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Cat is a common animal that you may have dreams about, we will go through many of the dream symbolism and interpretation when you encounter cats in your dreams. The dream symbol has different significance depending on whether you are a cat lover or not.

To see a cat in your dream generally symbolizes an independent spirit, feminine sexuality, creativity, and power. Like any other dream interpretations, remember to take note of the context of meeting or seeing the cat in your dream. Take note of your own emotions, the actions of the cat, as well as the cat’s environment within the dream can offer valuable clues into the meaning of the cat dream.

Dream About Various Cat Behaviors
If the cat is aggressive in the dream:
It suggests that you are having problems with the feminine aspect of yourself.

If the dream features a cat hiding from you:
It could indicate that someone is being deceitful or treacherous toward you.

To see cats playing in your dream refers to your frisky nature. You need to show your feminine yet playful side. Try to have more fun with your daily routine that you may consider more feminine in nature. Consider have some fun while cooking for yourself, or play with your children to have fun.

When the dream cat is actually talking to you and giving you advice:
It represents your feminine self is speaking out to you, listen to the message and take note what it has to say about your life and decisions. You may also have more power and say in your work place. However, if the cat is crying and screaming, someone close to you is in need of help.

When the cat in dream is giving birth or being pregnant with kittens:
Consult with our general pregnancy dream interpretation, however, when cat is giving birth to kittens inside your dream, it means that you may have more responsibilities in the near future from your independent yet creative decisions. New phases of life are being born or started into the world.

If the cat is cuddling with your dream:
When you have a cat yourself, the dream may be about the actual action. However, if not, the cuddling action represents you are at peace with your feminine side.

When the cat continues to purr and meow at you and do nothing else:
You have a false friendship or a weak friend who may betray you.

Dreaming about a friendly cat following you:
Means that you have someone who looks up to you.

The Cat is in Water somehow:
The dream represents that you are in an uncomfortable place in life, if the cat is underwater and suffocating, it means that you are really truly uncomfortable. Try to get yourself out of the condition as soon as possible.

The dream features a cat running away from you:
You are too pushy with your endeavors and your actions are pushing people around you away. Learn to be more gentle and do things more slowly.

The Dream contains Cat Poop, feces, urine, or cat litter:
Let go of your negativity in life. You have been hoarding or bottling up your negative emotions. It is time to toss those away and start life fresh.

Dreams About Cat Eating or Chasing Various Targets
The Cat is Chasing or Eat Mouse or Rat in Dream:
Dreaming about a cat hunting down to catch and eat a mouse means good fortune. You will achieve the short term goals that you may have. However, if you have a younger girl in the house, the dream may indicate that you may have an overbearing female figure making the girl uncomfortable.

The Cat is Eating a Snake in Dream:
It means that you are dealing with a difficult situation with unsettling emotions. You are trying to heal and make yourself whole through your feminine touch.

The Cat is Eating a Bird in Dream:
It means that you will succeed with finding love and succeed in your romantic conquest.

The Cat is Killing or Chasing a Spider:
To have a dream that a cat killed a spider
Suggests that you are expressing your femininity in a seductive and cunning manner rather than in an overtly and almost destructive way.

Dream About Hurt or Injured Cat
If the cat is missing or lost in the dream:
To dream that you cannot find your cat highlights your independent spirit. You need to allow yourself to be free and not let anyone or anything hold you back. If the cat appears to be a stray cat, it shows that you have long lose connection with your feminine self.

Dream about Cat on Fire:
First note to see if the fire is killing or hurting the cat, or if the cat is embracing the fire as a part of itself. Also take note and observe your own emotions when you see the burning cat on fire. If the cat is burning and in pain, it represents that your own fire and masculinity is hurting or burning away the feminine part of your life. However, if the cat appears to yield the power of fire, it signifies your ability to control both your inner fire with your femininity.

To see a dead cat or hear a cat being killed implies that you are lacking autonomy and independence in some area of your life. Alternatively, the dream means that you are refusing to recognize your feminine power. Take notice of the type of death that the cat is suffering from, is it drowning and suffocation? Or is it a violent and sudden death like car accident.

When the cat is bleeding in the dream,
A feminine figure in your life is calling for help, try to spend more time with them to see if you can help them heal and recover.

To dream that you are saving the life of a cat implies that you are reclaiming your independence and power.

Dreaming about a Cat with Broken Leg
Means that you will be faced with difficult decisions. You will have to slow down and rethink your course in life. Take consideration to what broke the cat’s leg in the dream, that can offer invaluable insight to help you decipher the decision that you may have to make.

