Zombie Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about zombies can be pretty common when you have watched too many zombie related TV shows or movies like The Walking Dead. However, if you dream about zombies without being exposed to zombie images in the waking life. Zombie dreams may have hidden meanings and interpretations.

To see or dream that you are a zombie suggests that you are physically and/or emotionally detached from people and situations that are currently surrounding you. You feel out of touch and dead inside, and deny all of your emotions. You are going on automatic pilot with the motions of daily living.

Dream About Being Attacked or Bitten by Zombie
To have close encounters and zombie attacks while feeling helpless, it indicates that you are feeling overwhelmed by forces beyond your control. You are under tremendous pressure and stress in your waking life. You do not know what is going on and you have trouble to accept the cruel reality.

To dream that zombie bites you in the dream, and you know that you will turn into zombies yourself shortly after. It reflects that you have been forced into a difficult situation where you have to let go of your hopes and dreams in the waking life. For example, you may dream about being bitten and changing when you have been fired from your dream job, and you have to take a much lesser fun and boring job to pay your bills. You will that you will lose your humanity soon.

When the dreams feature potential infection and suspect that you are hit with the zombie virus, or if you feel sick or fever from the being bitten. It can signal an onset of an actual virus of disease. Consider getting your health check up to see if there is any underlying causes that make you feel sick and zombify in the dream world.

Dream About Zombie Chasing You
The dream about hiding or running from zombies suggest that you are escaping from unwanted people. Perhaps they are overbearing and want to push their mindless thoughts into you to convert you. Maybe it’s a friend who is into multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme, who is trying to flag you down at any moment possible to brain wash you.

The zombie chasing dream could also be about substance and abuse, you may be in an environment where one or a few of your friends are doing illegal drugs. You feel that they are zombies at times trying to get you into their little drug groups. You want to hide and run away far from the bad influences that you may have with your life. You know that these influences can take away your ability to think for yourself.

Dream About Different Type of Zombie
Zombie Dog or Other Zombie Animal
Pay attention to the type of animals that have turned into zombies. The animals such as zombie dogs can reflect the part of your life that is being detached. For example, a zombie dog can reflect that your loyal friends have now turned and no longer respond to you. They go about with their own daily lives. In some cases, they even feel aggressive and hostile if you try to approach them. The zombie dog can also reflect that work skills and attitudes have gone stale and dead.

Zombie Baby
To see a zombie baby in the dream signifies the lost of innocence and purity. It reflects a life that has ended before it event starts. It could feature an abandoned pet project that you started, but is now heading to nowhere.

Zombie Ex
To see your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend in the dream as zombies, implies that your romantic feelings for them is dead. You have not emotional attachment towards them. However, if you feel sadness in the dream, it can reflect that you still care about the ex.

Dream About Zombie Invasion or Outbreak
If you dream about the onset of outbreak with zombies killing, eating, and converting everyone. It can mean that a violent force is at play within your community. Perhaps a new violent idea is spreading cross some groups of people and they take aggressive actions.

Observing a Group of Zombies invade from afar is a wake up call for you to notice and care issues affecting your family or community. It appears that they are feeling dead inside and unloved. Reach out to them before the relationship becomes a lost cause.

To fighting and killing zombies in the dream can feature your actions to fight off enemies for your survival, it could also be a symbol as potential ways for you to regain your own humanity. Consider the method that you used to kill the zombies in the dream. If you used different types of guns to shoot zombies, it suggests that you need to take aggressive and violent measures, stand your ground to protect your family. If Fire is used, it may signify that you need to be more enthusiasm and passion to bring your own thoughts out of the undead zombie rot.

When the dream features a total complete zombie apocalypse with much of the population gone and dead, and that the world has gone to hell. It reflects the feeling of hopeless with your waking world. It could be a serious life changing event involving the life around you. Perhaps you have lost friends or families member to alcohol and drug abuse, pyramid scheme, or cult. These events can turn them into “zombies” in the dream. The world you know it is coming to an end and you fear what the future will hold.

Dream About Dressing Up as Zombie
If you dream about dressing up as a zombie during Halloween, it suggests that you are keeping up a facade that you do not care about everyone around. You actually do care and want to relate to others deep inside.

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