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  1. I once had a dream where my own face was the mask i was wearing it was fleshy on the inside and my skin on the other i felt no pain when removing the mask

  2. Last night, I had a dream about this one guy wearing a red hoodie with shades on and a red cloth on his face from his nose to his chin to hide it. what’s that meaning?

  3. Last night I had a very vivid and disturbing dream about my current partner, a white Scottish man . He was an Asian man in my dream and with an old female friend of mine at a music concert. What would be the significance of his chance in race.
    Thank you

  4. I had a dream of someone telling me to wear a purple mask and to not get it off. But in the end I did get the mask off me. Can you help me understand what that suppose to mean?
    Thank you.

  5. Last night I had a dream that I’ve had several times before. This dream always involves a girl whom I’m hanging out with who is something evil behind a woman’s eyes. It isn’t human it’s somthing that looks human but is trying to kill me. Every time I know what I need to do the thing doesn’t know that I know what it is so I have to over power it and kill it but whenever I restrain it, it always looks me I’m the eyes and it then knows and says some fucked shit to me then I wake up. Yeah spooky shit kids

  6. I have frequent night terror of a dark silhouette figured and all i can see is a white mask and red eyes. We are in a room and i cant move and it moves closer to me and reachs out to touch me and when it gets right to touching me i wake up

  7. I’ve been having a dream of something wearing a black plague bird mask. Once he showed up in the middle of two people talking- I woke myself up from fear. then the next time I was in a car and he showed up and came really close to the window. I think he was trying to scare me but I don’t really remember his hand movements.

  8. I had dream that I was not wearing a mask but paisting a face pic that is in white colour and some people look and me and they are smilingly looking in my face I feel shy at that time that paisting by my Friend she past all over my face.

  9. I saw someone with a brown mask chasing a woman but when he caught the woman some group of men came out of the bush and save her. please explain the meaning of the dream

  10. i had a dream of these other children in a place that i had only went to about a year after the dream and they had animal masks which now i realise kinda resemble the ones in Pet Semetary trailer 2019 even though i just saw the trailer now and that dream was like 2 years ago and they said i was a wolf and i had a wolf mask and there was a bear a mouse and i think a bunny but i forgot i only remember the bear one and the bunny

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