Electric Electrical Power Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about electricity? Dreaming about electricity itself, symbolizes vigor and life energy. It represents the driving force and motivations when channeled in the right direction and correct setting. Pay attention to how electricity is perceived or used in the dream.

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Dream About Electrical Wiring

Dream About Electric Wires, Cord, or Cable
To see electric cords, cables, or wires in the dream, represents potential paths and supportive factors in your waking life. You will draw your power from your social circle or family members in order to achieve your goals. If the electrical wires are tangled and messy, it suggests contradictions and messy personal supportive relationships. They still work as intended, but sooner or later you might run into confusion and trouble.

Dream About Electrical Outlet, Socket, or Plug
To dream about electrical sockets or outlets, reflects opportunities and supportive places where you could draw inspiration and power. Learn where those locations are and take advantage of those resources. You will accomplish your workload and goals much more easily. The dream suggests that you need to be more open to asking for help.

Dream About Electrical Appliances and Gears

Dream About Electric Fan
To see a standing electric fan in the dream, suggests that you will be able to cool your mind and body through an upcoming vacation. Take the time out to reflect and recharge.

Dream About Electric Guitar
To dream about playing an electric guitar signifies the power and strength of your passion and youth. You wish to express your feelings to others without much regard or consideration.

Dream About Electric Saw or Electric Tools
Using or seeing electric-powered tools like saws, iron, or drills, symbolizes industry, and modernity. Consider using all the tools available to you, in order to accomplish your goals. Do not be afraid to find out better and more efficient ways to conduct your business.

Dream About Electric Toothbrush
To dream about an electric toothbrush, suggests that you will be unwilling to work and make sacrifices to get what you want. The dream foretells that you will hire outside help or contractors to help you achieve your goals. Specifically, life coaches who may help you with your self-image.

Dream About Electric Light or Lamp
To see an electric blanket in your dream indicates that you need to conserve your energy and get some much-needed rest. Alternatively, the dream means that you lack the ability to fulfill or sustain your needs.

Dream About Electrical Structure

Dream About Electric Fence
To encounter an electric fence in the dream, suggests that you and others will have a hard time getting to a mutual agreement or compromise. Your high charged personality and opinions will make situation harder. Anger has caused you to isolate yourself from everyone else. Or it may be that others may be afraid to approach you because of your highly charged personality.

Dream About Electric Chair
To see an electric chair for execution in the dream, indicates that there will be a sudden end to something in your life for the worse. You will foresee something drastic change that will happen beyond your control. Perhaps a test that you know you might fail, or a coming layoff or reorganization happening in your organization.

Dream About Electric Stairs or Escalator
To dream about the elevator, escalator, or electric stairs, suggests that you want to relax in life while experiencing the ups and downs of it. You do not wish to put in too much work and simply follow the flow.

Dream About Electrical Charge

Dream About Electric Sparks
Dreaming about electric sparks, foretells that you will meet someone with the same passion and opinions with you. Be aware that the relationship may be short-lived, the electrical spark points to delusional love that will not last.

Dream About Electrical Charge
To dream about an electrical charge in a battery, is a sign that you need to conserve your energy for later use.

Dream About Electric Shock or Electrocution
To experience electric shock or being electrocuted in dreams, forewarns that your current course of action will lead to disaster. Your subconscious is signaling fear and expectation of getting hurt. Be aware of seemingly safe environments as you might get caught off guard.

Dream About Electric Current
Dreaming about setting up or measuring electric current, indicates that your productivity or progress can be hard to measure in waking life. Consider setting up specific benchmark or goals so that you could keep track of yourself and your organization. You might need to be creative and clever to get a good pulse on things.

Dream About Electricity Utility

Dream About Electrician
To dream about electricians, suggests that you need to have better self-control and be able to direct your flow of energy. Perhaps you are not spending your effort or energy on the correct places. Consider asking for professional or mentor advice on how to better spend your vigor and life energy.

Dream About Electric Pole or Electricity Tower
To see electric poles or electricity towers, is a sign that you need to delegate your responsibilities and duties. By being able to distribute your tasks well, you will be able to accomplish more work and progress.

Dream About Electricity Meter or Electrical Power Breaker
To see an electric meter or power breaker, indicates that your friends and family are secretly judging your actions and ideas. They might jump in and stop your actions if you go out of line. It is little for you to have control of it.

Dream About No Electricity or Electricity Outage
To dream that the electrical wires or circuit breaker are fried or out; indicates your lack of insight and perspective on a situation. You might be trying to take in too much information at one time. Your mind simply cannot handle the information and emotional overload. If you are cutting power or wires intentionally in the dream, it indicates that you are killing off a hobby or project, so that you could focus on other endeavors.

Dream About Other Electricity Related Dreams

Dream About Electric Fire or Electric Torch
To see or use electric fire or electric torch for warmth, foretells that people will help you in life in unexpected ways.

Dream About Electric Razor
Dreaming about using or buying an electric razor, suggests that you need to be quick and certain in controlling your temper and issues.

Dream About Blue Electricity
Similar to the blue lightning dream, blue electricity in dreams points to wisdom and knowledge after a sudden realization. However, you will be much better at controlling the circumstances. You are expecting the realization and you are conducting certain tests to come to your conclusion.

Dream About Electric Car
To dream about electric cars, is a sign that you need to make use of your own advantages and talents. Perhaps your talents are different than the traditional ways and means. But you will need to double down on your strength and embrace new ideas in order to have a prosperous outcome.

Dream About Natural Electricity

Dream About Electrical Storm
To see an electrical storm, indicates that anger has caused you to isolate yourself from everyone else. You will shock and hurt people to a rude awakening when they get close to you while you are acting out,

Dream About Electric Eel or Fish
To experience electric eel shock, suggests that you will be off-put with a certain type of male dominance. Someone’s passionate yet dominant features and actions are making himself less approachable.

Dream About Electric and Water
When you dream about water being electrified, warns that there are serious hidden dangers in your future plans. You are thinking and doing the wrong things and the wrong time. The end result could be seriously hazardous. Be careful about moving forward.

Dream About Electricity

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