Closet Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Closet

Did you dream about closets? They symbolize a part of your life that you have kept hidden. You have certain aspects that you have chosen not to develop at this point in time. Instead, you have put them away for the right moment. Consider the purpose, condition, and your own interaction with closets to get better dream interpretations.

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Dream About Interacting with Closets

Cleaning Closets
To dream that you are cleaning closets; suggests that you are gleaming over your past decisions and actions. You are reflecting on problems, fears, and achievements that you done in the past. Toss out the trash so that you could embrace the bright new future self.

Hiding in Closet
To dream that you are hiding inside the closet; suggests a wish to hide something about yourself. Perhaps you are keeping your religious, political, or sexual preferences outside of public knowledge. You are keeping everything private and personal.

Trapped and Locked in Closet
To see yourself locked or trapped inside a closet; reflect the escape of judgment from others. You have recently come out of the closet with a personal secret of your own. However, the dream indicates that you have not received acceptance and acknowledgment. Instead, others are pushing you back into your own safe space bubble. Consider opening yourself to new social circles where you will be accepted as who you are.

Dream About What Is Inside Closets

Closet Clothes
When dream about a closet full of clothes, consider the type and occasion of those clothes. Your subconscious is closely aligning yourself to the roles that these clothes play. A tuxedo or wedding dress in a closet foretells major life events. Professional business attires reflect how you view your career and business relationship. Costumes closet might suggest that you are living a lie behind masks.

Baby in Closet
To dream about a baby inside a closet; reflect some type of confusion and emptiness in life. You have something that you feel very passionate about. But you will hide it inside a closet. You cannot nurture what you love. You will have to put that on the stove backburner. The dream might suggest that you are putting off having a baby in the pursuit of your other life’s goals.

Dead Body in Closet
To dream about a dead body corpse or skeleton in the closet; reflect certain past pain or losses that you want to keep hidden. You do not want to remember anything with those negative past. However, they still nevertheless affect you to this day.

Monster in the Closet
To have monsters in your closets like zombies or vampires; reflect concerns about the dangerous or negative aspects of your life. A part of your life is terrible and scary. The dream could relate to bad vices like gambling or drug addictions. Or it could point to a secretive relationship like affairs.

Dream About Closet Conditions

Empty Closet
To see an empty closet point to unlimited potential. You will soon invest in your own education or career. Consider making positive changes going forward so that you will have positive achievements and trophies in the future. Your decisions now will result in who you are later.

New Closet
New closets in the dream point to the beginning of new life. You will soon start a new chapter in life such as moving to a new place.

Dark Closet
A dark closet in the dream foretells that you will encounter new challenges in a familiar environment. Rely on your knowledge, skills, and toolsets.

Big Closet
A big closet in the dream portends to fast promotion at work. You will receive many more opportunities.

Small Tiny Closet
A small tiny closet in the dream forewarns that your resources will be limited. You will have to work with little resources to make things happen.

Messy Closet
A messy closet with many different items hoarded; forewarns that you will encounter troubles associated with friends. Watch out for misunderstandings and problems with communication. Different parts of your life will soon conflict with one another. You will have to make hard decisions.

Organized Closet
An organized closet or arranging a closet in the dream; suggests that you try to be better than you are.

Dream About Different Types of Closet Layouts

Walk-In Closet
A walk-in closet in the dream indicates that you will cope with issues that worry you. You have to dig into yourself to figure out how to approach the problems. Try to see what items you find inside the walk-in closets such as shoes or coats. Those items will help you solve your problems in waking life.

Closet Doors
Closet doors indicate that you have problems with self-image. You close up parts of you so that other people cannot see the real you.

Water Closet
Please see bathroom for dream interpretation for Water Closet.

Grocery Cupboards
Grocery cupboards in the dream symbolize you will face down some type of financial or motivational crisis. You are spending more and in the process of burning out. Rely on your savings while waiting for the next paycheck. Be ready to use your stash moving forward.

Utility Closet
Seeing a utility closet with tools like a vacuum or ladder; suggests that you will get your life together to achieve your goals. You will have to figure out what and how to use your knowledge and skillsets. They will not be simple or easy to put together. But soon you will be able to combine and sort out what you need. You will achieve joy and satisfaction by applying the right attitude and decisions at the right time.

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