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Video Game Dream Interpretation — 6 Comments

  1. What about dreams of you being with the video game character but not actually being in the game?
    In my most recent dream, I was with two of my favorite video game characters (Heavy and medic from TF2) and we traveled across the desert to an ocean. The Heavy opened a portal and we went through to another planet with other humans and watched ours get destroyed. Iā€™m struggling to figure out what this all means. It was so vivid, I thought I was actually there.

  2. I always dream about turn my favorite turn based strategy games sometimes winning or carefully looking at a map. lol In reality games is one of my passion. šŸ˜‚ As a person, people often turn to me like I’m this living journal. That will fix the problem. Sometimes I give insights when I feel it’s my business. That is my dream reflection. šŸ˜

  3. What if I had a dream that I was in a virtual reality or like living in a game world but not like playing games or anything but kinda like it is here on earth.and I feel the same emotions/sensations that I feel when awake in my dreams.

  4. I was in super mario bros but we weren’t doing anything, except messing around but then creepers (from Minecraft) invaded i went into a bunker and everyone was showering except the leader, I can remember what but still, odd. I took a shower, (ps there was a naked girl I couldn’t recognize her) so I went back up, then I hid from the creepers, then I woke up.

  5. One of my friends had a dream of being in a video game (roblox) then all of the sudden the game crashed or is glitched I was in the dream but I left the server so all his friends were naked in the game like its just the skin color

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