Mouse Dream Meaning

Did you dream about mice? To see a mouse in your dream generally indicates fear, meekness, insignificance, and a lack of assertiveness. When the mouse is hiding in places in the dream, they represent sneakiness, minor irritations, and annoyances that get in the way of your daily dealings. Below we will go over the various mouse themed dreams to help you decipher what it might mean.

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Dream About Actions Towards Mice

Dream About Catching a Mouse
To actually catch and hold a mouse in your dream; suggests that you are looking or dealing with a problem that you have ignored or neglected for a long time.

Dream About Chasing a Mouse
Chasing a mouse without catching it in the dream, reflects that you are letting minor issues bothering you. You are not being effective at tackling the problems.

Dream About Killing a Mouse
Killing mice in dreams suggest that you or others are making a big deal out of certain minor issues in life.

Dream About Eating a Mouse
Dreaming of eating a mouse in your mouth or cooking a mouse suggests that you need to look at a better way of doing something. You need to be insightful and creative in solving your problems.

Dream About Setting Up a Mouse Trap
Setting up a mouse trap foretells that you will outwit your opponents, however you will need to be patient with your tactics.

Dream About Other Mouse Related Themes

Dream About Mouse Trap
To simply see a mousetrap in the dream, suggest that you need to be more cautious with your endeavors. People around you may be trying to trick you by appearing to be helpful.

Dream About Mouse in Bed
You are experiencing feelings of inadequacy and fear that you are not measuring up. The dream may be telling you that you are spending too much time hiding in the shadows of someone close to you personally.

Dream About Mouse Droppings or Poop
Seeing mice droppings or poop in the dream, suggests that your fearful or careful endeavors will result in small financial gain.

Dream About Mouse Urine
To smell or encounter mouse urine in the dream suggest that something is nagging and lingering at your conscience. You need to figure out ways to get these negative and unpleasant thoughts out of your mind.

Dream About Mouse Being Eaten

Dream About Cat Catching a Mouse
To dream that a mouse is being chased by a cat or dog suggests that you are not standing up for yourself. You are letting others push you around, however you feel that you are powerless to fight back.

Dream About Eagle or Snake Eating Mouse
Dreaming about an eagle or snake eating or killing a mouse in the dream, represents your need to stand up for yourself. Being fearful and meek will result in definite failure in the future. Your dream is signaling that you are living in a weak be eaten world.

Dream About Mouse Locations

Dream About Mouse in House
Seeing a mouse in the house or apartment suggests that someone might be stealing from you under your nose. Be careful about weak individuals that you think are harmless. They might be gradually nibbling away at your asset and wealth.

Dream About Mouse Hole
A dream that focuses on a mouse hole suggests that you are spending too much time on obvious and apparent problems. You are not looking at the root of the issues. And you will have trouble solving the problems that you are encountering. However, the dream signals that you realize the certain hidden enemies or problems exist. Yet they are too small for you to be worrying about at this stage.

Dream About Mouse Actions

Dream About Mouse Biting or Bites
To see a mouse attacking and biting suggest that you are letting petty problems or insignificant issues eat away at you. Consider the body parts where the mouse is biting. However, if the mouse bite is painful in the dream; it suggests that you are being mentally annoyed and hurt by these seemingly petty problems. Consider letting out of your thoughts and emotions so that others know about how you feel.

Dream About Mouse Running Around and Chasing Something Repeatedly
If the dream is about a mouse trying to run out, it could suggest that you are doing unnecessary work for ineffective results. You may feel like you are going somewhere. But you need to be smart about how you work and where you look.

Dream About Mouse Eating Cheese
To see mice feeding or eating cheese in your dream suggests that someone is trying to bring down your self-confidence. Perhaps a coworker or boss is trying to put you down which will, in turn, lower your productivity at work.

Dream About Mouse Drowning
A mouse drowning in the dream reflects that your inner issues are overpowering your thoughts and minds. You no longer care about the minor annoyances but you are now focusing on the biggest picture of your life. It could suggest that you may be now overly emotional about your inner thoughts.

Dream About Mouse Jumping
To see a mouse jumping around in the dream suggests that you need to look at a better way of doing something.

Dream About Mouse Talking
Focus on the message that the mouse is trying to bring within the dream. The message pertains to how you can deal with issues at hand creatively.

Dream About Mouse Appearances

Dream About Mouse Infestation
Be careful about your business dealings with partners and close alliances. There will be plenty of disagreement over money and how to divide profits or losses.

Dream About Mice Caught in a Trap
The dream reflects someone that you know in waking life is being taken advantage of.

Dream About Mouse Tail
When the dream features mouse tails of some sort, foretells that you will encounter hardship in your dealings. For example, if the mouse tail is caught in a trap; it could suggest that you will be trapped and taken advantage of by being careless.

Dream About Pet Mouse
Dreams of a pet mouse suggest that you need to take control of your fear and worries. You own your fears and you will be able to control your emotions to move forward with your tasks.

Dream About Dead Mouse
A dead mouse in the dream suggests a lack of ingenuity, insight, and creativity.

Dream About Small or Baby Mouse
Dreams of a cute baby or little mouse, point to the smaller egos that you have in your life. They point to weaker and more meek personalities in your waking life.

Dream About Giant and Big Large Mouse
Giant mouse in dreams suggests that the minor annoyances that you have to encounter are getting bigger and more serious. By letting small things be, they have now grown into major issues that can no longer be ignored.

Dream About Colors of Mouse

Dream About White Mouse
Dreaming a white mouse foretells that you need to experiment more to figure out the best path for the problem. They foretell that you will run into many obstacles and failures before reaching success. The successful trial will be hugely dependent on creative methods that are seemingly trivial.

Dream About Black Mouse
Black mouse points to diseases in your household, look out for colds or flu that can get serious or even fatal. Consider taking good care of your health and household cleanliness to avoid getting sick.

Dream About Blue Mouse
A dream that features a blue mouse, suggests that you need to have the wisdom to try to look at things from another angle.

Dream About Pink Mouse
Dreaming of pink mice points to a happy marriage and loving relationship. However, it typically relates to one person having to be meek and less assertive for the relationship to work.

Dream About Brown Mouse
Brown Mouse in dreams reflects a mixed relationship, perhaps you are dealing with people of different backgrounds.

Dream About Gray Mouse
A grey mouse points to the fearful part of your personality. Perhaps the dream is trying to tell you what you might be scared of.

Dream About Other Types of Mouse

Dream About Minnie and Mickey Mouse
Dreams of Minnie and Mickey Mouse will depend hugely on your personal memories of them. Perhaps that could relate to certain Disney trips or movies that you have watched or experienced in the past. If you have no special memory associated with them; it could suggest that certain individuals are not taking you seriously, or the other way around. Someone is feeling that business endeavors are comical in nature to not be taken seriously.

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