Bubble Dream Interpretation

To see bubbles in your dream represent fun and childhood joys. It can also symbolizes wishes, hopes, and dreams that may be unrealistic or temporary in nature. To help you interpret dreams where you see or playing with bubbles, consider the context and your emotions from the dream.

Below are some of the common dreams where you might see and interact with bubbles.

Bubble Bath
To dream that you are taking a bubble bath represents ultimate relaxation. Perhaps you are looking to rid yourself of your worries and difficulties.

Blowing Bubbles
To blow bubbles in the dream and having fun while doing so, represents the joy of your childhood. It can also reflect the fleeting joy of being young.

Being Inside a Bubble
Dreaming about you or someone being inside a bubble, suggest that person may be living in an artificial world full of false and fragile believes. It can signal that the person is sensitive to negative outside comments and remarks.

If the bubble is huge and floating away with something or someone inside, it can suggest that someone is in “another world”, and that person may be drifting away from you since they are floating away to another place.

Big Bubble Bursting
To blow a huge bubble and have it bursting in the dream, symbolizes that your wishes and dreams may have been bust and caused you disappointment.

Bubble Wraps
To see or use bubble wrap in your dream indicates that the situations in your life need to be handled with care, perhaps you are encountering or experiencing fragile people or items that can be offended or break easily.

Popping Bubbles
To dream that you are popping the bubble in general or bubble wrap represents that you need to release your stress. Perhaps your lifestyle of too stressful and you are not satisfied with the way your is going.

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