Laser Dream Interpretation

Laser in dreams symbolize clarity and truth. They point to a straight path that will lead you to where you need to be. It suggests that you need to focus your attention and concentrate on one task at a time. Consider how the laser is used in the dream to get hints on how it should be interpreted.

Laser Cutter or Laser Sword Lightsaber
To see laser cutter in the dream, suggests that you need to be thorough and direct in cutting something out of your life. Perhaps you need to completely sever a relationship or connection that you have. Sometimes you need to make hard decisions and pick a side.

Laser Light Show
To see a laser light show in the dream, reflects that you are actively participating in many things and events. Perhaps you are planning to attend concerts or big sporting or gaming events. If the laser light show is elaborate and beautiful, it suggests that you are juggling all of your tasks well.

Laser Surgery
To dream about laser surgery in a hospital or clinic, represents something has to be perfect. You are going important transformations or improvements. Consider the type of laser surgery in the dream to get an idea on which area needs perfection and precision. If the laser in the dream is used for cosmetic purpose, it indicates that you are seeking perfection in how you look and appear to others. If the laser surgery is used for cancer treatment, it suggests that you know the exact steps to remove unwanted person or habits from your life.

Laser Eyes
Dreaming that you have laser eyes, indicates that you are focusing on something really big. However it indicates that you will put all of your mind into the project, be careful about stressing yourself out and make things worse.

Laser Pointer
To see or user laser pointers in the dream, suggests that there are certain areas in a project or study that you need to concentrate on. The task at hand might be vast and hard to understand, but once you grasp the essence you will be able to proceed. Perhaps you are trying to draw attention to some specific issues or factors to your boss or colleagues.

Laser Gun
Laser gun is a sign of technology and light. Focus your efforts and strategies to be laser sharp to succeed.

Laser Tag
Laser tags in the dream reflects that the you should view your current competition with a playful mindset. You are not participating in a life or death war, do not stress over your wins or losses in the short term.

Laser Hair Removal
To dream about laser hair removal, foretells that you will take necessary steps to get rid of unwanted nuances in life. You want to appear at ease or relaxed in front of others.

Red Laser
Red laser in the dream indicates assassination, bad intentions or competitors who have pinpointed on your weak spots.

Blue Laser
Blue laser in dreams relates to positive outlook and good intention. Someone is trying to help in waking life.

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