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  1. I had a dream of a school shooting multiple times a few weeks ago and just yesterday, my school went on lockdown because there was someone walking around on campus with a gun.

    • I have had 3 school shooting dreams so far…2 of them was right after another in one night….there is a creepy kid in my school who stalks his ex and I had upset him by dating her..i have a bad feeling that he is going to shoot up the school…i was in the art room both times and he came in but it was a totally different person but acted as James would.

  2. I had a dream where I didn’t hear any shooting or even see the shooter, blood, or bodies. I’m still in school, but I would’ve been the victim if I saw the shooter. I did at one point hear screaming and see people running, but that’s it.

  3. I’ve had one dream where a student bombed the school during an assembly and that student told me as he was doing it. The other dream was when I was still in elementary, two guys in their 20s drove into the playground and took three kids and we found their bodies in the woods. I just wanna know that these dreams aren’t signs that my school will have a school shooting.

  4. I had a dream last night where the teachers were shooting students. Only some students survived (17 only and there is 667 in my school.) I was ran to my friend and he kissed me and then the teacher shoot me and he was crying. I ended up waking up crying.

  5. I’m going to be a senior in the fall so I haven’t graduated yet but I got this school shooting dream last night. What I remember was, the was a car show in our school? I don’t know there was a circle of fancy cars in one building. I was there with tons of other people. Maybe 50. Everyone was still and quiet and I didn’t know why. Then someone ran to the hide by a tall wall by the bathrooms. Then a couple people more, then I did. Suddenly everyone rushed to hide. I still didn’t really know why. Until everyone got really quiet when the door to the outside slammed opened. I leaned back just a little to see its shadow, carrying a rifle. By then, I had realized this was a shooter. I was terrified and sat huddled with everyone else. I felt this extreme impact in my body. (I wasn’t shot in my dream yet) then I woke up. Strange

  6. I was in a school unlike my real one, perhaps because yesterday I saw a news story involving all of the public schools in my county. Three different gunman walked into the campus, while I and a half a dozen of other students watched by. Two gunman were already out of the reach, but as we tried to run away from them for safety, we were precisely shot by him. I felt a bullet hit me somewhere in my chest, maybe somewhere lower. My body became to heavy and numb to move, and I drifted into blackness. Then a loud noise unrelated to THAT dream made me wake up. The fact is, earlier in that dream, it seems like I was preparing for a school shooting to happen and for me to be stealthy enough to protect myself and others. So much for that!

  7. I had a dream that a couple (3) of family members and I went to shadow others at a school. We were all playing games and having fun, until I decided to use the restroom. So I entered these two dark gray rusty doors, and inside I looked to my left and there were these red lockers that were just swaying open in sync. So I told myself it was nothing and continued straight to the bathroom. As i’m beginning to use the br I see something swaying and looked at it and thought it was intestines but I told myself that it was nothing and continued but my curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to check it out. I opened the stall and looked at it, only to realize it was my school dean! I ran out to tell the sisters and they ran inside alone. Soon we heard banging, screaming and a gun shot or two. Then two men came barging in screaming “Kill America” then they started shooting everyone. That’s when I woke up.

  8. Thank you so much!
    I had two dreams like this before I went to school on September 4th and the 5th, and I just wanted to make sure that didn’t mean I(or anyone else) was going to die.
    I chose to do some research because, today I had another dream where there was a shooting. Every time I have these dreams, the shooter is never directly in the same room as me, they’re at least in the same grade/pod as me.There is a lock down, then me and some of my classmates get so anxious and scared we run out of the school.When ever I have these dreams I always make it out but it’s still scary because even though you’ve made it, there are others that won’t, which is very disturbing and devastating to comprehend. Also, you guys know how almost all school shooters are white, well I’m going to a school full of them! This has given me so much reassurance, I was scared it was a vision.I didn’t want anyone to get hurt because some crazy kid/kids couldn’t hold their un-wired brain and unstable emotions together.Once again, thank you so much! 🙂 (Btw not trying to be racist towards whites)

  9. I had a dream that my friend Nathan had a gun in his bag. He went to the bathroom and my friend Maddie grabbed it and pulled a gun on us and told us to run. I woke up at that point. I’m having suspicions the Nathan’s brother will shoot up the school today because the day before he was saying racist stuff on twitter so he got jumped by black people. I’m staying home today.

  10. I had a dream that my friend Nathan had a gun in his bag. He went to the bathroom and my friend Maddie grabbed it and pulled a gun on us and told us to run. I woke up at that point. I’m having suspicions the Nathan’s brother will shoot up the school today because the day before he was saying racist stuff on twitter so he got jumped by black people. I’m staying home today.

  11. I had a dream i was in a school shooting. I’m in school still. What scared me the most wws how the details were right except for one part in the middle. It started by extended homeroom. Im not to fond of those in my homeroom so i was happy when my teacher let some pf my friends come in. We were coloring my yoga homework when we were suddenly in science class. I dremt the same room and same teacher i had last year. Then all of a sudden an announcement came on and it was the voice of the secratary saying that something was happening, and she was studddering over her words and at the end in a barely audible voice she said the school is under attack. I went to find a desck to hide under and watched a kid named sam go to the door to try and close it but our teacher was in shock or something and thought it was just saying to turn on the tv. Suddenly a teacher i have never interacted with before but that i know works there acrost from that particular room comes in and pushes a girl walking by and he grabs a gun from the junk in the eye wash station. And thats where it ended

    I halfway dont want to go to school today.