Dream About Cat Attacks
To dream that a cat is scratching with its claws you suggests that you are feeling threatened.

To dream that a cat is biting you symbolizes the devouring female taking control the various aspect of your life.

Depending on the body part where is being attacked by the cat, it can have mixed interpretations. For example, a cat biting and attacking your leg and causing you to fall, may mean that something or someone feminine is causing you to lose balance in life. The feminine part can be a person such as your girlfriend or spouse, or it could be your feminine side.

When the cat is biting your hand and fingers, it means that you have lost touch with your feminine side.

If you are afraid of the angry cat and its aggressive behavior in your dream.
It suggests that you are fearful of the feminine. The dream may be a metaphor for “cattiness” or someone who is “catty” or feisty. If the cat hisses in the dream, it means that you are overstepping your boundaries with your actions in waking life.

Dream about Two Cats Fighting Each Other:
The feminine figures or your inner feminine self is clashing with one another. Your mother and you or your spouse if you are a man, or the girlfriends may be fighting with one another in your waking life. The cat fighting each other represents “catfight”.

When the Cat is fighting a Dog within the dream:
The dog in dreams typically represent close acquaintance of you. To dream about cats fighting dogs in the dream, the female figures of your life may not approve of your friends or social circle.

Dream About Different Types of Cats
Black Cat in the Dream:
Black Cat generally represents misfortune and bad luck. It could also mean that you are scared of using and believing in your intuition. If you see a black cat in your dream that goes along with a major decision or transition in your life, make sure to go with your first instinct. If the black cat is attacking you or biting you to get your attention, make sure you try to listen to its message. Is it telling you to move ahead or stop? Do not ignore the signs of a black cat and face your situation.

White Cat in the Dream:
It denotes difficult times.

Blue Cat in the Dream:
Blue cat denotes true to yourself and listen to your inner feminine voice.

Brown Cat in the Dream:
You are likely to receive important news shortly.

Rainbow Cat in the Dream:
You will achieve your goal with the help of many people.

Dirty Cat in the dream:
You or a close friend will recover from long term illness.

Fat Cat in the Dream:
Good fortune and luck is around the corner if you dream about giant or larger than normal cats.

Flying Cat in the Dream:
Freedom is what you crave and want, let your inner inhibitions go and be wild.

Grey Cat in the Dream:
Listen to the message in the dream as it offers valuable guidance.

Ginger Cat in the Dream:
Business endeavors will likely to be profitable and worthwhile.

Golden Cat:
Expect great fortunes coming from all sources.

Green Cat in the Dream:
Welcome the chances that will happen in your life is key.

Consider checking out the general colors interpretation in dreams.

Young Baby Kittens in the Dream:
Rekindle your inner creative spirit. Try to see the world from other angle and learn new things. Do not be afraid to be mischievous and experiment with new activities and be adventurous. However, if the kittens appear to be getting into trouble or dangerous situation within the dream. You need to be extra careful about trying out new things.

Seeing Cat Eyes in the Dream:
Look beneath the surface to see the truth.

Cat with No Tail in the Dream:
You may be expressing some fear or frustration especially when something is not going as planned. The balance of your plans have been lost and you are stumbling through life’s courses.

Blind Cat or Cat with No Eye in the Dream:
Listen to your inner voice and intuitions. It is time to rely on other senses other than just seeing with eyes.


Cat Dream Interpretation — 51 Comments

  1. I had a dream last night about two black-grey striped kittens fighting in a fireplace and burning. They died. I woke up and was sad and wanted to cry. I couldve saved them but i didnt do anything 😭😞

  2. I had a dream of a white cat and it took place right outside my house, the cat was bitting me and scraching me on my right arm and hand i wanted it to get away from me so i took its paw and threw the whole cat to the fence, then i went over becUse it wasn’t moving and it was just sitting up, i looked over it and its leg was bleeding i was thinking about stiching it up but then i woke up feeling really sad and confused at how mean i was to the cat.

  3. In my dream, I saw a bright brown kettle with a very long tail in the basement (storage room) of the building I live in. I liked it and I found that it lives in our building; but, it catches and bit my knee.
    There was almost no pain but it firmly caught and didn’t loosen.

    What does its long tail indicate please? And the fact that it didn’t loosen?

  4. In my dream, I saw a bright brown kettle with a very long tail in the basement (storage room) of the building I live in. I liked it and I found that it lives in our building; but, when I opend the door to let it go, after a while, it suddenly jumped and bit my knee.

