Execution Dream Meaning – Top 18 Dreams About Execution

Did you dream about execution? Execution suggests that there is something or someone that you need to cut out. You are deliberately eliminating them from your life with careful planning. Perhaps you have a certain deadline to make it happen. If not, you might suffer consequences for your actions. Consider your own roles in the execution. Pay attention to the type of execution-style to reach better dream meanings.

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Dram About Being a Part of Execution

Being the Executioner
To dream that you are a butchering execution; you will have to come to terms with the situation. Influence events and circumstances in a negative way. Your actions and decisions will most likely become the judgment. You have the ability to take life away. Have life-changing impacts on others. Perhaps you will soon end some type of project or relationship. You might fire people who work in your organization.

Stopping an Execution
To see yourself stopping an execution; foretells that you will take drastic actions to stop an end to something. Perhaps you will try to save people from bankruptcy, divorce, or suicide. You will be the superhero that will save the day for someone else.

Watching Execution
To watch and witness an execution happening; reflect your feelings of having to wait. And see an inevitable failure. It symbolizes the ruin, ignominious, and shameful death that is about to happen. Consider your emotions in the dream. See how you feel about the whole dilemma.

Escaping Execution
To dream that you are escaping from the execution or getting rescued; points to the happy coincidence that you will escape from responsibility. There are certain nasty difficult and unpleasant matters that will seriously hinder you. The dream suggests that you will get out of it like out of prison.

Dream About Whose Execution

Child Execution
To see a child’s execution in the dream; bodes serious problems in your business or family-style. You are witnessing the death of a young project or an innocent childhood. Think twice before you take reckless or thoughtless decisions. It can have a long-lasting impact.

Friend Execution
To see a friend’s execution in the dream; suggests that you feel sorry for the sentenced person. Someone in your life is going to significant events for the worst term. Perhaps you know someone who is overloaded with credit card debts, drug abuse, or facing homelessness. The dream forewarns some type of unfortunate finality to the individual. He or she will be judged by a jury.

Own Execution
To see your own execution in the dream; suggests that you are harboring some strong guilt. There is a certain aspect of yourself that you want to reach within a certain alarming deadline. It could relate to an ending or telling event such as an important test or interview that you feel underprepared. You feel like you are facing the music with an unfriendly crowd looking to see your personal demise.

Family Execution
To dream about family members’ execution; indicates that you want to deliberately eliminate family from a certain situation. They are the on chopping block in your life. Perhaps you feel that they have shamed you or have completely different opinions. You no longer want to have any connection to them.

Dream About Location of Execution

Public Execution
Public execution in the dream portends to some hard resolution or solutions. Perhaps you have made certain mistakes publicly. You are threatened with public shame. And you are under the magnifying glass of people. Others are happy to see you fail.

War Execution
To see a mass execution from a result of a winning war; predicts triumph over your foes. The dream foretells that you will be ruthless in your dealings. Deep down, you believe that your enemies will step over you if you are on the losing side.

Private Execution
To see a secret or private execution; signifies that you will suffer misfortune from the carelessness of others. And you will not know how and why things end up that way.

Execution Murder
To see a revenge execution murder; points to violence and abuse in waking life. Someone whom you have taken advantage of will try to get you back.

Dream About Execution Style

Guillotine Execution
To see a guillotine execution in the dream; points to denial or refusal to acknowledge serious trouble. Your hands will be cuffed and powerless to make any changes.

Execution by Shooting
To see execution by a gun shooting squad; points to a sudden and violent disruption of services and life. Watch out for a group of people who will hinder your daily.

Hanging Execution
A hanging execution by ropes; points to overloading responsibilities that will take away your ability to breathe. You will break your neck over trivial matters and the weight of events.

Poison Execution
An execution by poison in the dream points to the toxic relationship in your life. These poisonous exchanges with people are taking away your life.

Burning Execution
To dream about a burning execution by fire or immolation; suggests that you will be sacrificed or tried like a witch. Your religious or political beliefs are making others uncomfortable. Be careful when you voice your opinions outside of your typical circle. You might be punished for your expressions.

Drowning Execution
To dream about drowning execution in a cage; forewarns that someone will use emotional pressure. He or she will try to kill and destroy your spirit. You will fall into depression with suicidal thoughts. The outside forces or negativity are strong and pressing.

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