Cow Dream Meaning – Top 14 Dreams About Cows

Did you dream about cows? Cow in dreams symbolizes your passive and docile nature, where you obey and follow others without questions. When you see a herd of cows in the dream, you need to feel belong to a social group. If a cow is peacefully grazing on the grassland bathed in sunshine; the cow may represent divine qualities of fertility, nourishment, and motherhood. Here we will help you interpret more dreams related to cows.

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Dream About Your Interaction with Cows

Milking A Cow
To dream that you are milking a cow represents your willingness and drive to work hard. The world will reward you with the milk of hard work at the day’s end.

Guiding or Herding a Cow
To guide or herd a cow as a cowboy on a horse in the dream suggests that you are the pack leader. You have long-term plans while the herd of cows or people is simply following your direction.

Killing a Cow:
Interpret the cow-killing dream with the purpose and your emotions. Is the killing made for a purpose like food? Or is it a display of your own power and anger? It can be a sign that you need to do whatever it takes to survive. Or you want to prove a point by killing an otherwise harmless animal.

Dream About What the Cow Is Doing

Pregnant Cow or Cow Giving Birth
It signifies that someone in your life may get pregnant soon. You to be more caring and nourishing to those around you. It signifies the beginning of a new life and a loving relationship.

Cow Attack or Chase
To suffer from cow attacks, chases, or even bites, suggest that you have stepped on someone’s weaknesses. Your aggressive actions have usually caused nonhostile animals to react against your aggression. Look to your behaviors during waking life to look out for your own violent behaviors.

Flying Cow
The flying cow in dreams symbolizes the freedom to break away from the crowd. You do not be just another person in the herd. You want to be different and be free.

Talking Cow:
Generally, people think cows are divine in terms of nourishment figures in the dream world. Always pay attention to the message that the cows may want to tell you. The message said by cows can be cryptic, so you need to really think about what they say.

Dream About Parts of Cow

Cow Bones or Skeleton
To see the skeleton bone of a cow suggests a mother figure in your life is not responding emotionally and is inattentive to her children’s needs.

Cow Dung
Dream of getting cow poop or dung manure stains is a bad omen suggesting that the dreamer might suffer from poverty. It foretells the dreamer to give birth to a boy for a pregnant woman to dream of cow dung. Dreaming of cow dung in your yard or lawn suggests that you may have relatives you do not like visiting you soon.

Cow Head or Skull
Dreaming of a Cow head can represent someone in your past that has faded away. The cow head may represent the face of someone who has nourished and helped you in the past. However, if you are the one cutting the cow’s head off, it can be a sign of violence. You want to show that you have the final say in your own actions.

Dream About Conditions of the Cows

Angry Cow or Mad Cow
It indicates that some things are bothering you in waking life.

Dead or Dying Cow
The cow is dead, or dying can suggest that a part of your peaceful nature is fading away. It can also suggest a loss of your financial asset. You are losing a valuable cow who has been producing milk and money for you. When the cow is dying of being sick, it suggests that something has gone wrong with the relationship between you and your parents or children.

Cow and Calf
Dreaming about a cow and a baby cow calf together signifies the relationship between a mother and her children. The pair represents maternal instincts or the desire for others to take care of you.

Different Color Cows
Depending on the color of the cows, they may represent different meanings. For example, a white cow can represent purity and divinity. A red cow can represent the hidden anger that coexists with a peaceful look.

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