    There was almost no pain but it firmly caught and didn’t loosen.

    What does its long tail indicate please? And the fact that it didn’t loosen?

  5. In my dream i was sleeping beside my mom and suddenly when i flexed i touched something fluffy i didn’t know what at that time so i looked and it was a dead cat lying beside us and it was bleeding from it’s stomach,it had a hole in it’s stomach and i got some of that blood on my finger and washed it but the same thing happened again and then i felt like vomiting but didn’t vomit,this was the worst dream i ever had but in the dream i wasn’t scared at all but my mom was crying as she was worried but i was calm and kept my cool🙄🤔

  6. I had a dream of cat eating the corpse of a dead cat for three consecutive night, what does it mean? Thank you in advance, God Bless!

  7. I had a dream last night where I cut off a fat black cats legs and it leaked water… Didn’t moan and purred when I pet it… The cat ran away when I was done and came back later with all four legs attached and still loved me… My dream last night showed me more then just those images… Things I’ll never be able to explain. But what does the cat part mean I can’t help but feel it is important.

  8. I dreamed that my cat, who is pregnant IRL, gave birth to 2 kittens, one black & one white. I thought that there may be another one on the way, but then she seemed finished. I had missed it and she’d given birth quietly w/o crying out to me or anything. I looked around to see if there was any placenta sacs, but I guess she’d already eaten them up.

  9. I had a dream there were baby kittens popping up in shelves. Like hiding behind books in a shelf. One kitten was very weak and I wanted someone to maybe kill it so it didn’t suffer. I was afraid I would roll over it in bed. I had a house full of dogs that I was watching for other people too in the dream Was trying to get them all to come in the house.

    • Hi, i had a dream this afternoon that i saw a pregnant orange cat, but it is a male and he is pregnant with a tiger. Suddenly the cat changes into a tiger and looks so aggressive but it didn’t hurt me. The agressive tiger is with his owner being tied and held while they pass by ridden a sleigh like ride with some people.

  10. Hi, I had a dream last night of a greyish small cat biting my leg so badly such that I wake up crying and continue crying till my hubby till morning and I was very sad after waking up. Assist what is the meaning of this.

  11. Last night I dreamt I was a gray, drowned-looking cat. I was wandering thru an old, crumbling stone-walled factory. I was yowling away like I was calling for someone. I woke my self up with yowling and felt pretty anxious afterwards… what does it mean???

  12. What if you have to choose which cat you want to adopt? There was an orange tabby kitten who went back to her owner, a brown tabby older female, and a tortoise shell kitten. I chose the tortoise shell and she purred. Then I decided I’d probably bring the mom to a shelter on my way out of town.

  13. I had a dream that I was packing to move and my cat was hiding among the boxes, when I came across her I went to touch her leg and she got up to walk away and the leg fell off….there wasn’t any blood or guts it was dried up and shrivelled where it was severed on both the cat and the limb….it felt like a rabbits for in my hand. The cat walked away with a little meow but not bothered by the missing limb and I looked at the limb and my hand and then woke up. What does this mean? This is my cat that I’ve had for 13 years.

  14. I dreamed that a gray cat lick me in my mouth. But after going to a fair I had left the cat in the car and when I got back it had ticks all over its bottom side.

  15. I dreamt of a stripped black and white kitten who was fat, My sons cat had just had kittens in the dream and this one was very unigue and my son’s favorite. We were all excited because it resembled a Zebra if you looked at it’s fat little belly. It was a very unique kitten and we knew wehad something special and that no one else had ever seen such an amazing cat! We were overjoyed with it’s cuteness.

  16. I had a dream that I let a black cat into my house and it just laid on my bed and I started to pat it before leaving for work. The cat was simply there and didn’t attack or meow or purr. I locked the cat inside so it couldn’t escape. I also have the cat some chicken, I have never owned a cat before.

  17. In my dream in the night, rudely I was beating a small cat and finally gave some food. Please assist what is the meaning of this.

  18. anonymous july 13 2016 it was my cat something like rain came down really quickly but in larger than rain droplets but the droplets were not
    as clear as rain slightly yellowish and rain was not as abundant it was scattered.i heard my cat on stairs and had those droplets on him and he was badly suffocating and one of his eye was white like blind man my thought was it was acid on him i felt really bad watching him suffocating especially when his name is buddy.

