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Moving Dream Interpretation — 7 Comments

  1. I was in my dream I saw a man telling me that he want to move to another house . in my Dream I don’t think I answered him yes or no but one thing I knew I was talking inside of me I want to move too . Please what is the meaning of dream

  2. I have a new born child,she was induced.several days after i had her i dreamt she flew to a foreign place and her name was written on the wall upon her arrival.a woman welcomed her but she was still in the air.there was a holy cross behind them.
    Id appreciate your reply.thank u

  3. I dreamt I was moving house the rooms were huge and I couldn’t think how to fill them position furniture etc

  4. I had that dream about my family and me moving to a new house that seems abandoned..I still remember certain image where I look around the room that does not look safe where there’s a pieces of wood everywhere,and dirty..same with the condition of the kitchen too..(facepalm) Im really sure the house we moved in was an abandoned house and Im really confuse,I’ll be thankful so much if you help interpret the meaning of this dream..

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