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Mouse Dream Interpretation — 5 Comments

  1. So I had this dream last night, in short there was a mouse in the kitchen in a cabinet, in the middle of glasses and beer bottles, I was in the room with my grandmother just standing, when we saw the mouse (she just standed there scared) it started breaking all the glasses, suddenly he falls from the cabinet and then I stomp him and he dies. I hope you guys can help me out with this one.

  2. I had a dream there was a small grey mouse in my bedroom. It was hiding behind a dresser and kept running around only in my bedroom (the door was open) and hiding in different places. I called my dad to catch the mouse, but it kept moving and hiding under clothes on the floor, etc… We just kept looking for it, seeing it and it ran away. Eventually, I didn’t see this but my dad said he caught it and put it outside (not kill). So I actually didn’t see him catch it and thought it might still be in my room. The entire time I was just screaming and jumping on the bed or going into the bathroom to get away from it. Additionally, my mom was the one who told me it was in my room in the first place, but didn’t attempt in any way to remove it or cared much it was in my room she acted relaxed when she told me it was something like, “oh yeh before I saw a mouse in your room, behind the dresser…” After reading this article, I feel like I have been ignoring some issues in my life and brushing them off as their nothing. Maybe this odd dreams it trying to tell me something?

  3. I dreamt this morning about 2 mice biting me and my friend then I ended up at a can come how gave me stuff to drink then tell me if I leave I must exit the door with my back and through some stuff over my left shoulder

  4. I think I’m going to stop eating hot cheetos.
    I dreamt that I was eating a bag of chips the I realized it tasted nasty. I looked inside and saw this dead mouse inside. I started to panic and then vomiting.
    It seems so real. Ugh I just can’t.

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