  19. In my dream a cat that wasn’t mine jumped into a shower I was taking but the shower wasn’t in my house. The cat sat there and then pooped in the shower. What exactly does that mean

  20. I dreamt a black cat sitting in my room and staring at me. She was calm and then meowed and i woke up.
    What does this mean? Help?

  21. My daughter dreamed that my husband had a girlfriend and my daughter was upset until she found out it was a cat named Delilah. Then she was confused because he wanted to marry the cat and he said she was nice.

  22. Last night I had a dream where I was outside at night and going to my moms car to get something. I saw a cute kitten that was behind it and I wanted to catch it but I didn’t. My older sister then came out and told me the kitten was blind and had rabies. I ended up falling backwards to get away from it but it was following my scent and movements and trying to bite me.

  23. I dreamed a exotic cat a savanna cat to be exact was sitting on the back of my neck? The cat was very friendly but heavy as Hell he was brown mixed with other colors. Very weird but no unpleasant or threatening! I felt like the cat was representing wealth or sending a message that the difficult times in experiencing will end shortly. Hopefully that’s what it means bc honestly the cat wasn’t mean or nasty to me at all. Anybody willing to analyze this I would greatly appreciate it.

  24. Sorry for the typos meant to say he was not unpleasant and the part where I stated about the difficult times I meant to say I’m experiencing instead of in. Sorry since I couldn’t remove the original post I had to do the corrections like this! If anyone has any personal thoughts on my dream please feel free to reply back! Thank-you

  25. Had a dream that lots and lots of black cats were in water mostly small cats there was one white one drowning but the rest of the cats were just staring at me and my dad whilst we was on the roofs or some cliff on top trying to get away any ideas what this means?

  26. My dream was a little strange hence me putting it on here and trying to find an answer. It was winter, snow on the ground and outside my back door a black cat walked past with blood dripping of its back right leg (as if it has been savaged by a fox / dog). I opened the door and the cat stopped (not enough strength to go on) the cat then sat on its injured rear end looked at me. Now here is the shocking part! The cats stomach had been ripped out so I can only assume he had been attacked and now walking off in shock to die. So what does this mean to me – I have had a bad stomach for years so I can only assume that I am the cat and my stomach will be the death of me!

  27. Had a dream that I was trying to save this family cat we have from a tiger. But the cat was trying to get away from me saving it and I ended up broke a leg.

  28. I had a dream that the cat was sitting in my lap a very large brown cat and was nibbling on my finger and looking into my face. He did not scrash or bite just eeeeon on my finger. My vhsnd vwad fold with my finger lapping

  29. I had a dream that the cat was sitting in my lap a very large brown cat and was nibbling on my finger and looking into my face. He did not scrash or bite just eeeeon on my finger. My vhsnd vwad fold with my finger lapping

  30. I had a dream that I was walking around and saw all these random cats and this white cat appeared to me and I picked it up we were talking and I could hear the cat speaking and then all the cats were suddenly running away scared like they had to go home and the cat I was holding tried to jump out of my arms and it’s paw was stuck and got broke and I tried to fix it… But I could just hear screaming and I felt so bad and then just stopped and I woke up…. I can’t remember what we were talking about I just woke up feeling so bad

  31. I dreamed that a big ginger cat came in through the window and was pretty wild, it scaled the walls frantically. Then two robins flew into the window landed in a sink next to me and started picking something out of the plug hole that was sparking flames then I realised it was a lit cigarette and splashed water to put it out. Really weird not sure what to make of that one !

  32. I had a dream of a cat wanting to always being near the baby. The cat never was aggressive it was just always around even when I told it to go in a another room. It was real weird

  33. I dreamt that I was about leaving house..making up n noticed I looked horrible in the mirror I was holding. .then a white cat was trying to bite between my legs which I tried using my hand to cover it making it bite my hand and wasn’t ready to release it n i ask the woman in front of me why the cat is behaving like that she replied, the cat is scared it need your protect. ..then after a while the cat did the same thing again

  34. Odd dream- I usually don’t remember dreams, but this stuck…I am usually good with animals, and they normally trust me:
    In the living room of a home, 3 domestic cats. First was small, dark tabby type – this one was aggressive to me- not others. I had no idea why, normally I am great with animals. I tried to calm is but it remained fur bristled, angry or frightened for a short time, then left running off. Then a regular sized white cat was there. This one was calm, allowed me to pet it and was sitting serene. This validated my normal interactions with animals. This one also left as I stepped back. Then a large, fat grey cat showed up. It went under an end table and looked at me calm and curiously. Then the dream ended.
    Not sure why this sticks in my memory. Comments?

