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Did you dream about video games? Dreams with video game playing typically suggest some escape from reality, from your day-to-day tasks. If you know that you are totally absorbed in the game and ignoring others in the game, it reflects that others may feel neglected since you are into something else not shared. Depending on the type of video game being played in the dream, the purpose of playing, and the people you are playing with and affects the video game’s interpretation of playing dreams. We will go through some of the most common video game dream interpretations and what they may represent.

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If the dream is solely about the gameplay and you have just recently played, the dream may be your mind refreshing its experience without hidden meanings.

Dream About Online Video Games with Others

To dream that you are playing an online video game or MMO like WoW (World of Warcraft) or others suggests that you need a better social life. You seek that belonging from a dream online world.

When you cooperate with a friend to take down a boss inside the video game, suggest that you need to work with others to tackle challenging and complicated tasks.

To grind or repetitively killing monsters in the game suggests the daily grind of waking life. This interpretation is more true if you feel bored or annoyed in the dream with the game.

When the dream world focuses and revolves around PvP or player-killing, the dream may reflect the brutality of your waking life. You are transferring some of your frustration to others. Taking it out on other people who want to enjoy the game.

Dream About Different Types of Video Games

When the dream’s focus is on playing certain types of games by itself, then the dream interpretation becomes based on the game’s nature.

Strategy, RTS, City building simulation Games:
If the dream features games like Clash of Clans, Starcraft; it represents your ability to manipulate others into doing what you want them to do.

Role-Playing (RPG) or Adventure Games:
Dreams that feature role-playing or adventure game like Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest; suggest that you do not want to confront the waking issues you experience. You would rather live the life of a video game hero. If you are killing or defeating certain monsters like zombies or robots in the game dream, they could represent the issues that you refuse to face in waking life.

Building Adventure Games:
Games like Minecraft or Terraria that require creative building and adventure reflect your inner need to express yourself.

First Person Shooter or FPS Games:
Dreaming about playing an FPS game like CounterStrike and Halo represents your desire to unleash your anger towards others. Consider checking out the gun dream interpretations.

Racing Games:
Dreaming about racing games suggests that you live in a fast-paced environment. You need to be number 1 to get ahead and win the races.

Gambling Games:
Reflects your desire to take risks and gamble.

Fighting Games:
This suggests that you need to come face to face and confront people with whom you have issues.

Dream About Actual Game Play

Depending on what happens inside the game, they can typically have additional waking life interpretations.

To Fight a Boss or Attempting Difficult Quest or Task:
Reflects that you are undergoing difficulty and challenges in waking life. Continue trying, and you can persevere. However, if you keep on failing, perhaps your preparation is not enough to finish off your project.

Leveling Up in a Video Game:
To get a sense of progress inside a game, suggest that you learn new skills and “become stronger” and experienced in the daily grind of life. You may be ready to take on more complicated and challenging tasks.

Dying inside a Video Game
This suggests a temporary failure that you have with the “game of life.” You will have more opportunities to try again, do not give up too early and too easily.

Lost inside a video game:
It signifies you are actually feeling lost in the real world. However, since the video game world is “not real.” You may confuse about the make of the world that your surroundings have for you. This can reflect your feeling lost or confused about certain rules or expectations others have for you. For example, if your parents really want you to take up some career like a doctor or lawyer, you really do not want to. You may dream about being lost in a video game. The dream signifies you are not reaching other people’s expectations. And you are trying to escape from reality.


Finally, treat all symbols that typically occur in a dream and placed them in a video game setting. For example, a dream that focuses on the volcano lava and fire of a video game. This suggests the anger and rage you have buried deep, in a parallel world hidden away from waking life. You do not typically see these symbols because they are typically hidden so well under your subconscious.

Dream About Being Video Game Characters

To see or dream that you are a character in a video game and do not control yourself. This suggests that you feel that others are controlling and manipulating you, similar to a robot dream. You have your own personality, and decision-making power stripped out of you. And people like managers or bosses have replaced you with a makeup identity to do their bidding.

To dream that your real life has turned into a video game-like Sword Art Online implies that you seek ambition and drive. Perhaps you want to feel alive again and see that your daily grind is boring and repetitive. However, if you experience “real” dangers when you enter video game worlds in a dream, it suggests that you need to be more alert in waking life.

If you have control over your own actions while being a Video Game hero, consider the hero that you have become in the dream. These characters represent role models with traits or purposes that you want to inherit. For example, if you dream about being a hero who saves the world in an RPG, you may want to do something great that “save” people from their situations. Consider the ultimate goal of the hero as well. Video game characters like “Mario” can suggest that you seek love. Or that your ex-girlfriend has been taken or entered a new relationship.

Dream About E-Sports or Competitive Video Game Tournaments

Dreaming about competing in a competitive video game playing suggests that you take your hobbies seriously. You want to prove that your general skills are better than others.

Dreams about witnessing or watching a competitive tournament or video suggest that you envy the players who live their passions. However, if you feel bored about the competition, it suggests that you look down on the people who are playing and their chosen lifestyle.

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