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Cow Dream Interpretation — 36 Comments

  1. I saw 3 cows and one cow was attacks by a brown horse and a white horse came over and stop the brown horse from attacking the cow.the cow was knocked down.

  2. I had a dream that I got a cow to butcher but
    stopped once i found out it was a female cow
    about to give birth what could this mean?

  3. I dream that I was hiding and I a strange man opening his mouth and pulling the cow in it, he didn’t saw because I hid after in the the same dream I saw him and someone I know was sitting on his lap.

  4. Hello, In my dream I was standing in a kraal wanted to buy a young bull but a brown one appeared thou with front bow legged got at UGX 200.000

  5. I was at our small village where i grow up with my sister me and she had to slaughter 2 calf under a big tree on a big rock and they where both black cows than the mother of the 2 calf came at us very angry at us and wanted to attacked us and chasing us and we jump over a fence where we were save what does it mean? Cause lately i myself is so stressed out and is frustrated.

  6. This was a really weird dream, but I dreamt a cow gave me oral; when I woke up I found out I was lesbian, not bisexual. What does this mean??

  7. Please i had a dream that I’m in the midst of plenty of cows with a stranger but anytime that I’m trying to get out of them they will chase us until we saw two small boys who were trying to lead us out. With their colours, they wasn’t any other colour but white n those with mix colours

  8. I dream 3 cows,two males and a female.a female was stuck in muddy pit, rescuers tried to bring it out of that muddy out ,but with no success coz the cow was too fat

  9. In my dream i had some number of cows not feeding well but were not sick that someone keeps. So when i enquired of its management, his answer wasnt goodcso i asked him to sell them. Please what is the meaning

  10. saw a dream of three head cow who was standing at my door step in the night time,the time i saw the dream was a noon time while taking rest

  11. I dreamed that cow gives birth to calf from her mouth, instead of her vegina, its so unnatural, but i saw that cow came and started opening her mouth, i felt in dream that cow wants to do vomit, but I was surprised by looking that cow is giving birth to a babycow.

  12. I dream about slaughtering a cow but I started at the back of it neck and cut nerve but the cow is still alive.what dose it mean?

  13. I had a dream where I was a passenger in a car with my neighbor she was driving and two kids in the back seat I babysit for. We were behind a tractor trailer and a cow ran out in front of the tractor trailer. We keep driving and talking next here comes another cow/ bull, it was another tractor trailer coming from the other way and hit the tractor trailer the SUV I was in and the trailer part was coming right for me. I’ll I remember from there is saying pray. What does this mean? It has really scared me, I’m afraid to leave my house and I get a sick feeling when I think about it.

  14. I had a dream where by we were at hut with cows suddenly a talking cow came in and was angry and it was as if it says I am tired of being taking from one hut to another they bought me with 24 thousand now someone what to buy me with 23 thousand

  15. In my dream, I initially had a dream of feeling some paranormal activity,when this dream gets over,I want to my mom to get myself protected, but then again a dream comes related to some paranormal activity. I woke up and I was not able to find my mother and rather I see a head of a brown colored cow in the chair in front of bed and a cut down hand and no blood was coming from any of the pieces.Then I woke up in real and it was 2:30 AM.

    Can you please help me out what does that means ?

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