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  1. my tri/colour sppaniel blossom died aug 2016 not aday or night has passed i havnt cried.had many dreams of her last night in dream we were traveling on a long bus journey blossom was very tired. but she was a differant colour in dream brown and whitei know her spirit is with me is she guiding me to move on to next dog?she hated to see me upset.

  2. I dream water .was sorrounded in while i looking out way to.get out tge place whete i been
    .Then there a.bunch dog coming to me but the wh white one bite me on my right palm hand.so what does it mean plazz i rreally wanna know

  3. i have seen a small skinny brown dog in a dream. it is standing away from me with wide open eyes and it is looking at me with surprise as if it wants to smile at me.
    please explain how will this dream take place in life i.e. what will happen in reality.

  4. I had a dream about 2 dogs trying to bite me, several times. One was a German Sheppard and the other one was a rottweiler. They got in a couple of bites, but I’m not sure where. People were trying to pull the dogs back, but it was very difficult.

  5. I have had a dream about a brown dog chasing me then it grabs my left hand but I usually manage to get my hand off its mouth and throw it away but it comes after me again but I don’t tend to bleed and the dream comes to an end after that encounter. I’ve been having this dream for several months now. Please help me interpret it well.

  6. I have had this dream dozens of times in various ways, but usually a massive and I mean massive very young black dog comes out of the woods or uninhabited area and is looking for me. Sometimes he appears in a crowd and people are taking a step back in fear. In the dream he has this unearthly howl, really frighting. then he sees me and makes a beeline for me and stops in front of me and starts whining like a puppy, like he finely found me.

  7. Well a few days ago i saw a dream where i was walking to go somewhere i don’t remember but i end up in a park where i saw a black dog staring at me with yellowish/whitish eyes that glowed when i saw that i wasn’t afraid exactly i was worried about someone else yet i felt as if the dog was trying to tell me when i felt this cold wind and i looked at the sky and it was cloudy then i looked back at the dog and it was closer. I walked towards it (in real life i terrified of dogs) but i wasn’t afraid i petted its head and said to him (i thought it was a male dog) that everything is okay and whatever it is it will pass and that is how life is. Then i stood up and walked towards my destination which ended up being a cafe where i was meeting my friend Zorzet and my ex best friend Nicky. Zorzet though looked wet and cold while Nicky looked…apathetic. I order a hot chocolate and when it was brought to me i looked at Zorzet and she had collapsed on the floor i run to her and i tried to find what is wrong with her while Nicky stood above staring at me as i looked at the other tables i saw them not caring about what is going on then i saw the dog again looking at me and i yelled at it “No! Get back! I won’t let you do this!” in English when in real life i speak Greek. Then it stare at me with an intense look and i felt this panic rising then i looked at Nicky and she just stare at me with an empty look in her eyes…i got so angry with her and i snapped her neck then i looked at Zorzet and she had water coming out of her mouth. I cried in complete panic again and then i looked at Zorzet as if i realized something…nothing of this was real. Zorzet is safe in her house in Crete and Nicky is in Florina (not Florida) and i was asleep. I looked at the dog and smirked at it, the dog though whimpered as if i hurt it and it left then i let out a breath and i was awake. A minute after i was fully aware i was awake my phone rang with a Nationwide Alert of a Cyclon called Xenophon was looming over Ionio Sea and Crete! I called my friend in panic and she picked up telling me that her house was flooded and she and her brother were trying to stop the water from going in. While i was listening from her line a dog barking…when i asked her whose dog was that she told it was the neighbor’s dog it was the one that woke her with his barking and she realized that she was not swimming like she had dreamed but her room was flooded and water was coming from the window. Then i hang up and Google searched about the Cyclon and i had this very bad feeling that something was not right with the Cyclone and i was right! Yesterday (27/09/2018) the Cyclone Xenophon was upgraded into Hurricane type 1 and it’s was over Athens where my other best friend Tina leaves and it was coming towards to where i live. Now it’s 28/09/2018 and we are still not hit with the Hurricane but i can feel it…no i know we will be hit sooner or later…my parents think i’m overreacting but i can’t shake the feeling…

  8. I had a dream about a black dog nipping at my back an it felt like it did nip me. I was trying to sit next to my brother an the black lab just would not let me. An i wake up an look up the meaning an the first thing i see is this is a bad omen. I had just got on my son for having a nasty report card an he held on to it til after his birthday weekend with his friends and I was furious with him an i mean furious an now my head hurts. I have many battles with death before like really in the state of death an node this dream with a bad omen.

  9. I’m new to the whole dream things, I’m very scared right now and I need some advice.
    I will get back to any replies with as much detail as possible.
    Currently writing everything I know down.
    The dog in my dream was a skeleton, an invisible one, but I knew he was a dog. The picture of him is just ingraved into my mind. Please someone respond and tell me what this is I’m scared and at the start of the dream he protected me (somewhat) saying “don’t open the doors/windows/curtains” and warning me about bad things that would happen.
    Once the door opened, I think it was the dog who brought hell upon me.

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions bit here’s a few guesses since I fought it away with music.
    •my intense fear of being freed from my self-icolation
    •Moving on from my dead dog tails, onto a new one.
    •My fear of the unknown
    •my fear of friends/Family betraying me
    •My Absolute paranoia about anything that happens

    If any of these sounds about right for what it could symbolise
    Please tell me.
    I’m scared

  10. Two years ago I had a dream about my Blue Heeler “Gypsy”
    I remember walking towards home and Gypsy got into my way barking and showing me her teeth. My parents said: “Be careful, she’d been acting weird” but when I rubbed her back, she calmed and then talked to me:
    “You need to let me go, please. Here I can’t reach my full potential, I can’t have puppies, I’m not happy.”
    I responded: “But, Gypsy, you’re stray, you can’t have puppies.” and she insisted: “I will, but not here. There’s a place where I can.”
    I woke up wondering what that meant, a few months later I had my answer. I lost my job, not a very pleasant one because I wans’t really happy there with an horrible boss. When I got another job, I also found a life partner and we had a baby. I think the dog in my dream (a Coyote i Think, because Gypsy is bluish grey and in the dream she was reddish) was telling me I was about to loss my job and found love and had a Son.

    Yesterday I had another dream, On it, I arrived at home and Dante was lying on the floor. Gypsy was licking his face. I told her not to, because it’s dog saliva, you know, and he’s just a baby. then Gypsy jumped around and waved her stumpy tail. leaned her head over the baby’s chest and seems to hear his breath.
    I don’t know yet what that means.

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