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  1. i dreamt recieving medicine through my ears from the oldest man in my village after he asked me to go spit out the gummy saliva in my mouth and which i did.wen i woke up i saw fumes of saliva in my mouth,though i was having maleria.
    can i really know what this dream mean.

  2. I dreamt I received a bottle of prescription penicillin the pills were oblong-shaped but there were two sizes and some were broken up and there was powder in the container is if the container has been banged around and I also spilled some of it on the floor I had to reply because your dream is similar to mine I want to know if you have received any word our interpretation which resonates with you.

  3. I was having breast pain, so I dreamt of where I went to the hospital and saw the doctor, he told me the cause of that pain and said he wouldn’t have given me medicine but I will still come back to complain about the pain so he will now place me under medication

  4. I dream were tow people a man and a woman are giving me medicine with color drink like fanta please help me to explain it.

  5. I dreamt that I found a medicine bag in our room belonging to my husband, they were so so many that I couldn’t make sense of them all, he actually forgot the bag. I was showing the medicine to my late mother in the dream and trying to ask her opinion on what could possibly be wrong with my Husband’s health that he has not divulged to me. I found out in the dream that one of the medicine was for stamina. I really want to have an understanding of this, cause a lot has been going on in my marriage that I have been crying to God about

  6. I live with HIV and i am taking antiretrovirals tablets medicines everyday, i should take one tablet everyday but in my dream i swallowed four tabets by once and when one man gave me cup of water to swallow the tablets the water was not enough. And when the man wanted to fill up my cup with more water the woman was sitting beside him became angry and shouted to the man not to give me more water. Can anybody tell me what my dream implies to my real life?

    • God can heal any sickness believe in him for healing, May the God I worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob heal you permanently. AMEN

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