Medicine Dream Interpretation

Medicine in the dreams refer to some sort of healing or change in action and emotions due to outside factors. Specifically, the changes are typically motivated because you or someone else deem your behaviors or believes are unacceptable or harmful. It should be noted that if you are actually sick in waking life, medicines in dreams may simply refer to the actual pills that you are taking, and will have less hidden meaning. Below we will go into more detailed and specific interpretation of different medicine related dreams.

Dream About Medicine Bag
To dream of a bag full of medicine that you have to take, suggests that you are undergoing difficult efforts to become healthier. Perhaps you are getting multiple opinions and methods from different places to improve yourself, however, you are finding it difficult to proceed with any advice.

Dream About Medicine Organizer or Medicine Dispenser
This dream suggests that you are going through troubles and worries in professional and financial situations, particularly due to the lack of planning and organization. Consider setting up daily goals and push for gradual changes in your waking life.

Dream About Buying Medicine
Buying medicine in the dream denotes unpleasant actions that may be necessary. The dream denotes that you have certain bad behaviors like gambling or binge drinking. The dream foretells that you may need to hire professional help in order to cure yourself of extremely poor habits or addictions.

Dream About Forgetting Medicine
Dreaming about forgetting your medicine indicates that the troubles you are experiencing is only temporary, however these troubles are usually a result of your carelessness. By being more mindful of your decisions, things will work out in the long run.

Dream About Chinese Traditional Medicine or Home Remedies
Seeing or consuming traditional medicine or remedies, indicates that you need to go back to your roots to solve the issues at hand. Consider thinking back about how your parents or elders would deal with a specific situations. The dream suggests that you are at a moral crossroad of a major life decision, by going back to your roots and religious faiths, you will stay the right course of life.

Dream About Taking Laxative Medicine
Dreams of laxative medicines which induces bowel movement and poop, is analogous of get rich schemes, you might be able to score short term profits, however these actions may do long term harm to your financial well being.

Dream About Medicine Man or Medicine Woman
To encounter medicine man or medicine woman, relates to the support network that you have in your waking life. These are the men and women who help guide you on the right path.

Dream About Eating Medicine for No Reason
Consuming medicines or drugs while you are healthy is similar to going to hospital for no reason, can indicate greed, self-absorption, and withdrawal. The dream indicate that you are relying on quick “feel-good” actions. These poor actions can prove costly to your life.

Dream About Taking Medicine While Sick
If one takes medicine pills for his disease and illness such as cold or cancer in a dream, it means that he will correct his conduct with proper medication and corrective procedures.

Dream About Giving Medicine
To give medicine to someone in the dream, suggests that you are teaching an ignorant person certain ideas to alter their incorrect actions or believes. If you give the medicine to your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend in the dream, suggests that you really want to tell him or her what they did wrong in the relationship.

Dream About Receiving Medicine While Healthy
To dream about receiving medicine without being sick in the dream, suggests that someone is trying to advantage you by creating an imaginary situation. You are being manipulated into believing problems exist. Perhaps you do not need to take any action when there is nothing to fix.

Dream About Drinking Medicine
Drinking spoonful of liquid medicine in the dream suggests that you are expecting quick profits or results from your endeavors

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