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To dream of your back, represents your attitudes, strengths, burdens and stance in the world. It may also relate to stress and pressure that someone is putting on you.

Consider the phrase, “watch your back!”; this dream may be telling you to do just that. Traditionally, seeing a back in your dream means that you should not lend money to anyone. In particular, lending money to friends will cause a rift in your relationship.

To see a person turn their back on you, signifies that you will be deeply hurt as a result of envy and jealousy. Below are some more dream interpretations regarding seeing back in your dream.

Dream About Back Rub or Back Massage
Getting a back massage inside your dream suggests that you need to let go and stop being so defensive. Let go some of the burdens on your back to relieve some of the stress.

To dream that you are giving a massage to someone means that you are trying to persuade someone toward your side or your point of view. If you just simply dream about scratching someone’s back, it means that you are there for your friend’s minor life issues financially.

Dream About Back Pain
Dreaming and feeling about back pain in general means that you are subconsciously holding yourself back in life through tension, stress, and general anxiety. Feeling lower back pain adds to that stress by meaning that you are taking on too much workload.

Dream About Bare or Naked Back
To see a naked back in your dream symbolizes secrets that you may have kept from others or aspects of yourself that you have kept hidden and shielded away. You fear that your secrets may be exposed.

Dream About Back Surgery
The purpose of the back operation within the dream is important to understand and interpret it. If you have an upcoming real life back surgery, it may simply mean that you are anxious about the near event. However, without anything real planned the back surgery dream may have deeper meanings. If your dream back operation is to remove something from the back such as cancer or bullets, it means that you are healing from a recent betrayal.

If the goal is to fix a broken spine, you may be feeling the stress and burden may be too much. You need to either let go some of the burden or make yourself stronger.

Dream About Back Injury or Broken Back
To dream your back is wounded or broken by someone else such as shot in the back or backstab, suggests your enemies will hurt you then go ahead to mock you. It is usually done by someone who you may trust.

Bleeding Back after the injury can further indicate that precious resources will be lost from the injury.

Dream About Back Hair
Dreaming about hair growing on your back or having a hairy back means that you will be getting a promotion or raise in job, which will bring you more wealth. However, the promotion will also come with more responsibility as burden on your back.

If you dream about shaving your back or feeling anxious about back hair in the dream, you may feel anxious about additional job burdens which you will give up additional monetary raises.

Dream About Hunchback
To see a hunchback in your dream means that you are feeling burdened by your daily responsibilities and problems. Alternatively, the hunchback dream may be telling you that you need to stand tall.

Dream About Lower Back
Different locations on the lower back can have different meanings in dreams.

The lower back for instance suggests the earliest stages of your development, it could mean life in the womb or early life experiences with sexuality.

The back at waist height symbolizes your experience you have with others and the world.

The back connecting with the chest indicates your emotional and feeling development of what you take in and put out of yourself.

Dream About Tattoo on Back
The dream about tattoo on you back can mean that you have had a long lasting life event that changes you, without you noticing the change yourself. Or you may not want to acknowledge the specific event that has altered your perception of the world.

Take notice and observe the tattoo pattern on the back to get an idea of the specific life event.

Dream About Spider on Back
Dreaming about spiders on your back means that you are feeling trapped by the burdens of life. In addition, if the spider bites your back may mean that you will lose money and wealth, especially when you lend or invest that money.

Dream About Piggy Back Ride
If the person on your back is an acquaintance or adult, it means that you might be feeling dominated by someone else. You are feeling “the weight” of someone else instead of meeting the wants and needs of your own.

If the person is unknown or yourself, it means that you are carrying burdens and influence from the back.

If the person in the dream is children, it means that you are carrying them through life.

Dream About Riding on Animal’s Back
Depending on the animal in question, the back riding dream may have different hidden symbolism and meaning. It can symbolize that you are being supported by your inner strength, or the animal could reflect certain individuals in your life.


Back Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. Had a dream of my husbands back full of different types of bugs what could be the meaning ?

    Then in the same dream I have a male friend hugging me from behind while I wonder throu my house doing chores

  2. I dreamed about a man with really thick black hair on his back, particularly lower down. The rest of his back was pitted with acne scars. Quite unpleasant. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi! I had a dream of a nice and polite Japanese guy I met a few days ago named Sato. In real life we drew manga characters and read a comic book together. : )

    Here’s my dream:I’m walking somewhere in a neighborhood and it doesn’t seem like anyone is there. All of a sudden the dream shifts. My friend Sato is carrying me on his back-piggy back style. I’m not sure what happened or how I ended up there… So I remember that I left my two bags. I ask Sato if we could go back to get them. He says smiling, “Yes. We’ll get them. It’s no problem.” We find the bags one is red and the other is white. I get off his back and carry them.
    Sato says. “I’ll carry your bags and you. Don’t worry Jasmine.” I respond, “That’s a lot of weight. Um…” He responds smiling, “Don’t worry I can handle it. Come on. Please get on.” I get back on his back. He continues to walk.
    Then we end up inside a store. I get off his back and run outside to see something. I see a dirt road and that it’s dusk outside. I go back inside the store. Sato writes on paper, “Please dont leave Jasmine. I have a big crush on you and want you to please stay with me.” There is a drawing of a big smile on the paper.
    Sato and I end up with some of his friends. I’m standing up and holding Santos right hand. They talk about going to the movies and after that they’ll have sex. I whisper in Sato’s ear, “Um… Sato… I’ll go to the movies,but I don’t feel comfortable having sex. I made a promise to God that I’ll keep my virginity, until I get married.” Sato says, “We don’t have to have intercourse

  4. Continued…
    Sato says, “We don’t have to have intercourse. That would only be if we’re married and if we both want to. So don’t worry.” We walk away holding hands. I felt so comfortable with him. Then I wake up. Thank you for your interpretation and/or feedback. God Bless!

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