Trophy Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Trophy

Did you dream about the trophy? To see a trophy in your dream symbolizes recognition for your hard work. The dream may be trying to motivate you and trying to get you to look at the long term prize. Within the dream, consider the circumstances where you receive the trophy and who the second and third places are. They will offer you important ideas on the potential areas of improvement to increase your chance of winning against your competitors.

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Dream About Interaction with Trophy

Getting Trophy

Winning a Gold Trophy
Winning a golden trophy in the dream, represents recognition for being the best at achieving something. You are bringing honor to yourself and your team. It is a sign of perseverance, patience, and dedication. You are fully dedicated to what you have worked for, and you will soon reap your rewards and earn the fruit of your labor.

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You will soon earn good grades on tests or get first place on some type of competition if you put all of your mind and effort towards it.

Stealing a Trophy
Stealing a trophy in the dream, suggests that you might be using illegitimate methods or cheating on your success. You are trying to get recognized for work that you do not own. It signifies that you are taking credit for other people’s hard work.

Someone Handing You a Trophy
To dream about someone handing you a trophy, indicates that you have been doing a good job in maintaining a good relationship with them. The dream signals that they appreciate you and recognize your help to them.

Dream About Seeing Trophies

Holding a Trophy
To see yourself simply holding a trophy, is your subconscious trying to remind you of your motivation. Perhaps you are giving up what you have been working for.

Trophies Being Displayed
To see a trophy display shelf or case, is a reminder of your superiority and status. The dream signals that you feel that you are better than others, you constantly review your past achievements and keep yourself to a high standard.

Dropping a Trophy
To see yourself breaking or dropping a trophy on the floor, portends that you will soon suffer from a series of bad luck and loss over your rivals or your foes. The dream indicates that you will likely drop the ball and choke when it really matters.

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