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Zombie Dream Interpretation — 7 Comments

  1. I keep having this recurring dream that I grab a zombie dog but it doesn’t attack me it just follows me on the leash and I keep constantly passing by a zombie police officer and I can’t find anything about a zombie police officer? What does this mean ?

  2. This was so helpful. First I dreamed of becoming close to my sister who is a tormentors of my past again. Then she fades put and I’m trying to save my kids with a random helper from a zombie apocalyose(moving suburbs Saturday because this is a ghetto suburb). Bullets fired from s car we get in are actually spiritual gemstones lol. Ones I’m desperately currently using on myself (to heal the pain of heartbreak and a relationship that wasnt the love I thought). But i meet a doctor who wants my blood because its “healthy blood” (my ex called us toxic??). He is handsome and lacks confidence in the dream in spite of it. He slowly gets closer to me I can feel real feelings for him and want but he pushes me away and I have no idea if because of his insecurities or sincere non interest of me. I’m sad do stay around him but not in his face as I feel for him over the adventure. A giant zombie breaks in and only I’m brave enough to run and grab weapons for everyone to defend themselves. We are all afraid. Somehow I have the sharpest biggest knife and as he charges near by I know I’m the only one who can kill him but I hesitate and notice its crying. “I forgot I like giraffes” it says like a toddler. I am filled with compassion and would rather him kill me than hurt him. Sorry to go in to depth. I just though being a dream in interpreter and myself understanding a few things in reality it may help you with confidence in how good you are. Some parts I’m unsure of like the end. But that’s what time is for! Xo

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