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Arm Dream Interpretation — 13 Comments

  1. I had seen that both the arms of my daughter are cut, she is adopted and treatments are going on she has only 40 percent brain she is nine months old and still cannot hold her head she is also blind due

  2. i dreamed that i lost my left arm i did not see how it was removes but i did not feel pain and then it grew back and i was playing with the arm that was of with my new arm on i was checking it out more because it was strange to me what happrnd but my new left arm was without any of my scars or wards or little cuts it was perfect vut looked the same

  3. I dreamed I was in a strange little town preparing for a public festival of some kind. My family were preparing but felt like outsiders. I was walking alone down a street on my way to or from where they were staying and getting ready… I felt oddly off balance and as I was walking down the street I tripped on a toy that some children had discarded near where they were playing. I fell which made my skirt dirty, muddy spot down the right side. A wise woman who I seemed to know made me wait, I felt helpless, she berated the kids for leaving things around for me to trip over. I was embarrassed because I had tripped and fallen the day before in the same manner. Finally, she calls me into her white apartment building. Once inside she pulls my arms toward her and I can see they are unusually hairy (blond hair) she very purposefully and efficiently plucks three hairs out of my right arm. I think to ward off some bad luck or some kind and then says..”And what does the wolf care?” after which I wake up.

  4. I had a disturbing dream where my left arm had 2 sinkholes (one where the face of my watch normally is and the other slightly further up my arm) like a pen pushing into clay. These holes then turned inside out and burst like a sausage that’s been popped in a microwave.

  5. I dreamed, I cut off both of my limbs, happily. It didn’t bleed at all or hurt and I was walking around feeling like i didn’t need them, although concern, I might.

  6. I dreamt an acquaintance left arm fell off while I was trying to help them up. it was weird it was like just popping a Barbie doll arm off

  7. O dreamer I had parasites coming out of both arms I had some sort of disease as well as other people and was going to die

  8. I dreamt I had parasites coming out of both arms I had some sort of disease as well as other people and was going to die

  9. I dreamt that I was cooking food in the oven, and forgot. When I realized they were burning I opened the oven and grabbed the hot plate with my bare hands, the door and rack of the oven were touching my arms, from the top of my shoulder to the inner part of my burnt palms. I felt pain but didn’t bother to pull away. After putting the tray down my arms became really red and swelled up largely. Revealing large lines everywhere, but when I looked at them I felt proud. I don’t know what it means and it’s really bothering….

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