  12. I was a school shooter with this guy Dylan klebold I asked for a trench coat and a gun so he gave me a pistol and a black trench coat, and we started walking to a random school I don’t know what school it is, so we were walking in the entrance with guns I had a pistol he had a Tec-9 and I said I don’t think I can do this so I back up and I put my gun in my pocket and walk out then woke up. Does this dream occur because of too much research on the coloumbine incident? Am I not hiding any violence emotions when I’m putting my gun away? Am I ok?

  13. Had this dream last night.

    My girlfriend and I were sitting in this parking lot just talking to each other. I see this red chevy suburban drive up right behind my car and stop there. Four people in the car, three men and one woman. They were all just looking at us. They drive down the parking lot, do a u turn, drive past my car, and park two parking spots south east of me.

    Getting an extremely bad feeling, I stood up and reached for my cz p09 I carry daily. Opening my car door to act like I’m not watching, I see the driver door, and driver side rear door open and two men jump out.

    I hear my girlfriend say, “Hey…he’s got a gun.”

    I see the driver begin shooting to the east of us at people eating lunch. I ducked down and for some reason I had my ar15 on the back seat of my car. Grabbed that, chambered a round then began returning fire on them.

    Took 6 shots on the driver and he went down , passenger I saw whip his gun towards me, then took 4 shots on him.

    The crazy part is I could see that the driver had what looked like either a H&K G36, or a Enfield L85A1. Whatever it was, it was fully automatic and had me the most scared I’ve ever been.

    The passenger had a Hi-Point 9mm carbine.

    After I had shot both shooters, I awoke to find myself profusely sweating, and reaching for my cz that I had left in my holster the night before.

    Never in my life have I had this vivid of a dream, or a dream of what appeared to be a mass shooting. Never have I had a dream that has filled me with such fear that I felt the need to awake and reach for my gun.

    Never have I felt so sick of the thought that I’d have to take someone’s life to protect another.

  14. Is it normal if you are in a school shoot up and there’s a shooter and in this dream you kill the shooter to aave peoples..? (I’m scared about if i got a mental illness and im only 16..)

  15. A few weeks ago a kid sayed he was going to shoot up the school but he didn’t but it scared me do bad that iv had nightmares in this last one I saw the shooter but I didn’t get shot

  16. For the past 3 weeks I’ve had dreams about my school getting attacked by some military forces and some of the kids had guns and were forced to protect the other students. And then I was on a bus with 42 other kids and there was a black truck following us and had a canon. We tried to stop by a gun store so we could buy more ammo and gas because there was only 3 kids on the bus that was there to guard the other kids. After we got more guns and ammo we went back to the school and the ground was falling from underneath the school and my friends were getting killed so me and some other kids persuaded the people fighting against us to fight along side us to my surprise it worked

  17. I’ve literally just had a dream about one. The school went on lockdown but I legged it out onto the field with some other people. When we ran down the field we hid in a shed and I curled up in the corner and tried to call my mum (who I had a missed call off 18mins ago) however, I didn’t have any data 🙄 (current issue 😂) but I got really scared. And when I was running I thought I had been shot because my back was burning loads. And in the shed I closed my eyes and when I opened I woke up. WHAT A RELIEF. I stayed there unable to move for about 30 seconds but when I could move, I came on here 😂

  18. I had a dream about this and it was so vivid. I went to the dairy/convenience shop outside of my school (the placing of all these things and places in the dream where different to how they are in real life) and I was being harassed by the popular people (it wasn’t too bad they were just annoying and I could’ve walked away easily) so I did walk away and I went inside. I saw my friend and she was crying she said her boyfriend broke up with her. I said “Let’s go into the school and we’ll talk about it.” (It was about 5pm at the time and there was this festival happening on at the school) (another weird thing is that it’s her boyfriend in real life, they are still together). We went into the school and we were sitting on a bench in the middle of this square sort of thing under some stairs. It wasn’t crowded because everybody was on the field but there was still around 50 people there. We didn’t end up talking about her relationship issues because some other friends came to talk to me. They started talking about a school shooting that happened recently and of course one actually started. There were screams coming from the deans office and they started getting closer. There were two shooter they were both dressed in very pale pink, white, grey and more checkered patterns but they were wearing very expensive clothes because they were Nike, Vans and another fancy brand. They were also both male aged 16-18. I started running because the bench was well exposed to the shooters. I hid under a metal bench on the other side of the square. My friend came with me, i’m not sure what happened to the friends who started talking to me about the shooting. But I couldn’t see what was happening because I was facing towards the ground. I heard the screams coming closer and I look up and one of the shooter were standing on top of me and he shot me in the thigh. I woke up after that. It was so scary how vivid the dream was and how realistic it was.

  19. I had a dream about a school shooting but I was in another school that wasn’t the one I went to. I was in a small classroom, only lit up by the light of a smartboard. A man that looked to be in his 20s or 30s entered the room with a shotgun. I remember two people trying to fight the shooter. I grabbed and chair, with the legs facing the shooter, and charged at him. Then I ran out the door only to be shot in the back. I went out a door exiting outside holding my arm, it was bleeding. I remember looking at my arm and wearing a yellow jacket (I almost never wear yellow) and my friends outside, looking at me.

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