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  1. 3times ill dream about ladder..1st when i just graduated in college and im going to take a bord exam that time. Before that exam ill dreamed about the ladder, is a short ladder im taking the step going up then when im riching the top..one more step then im on the top but ill tried to climb up the last step i cant ill try and try but still i cant. Then when the exam finished i didn’t pass..i failed. I believe those sign or maybe this also will help u to be more patients and try ur best or a warning to make it better. I just want to share this😊tnx

  2. Had a dream about climbing a steep and long ladder into some building opened window to get someone there or something, while climbing and at the top, the ladder started falling back from gravity (very steep and high, like 30+ meters and a very bad angle), I managed to bring it back because it was near a perpendicular wall “L” corner. But as soon as I got my both hands on the window base, the ladder separated in halves, and I was hanging with all my strength my chin and my both arms on the border of the window. I think the person I was trying to get helped me get in, that’s where I changed dream/woke up.

  3. I dream a ladder wherein, while climbing i ask my husband to handle the ladder so that i may be able to reach in the top but when i am in the top i could hardly bring myself in there but what i did it hold it tightly but when my force give up i decided to ask help to my husband to get the things i wanted there to get. I am worried what does it mean please help me interpret. thank u

  4. My dream of a ladder of climbing a ladder was that I decided to fly off as in fly to the other side of a balcony but I think I was hovering to the astonishment of my work colleague

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