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  1. Good Day
    I had a dream that myself and a friend was fitting on wedding dresses could you please advise what does it mean.


    • Not to scare you but in my family (myself and immediate family), when we’ve dreamt with wedding dresses where we actually see the gown on someone or oneself, it means death is near to someone we know or know of. We have to see it in our dream (the actual wedding dress), on someone or not ( it can be laying somewhere or hung, does not matter). Unfortunately, it has proved us right. Every time we dream with one, someone we know or know of tends to die soon after. The longest waiting we’ve had for someone to die has been close to a month. It is really scary but this is what we’ve experienced since forever as a family.

      • And here I thought it was only my family. Ours is not seeing the wedding dress itself, it only happens when we see the bride as a whole in the dress but we HAVE to see her face. If it’s a faceless bride it doesn’t happen. The deaths usually happen in threes whether it’s someone we know or someone we know of as you said. I’ll be 29 in a few months, and thought I was in the clear (which made me happy) but I had my first one last summer. Had my second one last night. It’s a blessing and a curse depending on how you look at it. So far it’s only my mother and her mother that this happened to, and now me 😩

      • Same thing happened to me I dreamt of a wedding where the bride was wearing a red wedding dress, the very next morning my friend’s mom whom I have a very close relationship passed away.

      • I just had this dream last night in my dream I walk into the room and there were three beautiful women in white wedding gowns of different styles very beautiful 1 spoke of death on the outside not sure who it was one turn to leave the other two stayed what does that mean?

      • That’s right.Weddiing dress or marriage,about to marry or anything marriage in a dream means death. Anytime i dream about that someone dies.My sister died last time. N my boy friend just died 4wekks ago.I knew it.But Iowa’s thinking the dream was reflecting our intimacy.PLS WARNING PRAY N DO SPECIAL CLEANSING WHEN U DREAM THIS

    • Not to scare anyone, but in my family (myself and immediate family), when we’ve dreamt with wedding dresses where we actually see the gown on someone or oneself, it means death is near to someone we know or know of. We have to see it in our dream (the actual wedding dress), on someone or not ( it can be laying somewhere or hung, does not matter). Unfortunately, it has proved us right. Every time we dream with one, someone we know or know of tends to die soon after. The longest waiting we’ve had for someone to die has been close to a month. It is really scary but this is what we’ve experienced since forever as a family.

      • My mom used to tell me that dreaming of withe weeding dress means that death is near. But dreaming of black or dirty weeding dress means that something happy will happen

  2. in my dream, I saw myself wearing long beautiful wedding dress, at first it was bigger than me but later fit me perfectly OK but that day wasn’t my wedding.. i was just testing it and was very happy and taking pictures with it… what does it mean?

    • you will have two partners, one you will not be happy with and the second will be of the kind you want to marry. you will want to sleep with before wedding ceremony. please don’t attempt that act for it will ruin your marriage happiness.

  3. I saw myself wearing wedding dress of some other bride that how will it look like ….when I will wear it …and the wedding dress was not mine …it was of a girl somebody in my relation…..

    • Good day,last night I was dreaming that I hold the hanger with wedding dress ant try to bring it back to the owner,because I just only rented on it,but later on I changed my mind I bring it back home..what does it mean?

  4. My boyfriend dreamed that the dressmaker was bringing my wedding gift go own to be fitted. What does it mean please?

    • if you dream you had to test the wedding gown it means that your boy friend wants to have a sexual relation for a trial he is not sure of you. how ever if you want to ascertain your relation you should refrain from any act for sexual relation before marring that man

  5. Hi. I have a friend dreaming about herself wearing a white wedding dress went shoping with me. She has a boyfriend but current relationship is not doing well. What does that dream mean?

  6. Good day,last night I was dreaming that I hold the hanger with wedding dress ant try to bring it back to the owner,because I just only rented on it,but later on I changed my mind I bring it back home..what does it mean?

  7. My dream is i being in my wedding but not finding my wedding suit …….like I don’t have it .
    , what does that mean?

  8. Today in my dream, I was wearing a white wedding dress into my husband’s wedding and happily want to meet the new bride. At first I was ok that he is going to marry her because she has a terrible illness which she will pass soon but later on, I realized that once they sign the papers, they will be a legal husband and wife so I ran far away which makes the wedding posponed and call a girl who is not so close friend to me then my husband came to me to talk but this time, his face changed to another guy who is a brother of a friend I call on phone which is just a school friend of mibe in real person then somebody is calling me near the side to pull the fishing gear and had caught a weak shark. What does it mean?

