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Medicine Dream Interpretation — 7 Comments

  1. i dreamt recieving medicine through my ears from the oldest man in my village after he asked me to go spit out the gummy saliva in my mouth and which i did.wen i woke up i saw fumes of saliva in my mouth,though i was having maleria.
    can i really know what this dream mean.

  2. I dreamt I received a bottle of prescription penicillin the pills were oblong-shaped but there were two sizes and some were broken up and there was powder in the container is if the container has been banged around and I also spilled some of it on the floor I had to reply because your dream is similar to mine I want to know if you have received any word our interpretation which resonates with you.

  3. I was having breast pain, so I dreamt of where I went to the hospital and saw the doctor, he told me the cause of that pain and said he wouldn’t have given me medicine but I will still come back to complain about the pain so he will now place me under medication

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