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  1. Had a dream of my husbands back full of different types of bugs what could be the meaning ?

    Then in the same dream I have a male friend hugging me from behind while I wonder throu my house doing chores

  2. I dreamed about a man with really thick black hair on his back, particularly lower down. The rest of his back was pitted with acne scars. Quite unpleasant. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi! I had a dream of a nice and polite Japanese guy I met a few days ago named Sato. In real life we drew manga characters and read a comic book together. : )

    Here’s my dream:I’m walking somewhere in a neighborhood and it doesn’t seem like anyone is there. All of a sudden the dream shifts. My friend Sato is carrying me on his back-piggy back style. I’m not sure what happened or how I ended up there… So I remember that I left my two bags. I ask Sato if we could go back to get them. He says smiling, “Yes. We’ll get them. It’s no problem.” We find the bags one is red and the other is white. I get off his back and carry them.
    Sato says. “I’ll carry your bags and you. Don’t worry Jasmine.” I respond, “That’s a lot of weight. Um…” He responds smiling, “Don’t worry I can handle it. Come on. Please get on.” I get back on his back. He continues to walk.
    Then we end up inside a store. I get off his back and run outside to see something. I see a dirt road and that it’s dusk outside. I go back inside the store. Sato writes on paper, “Please dont leave Jasmine. I have a big crush on you and want you to please stay with me.” There is a drawing of a big smile on the paper.
    Sato and I end up with some of his friends. I’m standing up and holding Santos right hand. They talk about going to the movies and after that they’ll have sex. I whisper in Sato’s ear, “Um… Sato… I’ll go to the movies,but I don’t feel comfortable having sex. I made a promise to God that I’ll keep my virginity, until I get married.” Sato says, “We don’t have to have intercourse

  4. Continued…
    Sato says, “We don’t have to have intercourse. That would only be if we’re married and if we both want to. So don’t worry.” We walk away holding hands. I felt so comfortable with him. Then I wake up. Thank you for your interpretation and/or feedback. God Bless!

  5. Last night I had this dream about a black and white spider on my back it was poisonous and I was freaking out I was scared but it did not attack me or try to harm me but everytime I try to get it off me it wouldn’t go away and I wanted to kill it but in my dream everyone’s like no no don’t kill it don’t kill it something about the Venom like it was a really rare spider. I kept saying at all I had to do was like look over my shoulder and there it was sometimes it just stayed in the one spot but other times it crawled around my back but it did not leave my back and like I said nor did it try to attack me or harm me in any way even though it was poisonous. What does that mean? Please help.

  6. I had a dream where my husband’s back is growing a futile hand initially it was a mole,which turned into a lifeless hand

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