Belt Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about a belt? Belt in your dream reflects title, status symbol, but also a constricted flow or limitation that comes with it. You are limiting yourself in some ways to uphold a certain standard. You discipline your own actions with guidelines and principles to act in a certain way that justifies your beliefs. Consider what you are doing with the belt in the dream to get better dream meanings.

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Dream About Interaction with Belt

Giving or Receiving a Belt
To dream about giving or receiving a belt, is a subtle hint that one wants another to be a little more conservative with their ego. Perhaps a person is being too of themselves and prone to making mistakes.

Buying Belt
To buy a belt in the dream, foretells that you will utilize services or professionals that guide you in line out of trouble. Perhaps you are seeking advice from lawyer or accountants that could help you with recommendations.

Losing a Belt
To dream that you lose a belt, suggests that you will lose someone who loves you and has disciplined you in the past. Perhaps you are losing confidants or helpful friends who have guided you in the past.

Getting a Martial Art Belt
Dreaming that you have a martial art belt, points to a need for self-protection and preservation. You need to have strong minds and souls amidst adversity. You will have to fight and battle your way out of current circumstances.

Whipping with Belt
To dream that you are whipping someone with belt, foretells that you will use extreme means to punish someone for their mistake. Consider twice to see if those punishments may be overdone. However, you want to make a strong point about your expectations

Dream About Wearing Belts

Using and Wearing a Belt
To dream that you are using and wearing a belt, suggest that you are using something or someone to remind you of your place. You are restraining certain feelings or desires to be free.

Removing Belt
Removing a belt in the dream suggests that you are removing inhibition and limitations that you have set for yourself. You are letting go of some boundary to push your limit. It could also relate to being relaxed and letting go of some of the images. You have been trying to uphold strict standards for yourself.

Dream About What Happens to a Belt

Belt Being Too Small or Tight
To dream about the belt being too small or tight, portends a period of leanness or recession. You will have to conserve your money to last you through the hard times. You will have to tighten your belly and stick through the lack of resources or work.

Belt Breaking and Snapping
To dream about the belt snapping and breaking, indicates that you are trying too hard about certain issues. Perhaps you are significantly limiting how you can act or think, because of your positions. Your family life or work life can be at a breaking point if you continue pushing the limit.

Punching a Hole in Belt
To dream that you are punching a new hole in the belt, foretells that you will need to be flexible about a certain situation. Perhaps you are studying or working in a situation where you either need to broaden or narrow your views. You may need to expand or shrink your ego in order to fit better in your current role.

Dream About Conditions of Belt

Old Torn Belt and Broken Belt
To see a broken and torn belt, points to being tired and bored love or work life. You are tired of the role that you play in the relationship, perhaps it is time to try something new.

New Belt
New belt in the dream relates to new religious or business identities that you will soon have. Maybe you will get new ideas from bible or receive business promotions. Your roles and perspectives will be changed in some way.

Dream About Types of Wearable Belt

Maternity Support Belt
To dream about wearing a pregnancy or maternity support belt, relate to the supportive roles that your family members or husband play during pregnancy.

Championship Belt
To dream that you are wearing a championship belt, is similar to having a trophy. You are envisioning victory and winning against your competition.

Tool Belt
Dreaming that you are wearing a tool belt, foretells that you will soon put together a core and flexible team. Keep your team small, agile, personal, and flexible. They will be able to assist you in tight spots like the attic or basement when you need them.

Waist Belt
Waist belt in the dream reflects self-control and restriction. You are limiting your desires or urges.

Trimmer Workout Belt
Wearing a workout belt for trimming your abs muscle, suggests that you need to face weight loss with courage and determination. Consider getting all type of support and motivation to achieve your goals. Perhaps you need a coach or trainer to keep you within the line.

Dream About Other Belt Related Themes

Orion’s Belt
Orion’s belt in the dream points to newfound fortune and luck. You will find new ideas and opportunities in simple things.

Belt Buckle
Seeing a belt buckle in the dream, suggests that you need to stay grounded with your goals. Be practical and realistic, so that you can achieve consistent results.

Conveyor Belt
To dream about a conveyor belt in a factory or warehouse, reflects that you have little control over your life’s direction or purpose. You are simply going the predetermined flow designed by authority figures in your life. Like a robot without any individuality and personality in your daily life; you are churning out your work or products.

Seat Belt
To use or see seat belts in the dream, is a reminder for you to check your protection against some type of accidents. Perhaps check your insurance policy to see if you are covered against unseen dangers.

Dream About Belt Materials

Leather Belt
Leather belt in the dream, points to intentions to attract people of interest. Perhaps you want to impress others about yourself.

Silk Belt
Silk belt in the dream points to respect and appreciation. Perhaps you want people to be impressed by your titles.

Snake Belt
To dream that you are using or wearing a snake as belt, foretells that you are under the influence of manipulative individuals. He or she is getting you to act or feel a certain way. There is little that you could do about it. You will be limited by envy and ill will of others.

Dream About Colors of Belt

Black Belt
The black belt in the dream points to excellence and determination. You will do your best to achieve your goals.

Brown Belt
Brown belt in the dream, foretells that you will soon take on responsibilities and burdens. You will need to work on your savings and investments to stay grounded.

Golden Belt
Golden belt in the dream, points to display of luxurious and fortunate life. You have a grand appetite for nice things. You will soon have the money and ability to satisfy yourself.

Green Belt
Green belt in the dream suggests the need to work out differences between you and others. You will be able to grow emotionally and spiritually.

White Belt
Wearing a white belt in the dream, indicates that you will soon be a student to new ideas, opinions, and practice.

Red Belt
A red or bloody belt, portends that passion or anger may cause troubles for you. You may lose self-control if you are not mindful of your feelings.

Yellow Belt
Yellow belt refers to happy and adorable times. You are taking things easy instead of pushing yourself too hard.

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