  35. I dreamt about a cat that is an aggressive cat. It was dark night that time I couldn’t see his body color. I was in sitting down and I saw his eyes, his red and scary eyes. It was more likely like a tiger eyes. I bet he was staring at me the whole time. When I catched his eyes, he stood up a little bit and he run away. I felt scared. I shared it with my friend and she was scared and telling me to take care of myself. Few days later, with every single thing I do, I’ve always been told to take care of myself and don’t do anything else. I thought it was real because I was really scared. The cat has his eyes on me all along.

  36. Last night I had a strange dream about a cat with white orange and black fur that hated to be touched on the head. If you touched it’s head it would start pawing at the fur on its head. Almost as if it was fixing it’s hair after someone messed it up. The cat also had wooden prosthetic legs but normal healthy cat paws. I don’t really know how but normal paws.

  37. I dreamed last night my cat was calmly sitting on a shelf, with both eyes missing. Large bloody eye sockets where eyes belong. I decided after grieving I had to put him to sleep.

  38. I saw a person died in my dream..and when I came home I saw two cats sitting in my house.one with golden fur and another with white fur..what does it indicate????

  39. In my dream, my cat walked into my room and was covered in blood. He ate another cat but this one was grey not black and white. It didn’t have a back leg and was laying on my moms bed. I just really want to know what it means.

  40. I had a dream about a big fluffy gray cat and it was on top of my entertainment dresser in me and my husband room,and growling,angry,then it jump down and jump on top of the bed at the foot and walked across the bed. I was kicking the cat off the bed,because I dont like cats. Can you tell me what this mean.Thank you.

  41. Someone please explain….I had this dream at about 2.50 a.m. in the morning. Dreamt of cleaning a pond which had lot of cat-litter. And then suddenly a large cat showed up… actually in the dream it was a tiger or something. But I cleary remember that I used the word “a large cat” knowing that it wasnt a cat. Then in order to defend the friends I had with me , I decided to use fire to chase the cat away.So we did attack the cat and now it was a regular sized ginger cat,but still aggressive . I remember that I targeted its eyes more. And finally once the cat was blind, I was upset.
    Then may be I became lucid in my dream, I thought of defeating the cat without hurting them. I was visualizing within the dream that “I capture a tiger and a lion.And I do it without hurting them. I visualized myself talking to it while taking it away..And then I saw the cat I burnt, lying in pain. A man was pouring water over its head, clearly with the intention of hurting the poor cat.. I heard him cleary say…. ” these are beautiful lines you know…. make the world a better place… learn to live in harmony…. and then you learn to survive…” And with that I woke up.

    What bothers me is that I am not a cat lover but I can never be rude to any animal like that.. And trully I was upset about it in the dream as well as in reality . Some body please explain.

  42. I have a dream, there was a snake under the table, it’s head is popping out the center hole of the table, then some people put the 6 orange kittens within the range where the snake head is out. I saved the 6 kittens and the black and white cat that appears there. I sealed the hole with objects. What’s the meaning of that? Hope you can help me.

  43. I dreamed of a ginger thin female cat urinating lines here and there …all over the floor and dreaming that I was more than helpful to clean after her.

    Later I dreamed I was in the bath but there was another female with me in the bathroom…she acted more like a servant and then I kept telling her that I was due for my period and it came out right then in the bath and she saw it and I was unaffected.

    Such a weird dream.

  44. I had a dream someone threatened to kill the kitten here at my parents(my daughter’s cat). They were holding it saying if I don’t do this the cat will die. Please help me figure this out

  45. i had a dream about white cat i saw in peephole through the door, but when i opened the door no one was there, i closed the door and saw same white cat back facing me and now black cat sitting close to peephole looking at me or at peephole but when i opened the door no one was there again so i closed the door and saw them both again and felt like something ominous was approaching, so i backed off the door as if evil spirit is trying to come in, i woke up

  46. Absolutely gorgeous all grey cat had the cheek to bristle at me, this happened abt 2times. Then it started to scratch like it had fleas or something. I said something to whoever was with me, “I think there’s something up with that cat”. And the last thing I remember is seeing an alapecia like round circle of baldness abt the size of a ping-pong ball on its lower back near its tail. What with all the unnecessary bristling and scratchiness, that really freaked me out. All the same I was really worried about and for the cat.

    Other than th bald spot, th cats coat appeared really healthy.

  47. What if you’re bathing a black cat you used to have and love because people were saying she was stinky and she was losing hair on her tail then, after you wash her, she turns white?

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