  9. Morning,last night I dream about a lady who have my brother’s baby boy I saw her wearing a wedding dress but it was photos what does that mean please help m confuse

  10. This afternoon ,i dream how i fought and strugling with a friend for a wedding gown, after some minute i collected the gown and gave it to my mother. It was very nice and whitish, there was no difference between the front and back of the gown so she(my mother) ask me to ask a lady who knows better.when i went she told me(the lady) as said but sent me to do some money withdrawal using her ATM CARD, on my way to the bank i woke up.

  11. I dreamt that I am getting married but then my clothes wasn’t ready. later I saw myself standing and witnessing another couple getting married. my sister also had the same dream

  12. -hi I have a boyfriend weve been together almost 4yrs,im in abroad were palnning to get maried wen I back to our country,my dream was,in my wedding ceremony.im not wearing ah wedding dress instead blue t shirt and jeans,and the guy is not my boyfriend.what is that mean? Thank u

  13. Hi there. I Dream I am getting married. But I am already married in real life mydress Is white which I slightly to big but suddenly changes to red In colour. My daughter arranges the complete wedding also styles my hair. The man I am supposed to marry I am not happy with him and do not want to marry him. My own husband in real life just stands and watches the whole scene. What does It mean?

  14. I had a dream of someone I know wearing a wedding dress that was supposed to be for me. I ended up wearing something else.

  15. I’ve dreamed about my sister and friend making a prank/fake weeding where all three of us got married just to prank parents. In the moment I was walking away and my wedding dress turned black then when I was coming back it turned white again but my hair (that was white) turned black.
    Can you tell me what does it mean?

  16. Dreamt of fondling the breast and deep foreplay with a woman (stranger) in wedding dress and veil…

    What does that mean?

  17. I dreamt of a lady putting on black wedding gown and she is going to be a fourth wife to the man. And the bride gave me a white wedding gown which I never put on. and I asked her hope I would see a man to marry me and she said yes. but am scared of the dream

  18. Hi please, I saw myself wearing a wedding dress, and every oder persons where ready in the church including my future husband to be, but I was still running around fixing something before I realize I was let to church and I started running on the road to get dere which I never did till I woke up from my sleep. Please what is the interpretation…

  19. I had a dream that a guy had a wedding dress (I didn’t know the guy) and he was in a field with half of the dress falling. What does that mean?

  20. I dream I’m going to the part of my wedding and my sis she wear her dress but nt fitting to small and my cozy was ready wearing her shining dress me my was small but nt t
    Long not short my sss was my I told her this is my size I can’t go be you

  21. I am catholic and when i was confirmed at 16,my parish was very strict,and for the ceremony us girls had to wear white,poofy,ankle length,bridal type dresses with a veil,gloves,and white ‘maryjane’ style shoes.Since our First Communion dresses were considered extensions of our baptism outfits we were baptized in as babies,so was our confirmation dresses.Like as with our communion outfits,we had to wear a white camisole or sleeveless undershirt with a cloth diaper,adult size plastic pants and white tights under our confirmation dresses so remind us of the purity of our baptisms!It was recommended that our diaper,plastic pants and the white tights be saved and worn under our bridal gowns on our wedding day also! After my confirmation,i had dreams of walking down the aisle on my wedding day with the diaper,plastic pants and tights on under my gown and feeling like a baby!I am getting married next year,but am not going to wear the diaper and plastic pants and tights,even tho mom wants me too!

    • To Clarice A.-My parish was like yours and required us girls to wear the cloth diaper and plastic pants under our white confirmation dresses also.I was married 4 years later at 20 and i wore my confirmation diaper and plastic pants under my bridal gown with the white tights over them.Big mistake!On our wedding night,my groom couldnt wait to get my gown off of me and when he did,he saw the diaper and plastic pants under my tights and got very aroused! He pulled my tights down and off of me and pushed me to my knees and made me give him oral wearing only my veil,bra and the diaper and plastic pants!

      • To Clarice and Mandie-When i was 16,i was confirmed also and my parish required us girls to wear the white,short sleeve,floor length,bridal type dress with the veil,gloves,lace anklets[no tights] and the white patent leather shoes.Under our dresses,we had to wear a white tee shirt with a 10 ply thick cloth diaper pinned on with baby diaper pins,and white adult size,crinkly plastic pants.The parish bought the plastic pants and each girl was given a pair that had to be worn over our diaper,so we would all be the same.Two weeks before the ceremony,i had a dream of walking down the aisle with my classmates and tripping and falling down and my dress going up and everyone in the pews seeing my diaper and plastic pants!The plastic pants we were given were a thicker plastic and fit us girls blousy over our diaper and naturally they crinkled under our dresses! All of the boys knew that we had the required diaper and plastic pants on under our dresses and they gawked at us and it was a little embarrassing!

