Skeleton Dream Interpretation

Skeleton in neutral dreams represent something that is not fully functional or complete, however, they do represent core principals and fundamentals that you rely on. You may still be in the basic planning stages of your project. If the skeleton is aggressive and attacking you, it could refer to the fear of death, or some form of serious loss in terms of vitality and life’s flesh and pleasure.

Dream About Skeleton Attacking You
Dreaming about skeleton attacking you, reflect a fear or death and mortality.

Dream About Skeleton Chasing You or Following You
To dream about skeleton chasing you or following you, suggests that certain part of your past if haunting you. A past which you have long regarded as dead and forgotten.

Dream About Skeleton Becoming Human
To see a skeleton turning back into human, symbolizes major transformation and changes is on the horizon for the person.

Dream About Skeleton Dancing
Dreaming about skeleton dancing, represent linger memories that might get triggered by certain events, music, or song. Perhaps you are being reminded of what things used to be, and that they might never be the same as before.

Dream About Fighting Skeleton
To fight skeletons in the dream, indicates that you need to get to the bottom of some matter. Specifically you need to get to the core issues and face your fears. Perhaps there are certain secrets or skeletons in your closet, that you will need to address sooner or later.

Dream About Holding or Hugging a Skeleton
To dream about holding or a hugging a skeleton, indicates that you are beginning to see or understand the core structure of a project. You are no longer being concerned or distracted by other factors. You are no longer afraid of certain truths relate to life and death.

Dream About Digging Up Skeleton Remains
Digging up skeleton remains in the dream from a grave, reflects that you need to think about what you have and what you have experienced in the past that you have buried deep. You are revisiting your past so that you could focus on stripping it all to figure out the essences of what makes you happy.

Dream About Skeleton Running
To dream about a skeleton of someone running, depicts that your relationship with someone is long dead. You no longer feel any connection or emotion towards that person.

Dream About Skeleton Hand
Seeing a skeleton hand, indicates that there are weaknesses in your plans. You have nailed the outline and figured out the important strategies moving forward. But you lack the physical strength or muscles to continue with it.

Dream About Skeleton Head or Skeleton Face
To dream about skeleton head, skeleton skull, or skeleton face, foretells that someone will leave you with empty promises. Someone is going to over promise and under deliver, leaving you with plenty of problems.

Dream About Skeleton in Coffin
To dream about a skeleton lying still in a coffin, indicates that you will see your plans until the end. Even if the results may not generate much profit or progress. You will finish your projects or endeavors with the bare minimum to the bitter end.

Dream About Skeleton Key
To use or have a skeleton key in the dream, suggests that you will be faced with certain moral or ethical puzzles. You may have to make questionable choices in order to achieve your own financial gain.

Dream About Skeleton Baby
To see skeleton babies in the dream, it denotes unhappy, destructive beginning of love that will lead to heartache. You may be in certain relationship that will lead to a bad or poor ending.

Dream About Animal Skeleton
Animal skeletons in the dream, typically relate to certain type of losses or failed opportunities related to the people that they represent. In the case of skeleton pets of dog or cat that you have owned, they relate to your old memories of them in your life.

Dream About Fish Skeleton
Seeing fish skeletons in the dream, indicates a loss of new insights. You are relying on old habits and ideas that will fail you in the near future.

Dream About Bird Skeleton
To see a bird skeleton like an eagle or pigeon in the dream, reflects a belief that you have achieved freedom, but in reality you have failed to do so.

Dream About Horse Skeleton
Dreaming about horse skeleton, suggests that you only have the bare bone idea of your plans and ambitions. But you lack the motivation or muscles to take the journey.

Dream About Snake Skeleton
Seeing snake skeletons in the dream, foretells that you will look through certain plans or schemes that will scam you.

Dream About Skeleton Dinosaur Fossil
Dreaming about a completed dinosaur skeleton setup, points to an outdated system. Perhaps you are dwelling too much on your glorious old days.

Dream About Skeleton with Red Eyes
To see a skeleton with red eyes in the dream, foretells that you will be negatively affected by disease or bad rumors about your past.

Dream About Burning Skeleton on Fire
A skeleton burning on fire in the dream, foretells that you will get really upset by something that has occurred in the past. A ghost or whom you have forgotten in the past, has appeared again to anger you.

Dream About Fractured Broken Skeleton
A skeleton broken apart into pieces, suggests that your spirit and core will be broken. You will lose all motivations and will to move forward. Certain death and disease may follow in the family.

Dream About Dressed Skeleton
A dressed skeleton in the dream, foretells that someone is going to attempt to cover up their past action or shame.

Dream About Smiling Happy Skeleton
Dreaming about a happy skeleton that is smiling, suggests that you are in sync with your inner view. You are not fearful of death or mortality of yourself or anyone in your family.

Dream About Fake Skeleton
To see a fake skeleton and get scared by it, foretells that you or someone will have a serious health scare that could lead to death. If the fake skeleton is used as a decoration, perhaps you are mentally preparing for the upcoming Halloween event and associated decorations.

Dream About Gold Skeleton
Seeing a skeleton made out of gold in the dream, signifies that you will suffer a major expense regarding your health, specifically a bone related issue.

Dream About Black Skeleton
Black skeleton in dreams, is a sign that you should not expect help from others. If you do get receive help, be aware the help might be toxic and detrimental to your overall goal.

Dream About White Skeleton
A simple white skeleton in dream, points to misunderstanding and injury at the hands of others. You will remain pure and true to yourself and others, however you might still be seen as bad or fake, potentially because you are too direct with your feedback.

Dream About Scattered Skeleton
If you dream of a skeleton it means your life needs to become structured better than it has been until now. Dreaming of random bones signifies that opinions of others are important. Think about what others say!

Dream About Skeleton in House or Closet
To dream about skeleton inside your house, apartment, or closet, suggests that you have hidden certain past secrets. These secrets are ready to jump out and haunt you when you feel emotionally weak.

Dream About Many Skeleton Remains
Dreaming about many skeleton remains in the dream, reflects pitfalls or traps for financial disaster or apocalyptic event that will likely to cause much damage to life as you know it. Perhaps the skeleton remains are flashing warning signals to show you potential lessons and truths that can be learned from your predecessors.

Dream About Skeleton in Bed
To dream about being in bed or mattress with a skeleton, indicates that you have lost all flesh desires of your intimate partner. You no longer find your spouses or people close to attractive, in fact, you have found them to be quite repulsive because you have seen through them. It could also represent lingering negative memories of someone who have once been close to your private life.

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