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Dog Size and Color Dream Interpretation — 4 Comments

  1. my tri/colour sppaniel blossom died aug 2016 not aday or night has passed i havnt cried.had many dreams of her last night in dream we were traveling on a long bus journey blossom was very tired. but she was a differant colour in dream brown and whitei know her spirit is with me is she guiding me to move on to next dog?she hated to see me upset.

  2. I dream water .was sorrounded in while i looking out way to.get out tge place whete i been
    .Then there a.bunch dog coming to me but the wh white one bite me on my right palm hand.so what does it mean plazz i rreally wanna know

  3. i have seen a small skinny brown dog in a dream. it is standing away from me with wide open eyes and it is looking at me with surprise as if it wants to smile at me.
    please explain how will this dream take place in life i.e. what will happen in reality.

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