Circle Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about circles? To see a circle in your dream symbolizes cycle, perfection, completeness, and reliability. Everything will fall into place if you are able to complete all the pieces and make things whole. You may find yourself completing projects that lead you back to the beginning. However, you will be able to enjoy the fruit of your labor and work. Consider the type of objects and how you are making the circle in the dream to get the best meanings.

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Dream About Forming a Circle

Drawing Circles
To dream that you are drawing circles either by hand or by compass, indicates that you are looking for guidance and orientation from your goals. You are striving for perfection that matches your expectation.

Driving in Circles
To dream that you are driving in circles between different roads, parking lot, or even a roundabout, highlight that you are going around in vicious circles. Perhaps you are scared to break out of your routine cycle. So you end up doing the same thing in your everyday job.

Making a Circle
To dream that you are making a circle with different objects like bricks or anything, suggests that you will face many obstacles and setbacks. However, you will need to work diligently on your inner self and develop a process and knowledge. You will soon be able to circle back and find that your struggles and attempts are well worth the effort.

Running or Walking in Circles
To see yourself running or walking in circles on foot, indicates monotony and endless repetition. Perhaps you feel like you are going nowhere. You are on a never-ending treadmill. You have trouble seeing the end in sight, and you are not getting anywhere close to your goals.

Forming a Circle with Your Body
To dream that you are forming a circle with your arms or hands, represents security and completion of your romantic and physical relationship. You are reaching out to hug or hold someone tight.

Dream About Sizes and Shapes Involving Circles

Half Circle
Half circles that are incomplete in the dream, indicates that something needs to be reevaluated. Perhaps you are missing some important aspects of life and you are seeing an incomplete picture. Spend the time to search for that missing piece so that you can become whole.

Star in a Circle
To dream about a star in a circle, points to growth and birth. You are coming with amazing ideas that will change your life.

Giant Circle
To dream that you are inside a giant circle, indicates the importance of every relationship in your life. Consider paying attention to the people who are inside the circle. Because they are a core group of your social circle.

Triangle Circle
To dream about a triangle in a circle, suggests that you need to focus on the pillars or important points of your life. Try to balance your body, soul, and spirit. So that you could grow and improve yourself in a full circle.

Dream About Circular Objects

Circle Rainbow
To dream about circle rainbow, foretells that you will experience spiritual entirety. Everything is going to fall into the right place at the right time. You will enjoy strong convictions that will result in your life right on track. Enjoy life as it is as you will be certain of your fortune and happiness.

Crop Circle
Crop circle in the dream demonstrates the interconnectedness of seemingly random events in your life. Perhaps there are hidden secrets about how your family, business, and relationship all join together someone. You will need to spend time to understand further in order to achieve perfect balance and harmony.

Circle Room
To be in a circular room in the dream, indicates that you will be well protected. You have no blindspot and that you have no weakness in your defenses.

Dark Eye Circle
Dream about dark eye circle, symbolizes defeat, and fatigue. There are certain issues that you do not understand. And you are working extra hard to try to see beneath the obvious.

Dream About Purpose of the Circle

Prayer Circle
To be in a prayer circle in the dream, suggests that you will seek the support of your church and Bible understanding. Perhaps there are problems that are overwhelming, consider seeking help from a higher power in order to achieve your goals.

Magic Circle
Magic circle in the dream, points to magical travel and journey that you will soon experience. You will encounter adventurous experiences because of your willingness to explore the unknown. You are trying to seek the magical secret of life itself.

Dream About Colors of the Circle

Gold Circle
Gold circle in the dream points to some type of sports achievements like a trophy, or a major life milestone like a wedding ring.

White Circle
The white circle in the dream represents the universe as a whole. You seek harmony and symmetry in every action.

Black Circle
The black circle in the dream warns of indiscreet involvement. You might be entering some secretive affairs that you wish to remain private.

Blue Circle
Blue circle relates to perfection and a deeper understanding of wisdom.

Green Circle
The green circle points to receptiveness and fertile conditions.

Red Circle
The red circle in the dream points to a feeling of physical and spiritual pleasure.

Yellow Circle
The yellow circle in the dream relates to temporary limitation.

Pink Circle
The pink circle relates to female sexuality.

Dream About Circles

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