Costume Dream Meaning – Top 11 Dreams About Costume

Did you dream about costumes? Costumes in the dream reflect some type of front or facade. You do not want to reveal your true self. Instead, you give out some other impressions about who you are pretending to be. You are not being completely honest with others. Below we will note more costume dream interpretations.

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Dream About Interaction with Costumes

Attending Costume Party
A general costume party in the dream; suggests that you are trying to escape from the demands of life. You want to role play and forget temporarily about your daily responsibilities.

Dressing Up Wearing Costume
To see yourself dressing up or wearing a costume; suggests that you are bluffing or lying about something. Perhaps you are trying to project some type of false or deceptive person.

Buying Costume Jewelry
To dream that you are shopping for fake or costume jewelry; suggests that you want to bluff and brag about your successes. However, deep down you know that you are not that successful. Perhaps you want other people to treat you nicely if they believe that you are rich or successful. It reflects that you might be flaunting wealth or cash on social media.

Making Costume
To dream that you are making a costume with fabric and paint; suggests that you are creating a public facade or image. However, this image does not reflect the real you.

Dream About Different Types of Costumes

Halloween Costume
A dream of Halloween costume represents the temporary adoption of a new persona. You feel less inhibited and more comfortable to freely express yourself. You want to let yourself loose in the near future.

Animal Costume
When you dream that you are wearing some type of animal costume; it reflects that you want to act with a certain animal instinct. Consider the different animals in the dream to get better ideas.

Bear Costume
To dream about bear costume; indicates that you want to project that you are independent and strong.

Bunny Costume
Bunny costume in the dream; reflects that you want to appear harmless to others. However, you have other ulterior motives such as protection, luck, and wealth. You want others to cherish you and take care of you.

Horse Costume
To see yourself dressing up in horse costume; indicates that you have some sort of fetish. You want people to use you and ride you. In a sense, you are willing to put in a lot of work for very little reward.

Bathing or Swimming Costume
Dreaming that you are dressed in swimming or bathing costume; it foretells that you will soon take a deep dive into your emotional landscape. You will soon attempt to discover who you are underneath.

Superhero Costume
To see a superhero costume cape or mask; signifies a difficult situation that you might not be qualified for. However, you will “fake” it until you make it. You will take responsibility and accept whatever results that you get.

Dream About Who Is Wearing Costume

Man in Costume
To see a stranger in costume in the dream; is a warning for you to do a better background check on new acquaintances. Make sure you understand new friends before doing any business with them. Do not blindly trust people who you have just met.

Consider the type of costume that he is wearing and their underlying meanings. For example, the costume of a clown, pirate, or other professionals can offer you important clues.

Family in Costume
To see family members in costume in the dream; forewarns that they are hiding certain secrets from you. Try to find what they are hiding as it could seriously affect your relationship later on such as affairs and cheating.

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