Vampire Dream Meaning – Top 19 Dreams About Vampire

Did you dream about vampires? To see a vampire in your dream symbolizes an aspect of your or someone’s personality that is dependent and selfishly feeds off others. Specifically, the draining will be able to buy them some time. The vampire in dreams points to people who need other’s life force to live themselves without any changes or aging.

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Dream About Vampires Attacking

Dream About Vampire Chasing Me and You Running Away
Seeing a vampire chasing you and trying to run away in the dream; is a sign that people are influencing by pulling you down to their parasitic lifestyle. The vision of vampires chasing you; points to your peers, friends, or coworkers that do not do any work but are a leech. Perhaps they are trying to influence you so that you will be more like them.

Dream About Vampire Biting You
To dream about someone biting in and sucking your blood; indicates that someone is merely using you for their material or emotional gain. If the bite is sensual or sexual, it suggests that someone in your relationship is only using you for sex.

Dream About Vampire Attacking
A vampire attacking you in the dream; is symbolic of certain addictions that have a chance of turning you into a vampire yourself. It points to bad habits such as drug addiction or gambling that could take away your life.

Dream About Vampire Slaying

Dream About Killing or Slaying Vampire
Killing and slaying vampires in the dream represent overcoming dependence on others. You are killing off your tendencies to mooch off others, and you are ready to live independently.

Dream About Fighting Off Vampire
To see yourself fighting off vampires in the dream, your subconscious tells you you need to confront people who might be feeding off you. You may need to cut someone off so that you can get a more balanced relationship.

Dream About Vampire Slayer or Vampire Hunter
To dream about a vampire hunter or vampire slayer; indicates that someone will perform an intervention to fight against another’s true natures and negative changes. They have determined to put an end to someone else’s dangerous lifestyle. You will make certain sacrifices, and you will overcome difficulties.

Dream About Being a Vampire

Dream About Becoming a Vampire
To dream that you are becoming a vampire; suggests that you are sucking in the life energy of others for your selfish benefit. The dream means that maybe someone has taken advantage of you or scammed you out of your money and time. And now you feel like it is justified for you to get even. You are becoming a scammer yourself so that you make back your loss.

Dream About Seeing Vampires

Dream About Vampire Flying
Seeing flying vampires in the dream indicates that others will find clever ways to push your buttons. These people will get you to do their bidding. They are hovering to look for your weaknesses so that they can take advantage of your circumstances.

Dream About Kissing a Vampire
Kissing a vampire in the dream symbolizes seduction and sensuality. You may attract to someone who is both aggressive and ferocious. Deep down, you know the relationship is not suitable for you. But you find yourself drawn to them at the expense of your well-being.

Dream About Lots of Vampires Everywhere
To dream about many vampires or undead apocalypse; suggests that you will soon attend a particular social gathering. Be aware that everyone there will be for their ulterior motives. Go in with the right mindset so others will not take advantage of you quickly.

Dream About Attractive Male or Female Vampire
To see an attractive male or female vampire in the dream foretells that you will encounter questionable situations or people. These individuals will provide you with some offers that are hard to refuse. Be aware, as they could prey on your innermost desires and wishes.

Dream About Vampire Friend
To dream about a vampire friend or a friend turning into a vampire; depicts someone in your waking life that may ultimately prove harmful. Be careful if the friend continuously asks you for your emotional or financial assistance.

Dream About Different Vampires

Dream About Good Vampire
To see a good vampire in the dream indicates that you will face specific fierce competitions in waking life. You may have to do whatever it takes to win or even stay alive. But you still try to operate within some moral and ethical boundaries.

Dream About Baby Vampire or Child Vampire
Seeing a baby vampire or a child vampire suggests that you are tired of taking of someone else. Perhaps the idea of someone depending on you is starting to annoy you. However, you will have a hard time saying no.

Dream About Chinese Hopping Vampire or Jiangshi
To dream about Jiangshi or Chinese vampire; is a sign that specific individuals will come hopping in when you express your good fortune. Be aware of flaunting your promising riches or happiness. You could draw unwanted attention and jealousy that could seriously damage your life and chi spirit.

Dream About Vampire Teeth or Fangs
To dream about vampire fangs or teeth specifically symbolizes your dissatisfaction with intimate and sexual life.

Dream About Vampiric Animals

Dream About Vampire Bat
Dreaming a vampire bat indicates that someone of some event is “draining” your self-confidence or resources. Someone in your life may be getting joy from emotionally abusing you and putting you down.

Dream About Vampire Cat
To see vampire cats in the dream; foretells that you will have uncommon or odd encounters with female figures shortly. Be careful about the cute look of others, as they could surprise you if they feel threatened.

Other Vampire Terms

Dream About Vampire Diaries
To dream about vampire diaries, the TV show; can reflect what you have watched and learned in the show. Perhaps you desire a particular relationship or situation as appeared in the show. Consider the contexts and your own emotions within the dream.

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