Tank Dream Interpretation

Seeing military war tanks in the dreams, represents the ability to defend and stand up for your beliefs. You are being extreme strong and defensive of your views, and you will not let anyone stop you. However, it also points to a path of destruction and willingness to hurt others to prove your point. Below are some common war tank dream interpretations.

Dream About Driving a Tank
Driving a tank in the dream reflects courage, confidence, and idea of control of the situation. You are protected from outside forces and you are unlikely to change your mind about any upcoming obstacles.

Dream About Shooting a Tank Cannon or Turret
To see yourself being a gunner and shoot from a tank turret or cannon, implies that you will solve your problems with the help of a powerful and strong person. Someone higher up is going to get personally involved and grant you permission to fire shots. Your actions will help clear out the way and defend from attacks and criticisms.

Dream About Crushing Car with a Tank
Dreaming that you are using a tank to crush cars either as accident or intentional, represents that you are defensively expressing strong power over others. You will make certain decisions to override all opposing views, and force their choices or actions. In some cases, you will enforce your views and disable any oppositions and rejections.

Dream About War Tanks Fighting
Seeing war tanks fighting another in the dream, suggests that you will meet up with opposing threat of equal power. You need to defend yourself against other strong minded individuals. Be aware of he or she will not budge or change their views, until one side is totally destroyed and surrender.

Dream About Tank Running Over People
To dream that tanks running over civilians and students, suggests that you need to be cautious in the coming days. Possible unpleasant encounters may happen to reflect an excessive or even abusive attitude against employees and subordinates. Opposing views and requests will be met with extreme violence, and the weaker side will be overpowered. The dream foretells that any requests will be met with an iron fist, because the authority or management will have little chance of changing their mind. Perhaps mass layoffs and workplace revenge is planned after a strike or protest.

Dream About Standing or Sitting Outside the Tank
To see someone sitting on the tank or standing outside, points to someone in waking life is clinging onto authority and thinking lowly of others. However, many others in the organization see the person as being weak and fake, and secretly look down on him or her. For example, the dream may point to an assistant or secretary is abusing his or her powers by being closer to the boss, and giving everyone an unnecessary hard time.

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