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  1. I have a question what if you have a dream but it seems you are awake n it feels real and in this dream you are laying down and a hairy black spider dives on you from the ceiling and goes through your nose or mouth and you wake up instantly sweating n scared what does that mean

    • I had a dream that a adult male lion bit the head off a baby child, I dreamt this dream two days in a row, what does this mean, I haven’t had that dream since but, I would like to know what it meant!!! It was about 3 am when I woke up litley sweating both times.

  2. My name is frank my partner and her son put a dandy long leg spider on my head I saw the spider first dormant in a plant i had no fear ofb the spIider then as I’m driving she watched her son put bit on my head .when I realised it was the spider I panicky and swiped it off .understand it was big as my hand

  3. Huge number of medium size brown coloured spiders by me and my bed wn i ent clean the bed i found huge number of spiders on my right sholder in my dream and i wake up and come out from the dream the dream will be between 2:30 to 3am

  4. Dreamt I was combing the front of my hair when I saw a big black long legged spider that scared the hell out of me come out of my hair. Should I be scared of something?

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