        • To Heather,Clarice and Mandi-It is great that your parishes required the cloth diapers,plastic pants tights,etc for your First Communions and Confirmations.Catholic teen girls over the years have earned the reputation of being sexually loose and slutty,so being required to wear the white outfits with the diapers and plastic pants sends a message to the girls that purity is perfectly acceptable before marriage!

  22. A friend told me she dreamt that the guy im dating came to visit from the Us but we were upset with each other and then she saw him went into a bag n took out a white wedding dress that he had brought for me but because we were upset with each other he forgot to give it to me .so in the end she said i never got the dress he just held it n look at it ..who can interpret this dream for me i really need to know because she had the dream last week and Tuesday of this week i found out that he betrayed me the entire time we bern together ..

  23. i dream about my wedding, im wearing 3dress first is red 2nd is black and on top is white. but before the wedding start i back out.

    • In order for you to be certain of your marriage please have a relation on one man. the three persons you’re right now will confuse people

  24. I dream’t I was getting married and had a cobalt blue dress but couldn’t find it after. Someone else got married instead and they were dancing and turning in circles, the bride had a very short white dress. Want to know what it meant. Thought this was odd.Also people at my wedding that knew me had been surprised in the person I was going to marry an Asian. Latter couldn’t find him. I think I have had a similar dream in the past. Wanted to know what this means.

  25. I had a dream last night, and in it i was wearing a very beautiful white wedding gown getting ready to go to church and i was combing my beautiful long wig that has a tiara

  26. Last night I dreamt I had on a simple yet satinlike, black wedding dress. It was my own wedding party. I saw my current partner sometimes who looked different than I know him (he had a beard but in my dream looked a bit more as he did years ago with his now ex wife). Other times it was a different man with the warmest smile, dimples and bright eyes. The dress also fit differently from time to time when I checked the mirror. I was slimmer than present and the dress was loose on my body (the style of it). I knew I looked good but then at times I’d see myself and the panty line was showing me off in an unflattering way. Later I was apparently living with and married to a completely different person. My current partner was around. Very confusing everything.

  27. Hello, please I have had a wedding dream two days in a row. First of all I was in a very expensive yet simple and classy wedding gown and my partner was in his suit and we were standing on a lawn with locked arms and fireworks on- going at the background. We looked so happy and people kept congratulating us but it looked as if the ceremony had ended.
    In the second dream, I was in a white wedding gown, but I was to get married to a guy I don’t know but, I spoke to the guy about my partner and he agreed to step back for my partner to take over. My joy knew no bounds when my partner showed up with a very affordable yet catchy ring and we walked happily towards the ceremonial grounds. Then I woke up.
    Please what does it mean?

  28. I dreamed of myself in my wedding gown as a model with other wedding gown models running around to different shows an dancing in a circle and doing a type of tmodeling running up hills and down stairs with no railings having fun then I seen my daughters friends mom sitting having coffee with me at a outside restaurant we me in my wedding gown an my husband coming towards me I will be married 56 years this year an I am 75 yrs old what does this mean

  29. I dream I was taking off my wedding dress form a lady I was mad with her cursing her out then I take it and i put it in clean water to wash what does that mean??

  30. I dreamt of myself in a white wedding dress with a few blue designs on it (not sure if its a wedding dress but it seemed like it). I didn’t see my groom but only myself running around getting ready. A few scenes later I’m told that I can’t wear it anymore and that made dream me frustrated. What does it mean?

  31. I dreamed I was a bridesmaid, but we all wore white gowns. The dress was beautiful, but it kept getting dirty and torn. I couldn’t keep my hair done and my makeup kept wearing off. People tried to help me but I kept getting messy.

  32. Good morning plz I need someone to interpret this dream for me…..i sent our house help an expensive wedding gown in dream and some other things and she delivered it

  33. Hello I would appreciate if someone could interpret this dream for me! I was buying a wedding dress and when I bought it was white but on the day of the wedding it turned black, what does this mean? Thank you!


    • I dreamt I was travelling with a train wearing a wedding dress. I had 2 children with me whom I presumed was mine. I’m unmarried. No children. What does this mean


  36. I had a dream that a wedding dress was lying on the bed and I felt it looked a little dirty. My best friend who is always there for me could not even look at the dress because she was feeling very sick???

  37. I had a dream that my guy bought me wedding gown as surprise but the wedding is a little big small for me. What does that dream means

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