Mattress Dream Interpretation

Mattress in the dream represents your support system. You rely on these systems to gain energy and motivation to move on to the next stage in life. Mattress signifies the people whom you find comfort from as well. Below are more detailed mattress related dream interpretations.

Dream About Dirty Mattress
Dreaming about dirty mattress suggests that your support system may be flawed or unclean. People who are helping you might have other motives.

Dream About New Mattress
To dream about new mattress refers that you are entering a new stage in life, perhaps you have found a new place or work company. You feel you are supported to do what you want to do.

Dream About Old Mattress
Dreaming about an old mattress, suggests that your support system may no longer be able to support you. You may have outgrow what your organization could offer you, and it might be time to move on to bigger projects. The dream suggests that you are ready to throw away old engagements.

Dream About Sleeping on Mattress without Bed sheet
To dream about a mattress only without the bed sheet being slept on, suggests that your money will be tight in the near future. However, you will be able to pull through and get by.

Dream About Torn Mattress
To see torn mattress in the dream suggests that you have old responsibilities and duties that you may have missed. Try to pay attention to patch the hole or they could make your situation uncomfortable in the near future.

Dream About Inflatable Air Mattress
Dreaming about inflatable air mattress refers to temporary situation or relationship. You do not plan to do your current project long term, and you are ready to move on at anytime.

Dream About Water Bed Mattress
Water bed mattress in the dream suggests that you are putting too much effort and thoughts into a one-sided relationship. You are putting in more than you are getting back, and the receiving end does not care as much.

Dream About Damaged and Uneven Mattress
Dreaming about your mattress become damage with broken string or uneven, it means that it is not favorable for you to deal with your business partners or family. Something is likely go wrong and make all parties uncomfortable to conduct future business and continue relationship.

Dream About Gel or Memory Foam Mattress
To dream of gel or memory foam mattress, suggests that you will land on some comfortable situation that is custom tailored to your needs. However, be aware of staying in one place for too long as the support can become too comfortable.

Dream About Bed Bug Infested Mattress
Dreams of bed bug in your mattress, it suggests that you are ashamed of your actions. Perhaps you have taken advantage of people who trusted you, and guilt is haunting you every where. Analyze your actions and try to see where you did wrong, perhaps your guilt will leave you.

Dream About Wet Mattress
Seeing a wet mattress in the dream, it means that you are overly ambitions. You are taking more than you can handle and you have made once comfortable places uncomfortable. You believe that people around you are wasting their time, instead of helping you with your endeavors.

Dream About Flying Mattress
Flying mattress in the dream reflects your desire to escape from your current work or family, yet you cannot afford to do so.

Dream About Carrying Mattress
If you dream about carrying your mattress, it foretells that you will move soon. You plan on finding comfort in another place, and you do not plan to settle so fast.

Dream About Buying Mattress
To dream about buying a new mattress, signifies that your future investments will be extremely successful. You will be able to live comfortably from your dividends or interest.

Dream About White Mattress
White mattress in dreams represent a religious and pious wife.

Dream About King Sized Mattress
Dreaming about king sized mattress or upgrading to a bigger one, suggests that your intimate relationship will take a new level. You are ready to love more and be closer with your loved ones.

Dream About Baby Infant Mattress
Seeing a baby infant mattress in dream, suggests that you will take care of someone weak. You will be able to provide comfort and protection, and take the roll of a caretaker.

Dream About Staining Or Feces On Mattress
If you dream about food stain or poop feces on your mattress, it suggests that you or your partner may commit adultery.

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