War Dream Interpretation

War in dreams reflects either internal or external struggles and conflicts that you are experiencing. It should be noted that wars can always reflect the current events in waking life, and how you respond or participate in waking life wars. Your emotions and actions in the war dream will offer you better clues and interpretations on your waking life.

Dream About Fighting in War
To see yourself fighting in a war, signifies disorder and chaos in your waking life. The struggle and conflict is tearing you up inside. You are taking aggressive measures in order to achieve your or someone else’s agenda.

Dream About Commanding an Army in War
Dreaming that your are commanding an army, foretells that you will utilize resources and manpower to achieve your goals. Specifically, you will work to undermine competitors and people who do not share your views.

Dream About Going to War
To dream that you are going to war, indicates that you hold opposing viewpoints and ideology against others. You are ready to fight your way to prove a point. However, if you do not wish to go to war in the dream and you are fighting someone else’s war, it foretells that you will be asked to do something against your beliefs.

Dream About Seeing War Happening
To see war breaking out but you are not a part of it, points to a development of your unhealthy environment and surroundings. Consider changing your social circle or the underlying conflicts may eventually affect your well being.

Dream About Winning War Victory
Seeing yourself winning a war and obtain victory, foretells an ending to a long term struggle or conflict that you may have. Consider your long terms goals and where you are, perhaps you are close to winning a court case, graduating from school, or proving your point to someone.

Dream About Declaring War
Declaring war against someone in the dream, indicate feelings as if you are going to explode. You are expressing your life, personality, and resolve. You wish to make public of your viewpoints, so that other people will not be surprised about any future actions.

Dream About Preparing for War
To dream that you prepare for war and getting your weapons ready, points to tensions for struggles in some areas of your life. You are preparing for a major battle to fight for your cause.

Dream About Escaping War Violence
To see yourself escaping from the wrath and damage of war in the dream, reflects that you wish to spend some personal and peaceful times outside of work or school. Perhaps you are getting emotional drained from the cut throat competition in your environment, and the dream suggests that need time off to rest and reflect.

Dream About Being Chased in War
Being chased in a war in the dream, indicates that you now recognize certain issues in waking life. However, you are choosing to retreat and not facing the struggle. However, by not tackling the problems, they will start following. The dream foretells that your tactic of avoiding the fight might only be temporary.

Dream About Getting Drafted into War
Getting drafted in a war in a dream, indicates loss of control in real life. Your organization might be starting major campaigns and projects that you do not agree with, however you will be forced to follow and act accordingly without question.

Dream About Civil War
Civil wars in dreams indicate an environment with a lot of arguments and quarrels within a family or work unit. You will soon participate in power struggles in your organization, you will soon be forced to pick a side.

Dream About Shooting Gang War
Dreaming that a gang war or turf war breaking out, indicates broken and traumatized people shooting guns at each other. It foretells trouble and shifting boundaries, and you will have to be smart to adapt to the situation. Watch out for significant re-organizations and everyone fighting for their own survival in a chaotic environment.

Dream About War Zone
Visiting a war zone with bombs in the dream, is a sign that you will need to put up a fight in some area of your life. The dream suggests that you need to compartmentalize your life, pick the areas that are worth fighting for, so that you do not risk everything.

Dream About Tug of War
Doing tug of war in the dream, indicates internal struggles for how you are spending your time and energy. Maybe your family and work responsibilities are both fighting for your attention, the dream is a reminder that you should keep a balance instead of focusing on just one side of the equation.

Dream About Invasion War
Seeing an invasion war, foretells that someone will do whatever it takes for his family and beliefs. Watch out for people who will not hesitate to take advantage of other people and take their resources or money through violent and unethical means. This could relate to pressure sales or scams by the aggressor.

Dream About Medieval War
Seeing or partaking in a Medieval war, points to life threatening struggles and failing health. You are in a situation where your chance of survival is at odds.

Dream About Nuclear War
Dreams of nuclear war, is a reminder that you and your competitors both have very powerful weapons or information that could lead to mutual destruction. Perhaps you and your rivals both hold certain secrets of each other, be careful about moving forward and escalate your conflicts.

Dream About Race War
Race wars in dreams points to ideologies and bias that are ingrained in you. The dream indicates that these ideas will propel to take drastic actions in the near future.

Dream About War in Sky or in Heaven
To see a war breaking out in the sky or in heavens, indicates unfaithful, dishonest betrayals are happening in the background. Someone is planning or starting a coup in your organization.

Dream About World War
A World War in dreams might be a reflection of your feelings about a current war or from history. Your subconscious is worried about the current events and how the World might become. It could also suggest that your life is entering a period of chaos and intense struggle.

Dream About Post War
Being at the end of war or post war, reveals that your troubled past may still haunt you. You have not gotten over the results of past struggles, as well as how you acted in it.

Dream About War Knife
War knife in dreams indicates that you need to be nimble and flexible in your tactics. You will soon face personal and close criticism. The dream suggests that you need to find ways to quickly protect yourself. Do not be afraid to counter attack if necessary.

Dream About War Room
Seeing a war room in the dream, indicates major changes happening in your life. You will need to be strategic about your future movements and plans. You will need to utilize your resources, energy, and units well. Think about the overall picture so that you could win the war with all the information. Try to get help and advice from other advisors and professions, so that you could decide with more confidence.

Dream About War Horse
A war horse or medieval armored stallion in your dream, refers to your fierceness, aggression, and power. You may be too confrontation to achieve your means. Consider taking your ambition to a new level and achieve your goals.

Dream ABout War Plane
War planes in dreams reflects that you need to act fast to control the situation. Get an overhead view of other people’s strategy, so that you could tackle them correctly.

Dream About War Ship
War ships in dreams indicate some separation. You are taking the time to put together powerful placements that could make major differences in your life. However, you might be missing in action while you get in position.

Dream About War Tanks
Seeing war tanks in the dreams, represents the ability to defend and stand up for your beliefs. You are not letting anyone to stop you from getting to your goals. You are willing to run everything over.

Dream About War Prisoner
Dream that you are a war prisoner, indicates that you will be a victim or casualty in a conflict or struggle. As a result you will not be able to spend time with your loved ones, you will expect some extended time away.

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