Vacuum Dream Meaning – Top 9 Dreams About Vacuum

Did you dream about vacuums? Vacuums as a dream symbol, in general, depict some form of emptiness feeling when you see it by itself. You are trying to fill up the void in your life with anything you can get a hold of. There is some form of change and transition within the dream. Below we will go over several potential vacuum-related dream meanings to help you decipher how they relate to your waking life.

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Dream About Using Vacuum

Dream About Using a Vacuum to Clean
Using a vacuum in the dream indicates that you need to clean up your act and attitude to clean floors.

Dream About Changing Vacuum Dirt Bags
Swapping out dirtbags from the vacuum cleaner; is indicative that you need to rid yourself of outdated ideas and negative habits. With those bad thoughts within your mind, you will not be able to further improve your life for the better.

Dream About Buying and Shopping for a Vacuum
Buying and shopping for a vacuum represent your motivation to deal with problems finally. The problems here typically refer to a sense of void or no purpose in your life. Perhaps you are trying to get the motivation to pick better habits or skills to fill that void in life.

Dream About Broken Vacuums

Dream About Fixing or Repairing a Vacuum
Fixing a vacuum in the dream indicates that you will see progress in an otherwise fragile relationship. Specifically, the relationship issues that your loved one brought up from time to time. The dream foretells that you will better prepare to accept other people’s negative thoughts and habits. With that, you will be able to move forward in life.

Dream About a Broken Vacuum Machine
A broken vacuum machine that does not function in the dream signifies a complete loss of control. Things may look fine on the surface without problems. But you will hit walls of issues shortly when you are faced with real tasks. The dream warns that you will find yourself not prepared to face these newly surfaced obstacles.

Dream About Vacuum Not Sucking Dirt
A vacuum that is not sucking trash or dirt in the dream suggests that you are reminded of a certain past. You are trying to forget those memories and things are for themselves. Your subconscious is telling you to leave negative things alone, no matter how negative or damaging they might be.

Dream About Vacuum Spitting Out Dirt
Dreaming about vacuum spitting out the dirt after sucking it in; suggests that you are too open to take in anything to fulfill your feeling of emptiness. As a result, you are likely to accept negative emotions from potentially unhealthy relationships. The dream forewarns that your desperation for fulfillment will backfire. And you might end up making things worse for yourself and others.

Dream About Different Types of Vacuums

Dream About Wet Shop Vacuums
Wet shop vacuums for garage or heavy-duty in dreams suggest that you will be faced with unexpected issues. Consider preparing yourself better to handle any upcoming situations. Things are about to get messy shortly in your projects.

Dream About a Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
To see a cordless mobile vacuum; is a sign that you can only tackle your void when you are free of the guilt and responsibilities that face you in life. Consider taking some time by yourself, and learn to deal with your emotional voids. It may help you look at things from a more clear angle.

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