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  1. I have a question what if you have a dream but it seems you are awake n it feels real and in this dream you are laying down and a hairy black spider dives on you from the ceiling and goes through your nose or mouth and you wake up instantly sweating n scared what does that mean

    • I had a dream that a adult male lion bit the head off a baby child, I dreamt this dream two days in a row, what does this mean, I haven’t had that dream since but, I would like to know what it meant!!! It was about 3 am when I woke up litley sweating both times.

  2. My name is frank my partner and her son put a dandy long leg spider on my head I saw the spider first dormant in a plant i had no fear ofb the spIider then as I’m driving she watched her son put bit on my head .when I realised it was the spider I panicky and swiped it off .understand it was big as my hand

  3. Huge number of medium size brown coloured spiders by me and my bed wn i ent clean the bed i found huge number of spiders on my right sholder in my dream and i wake up and come out from the dream the dream will be between 2:30 to 3am

  4. Dreamt I was combing the front of my hair when I saw a big black long legged spider that scared the hell out of me come out of my hair. Should I be scared of something?

  5. I dreamt that I had spider in my left eye I had cataract procedure done in Dec on this eye I manager to pull spider out and watched it walk across the floor this had worried me what does this mean this spider was big losing legs Barack in colour thank you

  6. Had a dream about a bunch of baby spiders coming from just below my eye, what does this mean?? My eye has been bothering me since this dream..

  7. I had a dream that a big black spider was living in my knee and I squeezed it and took tweezers and pulled it out ,looked like more were in there I was goin to take it and see what kind it was but I kept dropping it or I accidently put my eldow on it and was trying to find it..What does that symbolize

  8. What does it mean to dream about people started firing gun at you from different angles while you driving on the car which you sold already in real life but in that dream I was running with the car bending down and driving away

  9. Backstory a few nights ago I had a dream where my deceased grandma came to visit then last night I dreamed I had a hair accross my face I swept it away but it was attached to a large clump of hair a couple inches long which came out into my bathroom sink where apparently I was standing and looked at the hair clump and there was a large spider creature looked more like an octopus.
    I really am not sure how to interpret this dream any help would be great! I am a dream foreseeer I. Meaning my dreams are very cryptic and do come true. I dreamed of where I am living now before I lived here etc etc….

  10. Last night part of a dream I remember from during the early hours I had a terracotta (clay coloured) type of baton or scroll slid into my right hand. It appeared to be about 150mm long by about 30 mm in diameter.My hand felt a bit numb whilst I thought I was holding it.

    When I woke up I noticed my right hand was in the holding finger shape position with nothing in it

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