School Shooting Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about a school shooting? Having a dream about a school shooting can be a scary and disturbing one. We will try to help you decipher the dream that you may have with that relate to or about school shootings.

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General School Shooting Dreams

With school shooting dreams, it may be about all the medias news that you have encountered during your waking hours. The shocking news of a recent school shooting might have struck some chord with your inner thoughts. This makes it more likely for you to have a dream about the school shooting.

First of all, depending on whether or not you are still in school can make a difference in interpreting this kind of dream. Second, do you know anyone such as your own children or other family members that still go to school? And lastly, has a school shooting affected anyone that you know.

Pay close attention to the details with the dream. Consider who is involved and the circumstances can help you interpret the school shooting dream in better accuracy.

Dream About School Shooting When You Are in School

If you are still in school and you dream about school; then a school shooting dream can be a reflection of your experiences. Are you located in a bad neighborhood? Have other students been suspended because they have brought weapons to school? Has the school been locked down?

You are not necessarily planning out a full-on attack at the school when you have these dreams. However, they are a reflection of your strong feelings about your current school environment.

As a Victim:
Dreaming about getting hurt or even dying at a school shooting is a scary nightmare. It could be a perfectly valid fear to have, and the dream is simply reflecting that fear. This type of dream can be triggered by hearing about recent shootings. Or if you are witnessing violent behaviors by other students during the waking school hours.

If you know the shooter within the dream; you may have some negative confrontations with the person at school. Try to resolve those harsh feelings before things get worse.

As a Shooter:
To dream that you shoot other students with a gun at school indicates that you harbor violent emotions. You do not express these emotions to the person involved. Maybe you feel isolated by other people and you do not feel belonging to any of the subsocial groups. Maybe it is time to find some sort of social club to join with others.

Dream About School Shooting as Someone Who Has Family in School

Dreaming about someone whom you know is involved in a school shooting is perfectly normal. Your subconscious mind has a natural tendency of linking your strongest emotions such as fear and anger. And this fear in school shooting dreams is amplified especially when its someone that you care about.

As a Parent or the Family Member of the Victim:
If you dream about a school shooting hurting your children or family members; it can be a very disturbing and heartbreaking dream. This type of nightmare relates you to the actual victim’s family and helps your mind make sense of the events. You should generally not be alarmed by the dream unless you do fear that the school is currently an unsafe area or neighborhood.

As a Parent or the Family Member Related to the Shooter
Dreams generally are all based upon some valid assessment and guesswork of the mind. If you dream about your family member involved in a school shooting as a shooter with a gun; it can typically suggest that some violent actions may have triggered that link. You may want to observe and spend more time with your family to relieve that tension. The school shooting dream may not represent an actual shooting itself. But rather a series of events that can lead to the destruction of your entire family.

Dream About Shooting Up School After Graduation

To dream that you shoot up a school in the dream, after you have well graduated can represent that you harbor unsettled feelings and emotions about your youth years.

Perhaps your past experience with school life was unpleasant and there were hostile students against you. You would like to settle the score with the negative people in your past. By dreaming about shooting up and blowing up your school is the mind’s way of healing itself.

If the school shooting dream is not targeting directly at any specific individual though; it can suggest that you were angry at how you spent your youth years with the school. Maybe you are angry at the whole system and idea of school when you were younger. You may believe that school systems have been abusing you with unjust treatments. Alternatively, the school shooting dream may be how you express anger at yourself for having wasted the earlier years.

Finally, guns by itself can represent the sexual drive. It could be that you were unhappy with the opposite sex during past school life.

Dream About School Shootings

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