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Video Game Dream Interpretation — 11 Comments

  1. What about dreams of you being with the video game character but not actually being in the game?
    In my most recent dream, I was with two of my favorite video game characters (Heavy and medic from TF2) and we traveled across the desert to an ocean. The Heavy opened a portal and we went through to another planet with other humans and watched ours get destroyed. I’m struggling to figure out what this all means. It was so vivid, I thought I was actually there.

  2. I always dream about turn my favorite turn based strategy games sometimes winning or carefully looking at a map. lol In reality games is one of my passion. 😂 As a person, people often turn to me like I’m this living journal. That will fix the problem. Sometimes I give insights when I feel it’s my business. That is my dream reflection. 😏

  3. What if I had a dream that I was in a virtual reality or like living in a game world but not like playing games or anything but kinda like it is here on earth.and I feel the same emotions/sensations that I feel when awake in my dreams.

  4. I was in super mario bros but we weren’t doing anything, except messing around but then creepers (from Minecraft) invaded i went into a bunker and everyone was showering except the leader, I can remember what but still, odd. I took a shower, (ps there was a naked girl I couldn’t recognize her) so I went back up, then I hid from the creepers, then I woke up.

  5. One of my friends had a dream of being in a video game (roblox) then all of the sudden the game crashed or is glitched I was in the dream but I left the server so all his friends were naked in the game like its just the skin color

  6. i had a dream that i was mario and that i keep playing the last level and bowser had a pet dragon and we went to this cave to defeat it but i keep having this dream over and over again and i can see myself outside of the video game telling my baby brother that he doesn’t know how to play it right that he keeps dying meaning he keeps killing me

  7. Fighting games have just become to compilacted for the average person. The only fighting game I can play decently is Fantasy Strike because of its simplicity. The art style is also spectacular as well.

    Regards: Eve Hunt

  8. Heya i had a dream where i was walking around with my friend in a adventure game. It was calming, not my friend but the world. We reached a point where we were in a snowy area, Just travelling not doing any quests even though we could. Does anybody know what this means?

  9. Titles with long, flashy combos actually decreases that element by taking control away from one player for stretches of time, and greatly reduces the appeal (to me) and my ability to enjoy it.
    And, on top of that, the neutral game has gradually become less about thoughtful footsies and patience being an actual playstyles that is rewarded, and has become more about a scramble, rewarding offense/pressure, long flashy “”single-player”” combos, and actually discourage/punish patient and defensive play (by design).

    Sadly, the actually popular titles are NOT for the patient defensive, except for Smash Bros (NOT Melee).
    The only recent games for those who enjoy what fighting games used to reward are Blade Strangers, Koihime Enbu, Smash Bros Ultimate, and (to a lesser extent) Tekken and SoulCal.
    Everything else is for those who like fast-paced gameplay and showy flashiness.”

    Victoria Tegg

  10. I was looking to get back into fighting games because I loved Tekken 2 whilst growing up but I don’t think I could go back to them as I need to have a good story and a point to playing a game other than to get better at them, plus I love open – world games . But thanx for the video it’s always good to see why people are passionate about a genre or something in general.
    Ross Alisha

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