specifically, someone else is going to do the dirty work; that his or her employer does not necessarily want to do it himself. Although the dream could always reflect waking life fears of actual hitman and mercenaries. They could also reflect other potential interpretations.

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Dream About Training to be an Assassin

Training to be an assassin in the dream, is linked with your hidden desires to kill certain parts of your life. Specifically, you wish to kill off certain memories of people like an ex spouse.

Dream About Executing Assassination

To dream that you are pulling off and executing an assassination as a hit man, foretells that you will destroy competitions and feed off victims for your best interests and profit. However, you wish to remain emotionally neutral and distant about your actions. Businesses will remain in business without any hard feelings.

Dream About Assassins Chasing You

Being chased by an assassin or ninjas in the dream, is a sign that someone is out to get you. Perhaps there are people in waking life who will profit at your demise. Be aware of the conflict of interests and major changes that occur in waking life.

Dream About Witnessing Assassins Killing

To witness an assassin performing a kill in the dream, shows your secret negative desires about someone else’s achievements and work. You secretly wish them to disappear so that could get more recognition and credit. It may also show a sign of relief that someone is not targeting you. Perhaps your organization is preparing a mass lay off. Or certain tests have failed many students. And the dream is a reflection of relief that you survived the incident.

Waking Up From Someone Assassinating You in Dream

Dreaming that you have been assassinated and you wake up, points to a sudden change that will change life as you know it. Something will happen that cut you out of the picture or project at hand. Someone has intentionally sabotaged your participation and you might soon lose your positions and titles.

Dream About Assassination Attempt

To dream about an assassination attempt, is a sign that you feel that you are alone in your views and decisions. No one is supporting you in waking life. You actually have to deal with intentional sabotage from people who wish to see your failure. You are fighting against unseen forces that are out to get you, and you do not know who to trust.

Dream About Assassin Organization

To see an assassin organization or syndicate, points to a group of people who will be able to make your problems go away. However, the methods will be through not so obvious, stealth, or even unethical means. The dream foretells that you will use specific methods to make an area of your life completely disappear. Perhaps you will hire consultants to get rid of unwanted attention, obstacles, and competitors. Soon you will achieve your long term goals.

Dream About Assassins

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