Robbery Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about robberies? To dream that you have been robbed, typically represents feelings of being forced to lose something by others. The dream generally foretells that your loss will be done by force while benefiting the perpetrator. You believe that you are a victim in waking life that is powerless against aggression or advances. The robbery dreams could also be a manifestation of your deep fears of someone actually robbing you in waking life. Your mind is practicing and realizing what you may or may not do if it does happen in the future. Below we will go through some more related meaning and interpretation on these potential robbery dreams.

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Dream About How Others Rob You

Dream About Knifepoint Roberry
To see yourself being robbed at a knifepoint; indicates that you will be in unfair situations where you are threatened to be severed of something. Perhaps others are forcing to do things or to give up ideas that you value. If someone robs and stabs in the dream; the dream foretells that you will lose certain relationship ties or work titles.

Dream About Robber Mugging and Chasing
To dream about being robbed and chased, while trying to run away from the robber; is a sign that you are trying to get away from a strained relationship. The dream is a reflection that someone is taking advantage of you, and you are trying to get away. Perhaps an overreaching boss or parent, is trying to take away your identity and freedom. And you are resisting the robbery by running away out of their control.

Dream About Gun Robbery
To see yourself being robbed with a gun; suggests that you are being coerced into certain actions by both hot tempers and irreversible decisions. Perhaps a hot-tempered boss or superior, is using lay off or firing to force you into conducting business that is against your moral and will. If someone robs and shoots you; it foretells that you eventually have to accept the bad situation. It is time to bite the bullet and move on with your life.

Dream About Robbery Locations

Dream Of Public Robbery
Dreaming that you are being robbed in public and no one comes to your rescue; indicates that a situation has ruined your hopes and the society as a whole if failing you. Someone is going to take advantage of you and steal from you. And others in waking life will take notice but fail to assist you or help you in any way. The dream foretells that you will be disappointed by your peers and coworkers, as you lose something important to you.

Dream of Getting Robbed Without Being Present nor Aware
To dream about yourself being robbed without knowing or being present; indicates that certain major life changes will occur without you knowing. Certain problems and issues are occurring in the background without you knowing. It is a sign that you might lose certain business opportunities. Competitors are going to find ways to cheat you out of your profits. Consider looking closely at your assets and valuables, to make sure that nothing negative will occur.

Dream About Home Robbery
Dreaming that your house had been robbed or being robbed at home; foretells that your faith and beliefs will be challenged. Your household will face difficulties and troubles that will end up ruining your hopes and spirits. A place that you found comfort and safety will be at risk. The dream indicates that you will encounter betrayals and family disagreements that might be caused by a third-party outsider.

Dream About Property Being Robbed

Dream About Someone Robbed Me
To see someone robbing you of your purse or wallet; foretells that you will soon be met with a difficult and sudden situation. You will have to decide whether to cut your losses and fight for what belongs to you

Dream About Car Robbed or Car Window Broken Into
To see that your car had been robbed, is an indication that your mobility and flexibility will be hindered. Your independence and freedom will be challenged and you are being robbed of power and the ability to choose. Consider being safer and do not venture into areas of unknown. Pay attention to your surrounding and try not to stand out. By displaying your wealth or status, you will be more likely to become easy targets of scammers and fraudsters.

Dream About Robbed of Money or Jewelry
To dream that your material items such as money or jewelry get robbed; is a sign that you will be violated in waking life. Someone might be close to you because of your wealth or other benefits. Be prepared to lose items that you value if you continue the relationship.

Dream About Robbed of Phone
To dream that your cell phone gets robbed or stolen; indicates that someone is going to speak for you and cut off your chain of communication. The dream foretells that your voice will be lost and forcibly taken away.

Dream About Someone Else Getting Robbed

Dream About Robbed Church
To experience church robbery, indicates that your faith or ethics will be challenged. You will be asked and compelled to do things that are against your beliefs. The dream foretells that you will comply and in term lose an important aspect of your faith.

Dream About Bank Robbery
Bank robbery in the dream, foretells that you or someone will steal other people’s success and take credit for work that is not yours. The dream reflects a negative and dishonest approach to achieve certain goals that are generally built on other people’s success.

Dream About Robbed Someone or a House
To see yourself robbing someone or other people’s house, indicates your hostility and jealousy towards other people in waking life. You are looking for ways to take from others. You are going to progress in life at the expense of someone else. The dream suggests that the victims will have little to no defense against your aggression.

Dream About Seeing or Witnessing a Robbery
To see or witness a robbery without being a robber or victim; indicates that you will notice and observe certain acts of manipulation in the waking life.

Dream About Being In a Robbery

Dream About Planning a Robbery
To plan a robbery or heist in the dream; reflects that you are preparing some sort of conquest with ideas and strategies that might be questionable in nature. However, the dream indicates that you will have a high chance of success in your endeavor. Because you are thinking and planning various outcomes and potential consequences.

Dream About Stopping or Preventing a Robbery
Dreaming that you are stopping or preventing a robbery; is a sign that you need to change a lot of things in your life to be able to move forward. The dream foretells that you will work hard to remove negative and toxic people who take and feed on your positive energy and resources. You will be able to pinpoint the parasites who cause stagnation and loss of enthusiasm in waking life. And you will soon detach yourself from these bad influences.

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