Goose Dream Meaning – Top 30 Dreams About Goose

Did you dream about the goose? Geese in dreams symbolize fertility and motherly love. They relate to fertility, success, weather, and good luck. Consider the conditions of the goose, your interactions with them, and how they are acting. Take note of all the details to get a complete interpretation of the dream. Below we will go through the most common geese related dreams.

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Dream About Goose Actions

Dream About Goose Bird Flying
To dream about goose bird spreading its wings in formation or migrating, represent a desire to travel far or even abroad. Perhaps you are worried about your future traveling and fitting in with a group of people. Are you moving with a group of friends or family and you worry about your future endeavors?

Dream About Attacked by Goose
To dream that you are being attacked or pecked by a goose, is a sign of trouble in your family. Some unpleasant events will occur in your household. You might be overstepping your boundaries and make others around you uncomfortable.

Dream About Chased by Mean Goose
If aggressive and mean geese are chasing you down in the dream, forewarn that people will try to distract and deflect you from the real issues. You might soon be faced with unpleasant gossip and pain in real life.

Dream About Goose Talking
A goose talking in the dream reflects messages from your loved ones and family. Pay attention to the message conveyed. You are loved and never alone. A well-educated woman will speak to you about important lessons.

Dream About Goose Fighting
To dream about goose fighting, represents jealous and quarrelsome women. They will likely fight over minuscule issues in your waking life.

Dream About Actions Towards Goose

Dream About Catching a Goose
Dreaming that you are catching a goose with your bare hands, suggests that you are acting silly like a goose regarding certain issues in life. You are taking hold of certain issues that you should not take so seriously. Other people think that you are acting ridiculously.

Dream About Chasing Goose
To see yourself chasing goose in the dream, is a sign that you are going about a problem all wrong. You are heading down a path of “wild goose chase”. Consider slowing down, reconsider your plans before going forward with your actions.

Dream About Plucking Goose Feather
Plucking feathers off goose in the dream represents dissatisfaction. You are not getting enough affection or materialistic support from others. And now you are bringing some type of pain or complaints to them.

Dream About Roasting Goose
Roasting duck in the dream foretells joy and parties. You will soon enjoy gains and profits in benefits where you will throw a big celebration.

Dream About Hunting Goose
To dream that you are hunting goose with guns, or bows and arrow. Refers to some type of inheritance with the death of a distant relative. An inheritance is coming your way very soon.

Dream About Locations of the Geese

Dream About Goose in House
To dream about a goose in house represents domesticity and success in a lifelong partnership. However, this is an omen that you need to be prepared for something. Some new issue is about to impact your life regarding your family members. Consider where the goose is located in the dream to get better ideas, such as the bedroom or bathroom.

Dream About Goose in Backyard
To see a flock of geese in your backyard, foretells good times with your family.

Dream About Goose in a Cage
To see a goose in the cage in the dream, represents your need to watch over others. However, perhaps you are taking things too seriously. Consider the need for healing and the complexity of the issues before you take the harsh path. Perhaps your loved ones feel like they are in prison with your rules.

Dream About Color of Goose

Dream About Golden Goose
Golden goose in the dream represents good omen and fortune. You will soon have a successful business and wealth. You will get an increasingly tremendous fortune.

Dream About White Goose
White goose in the dream represents promotion at work. You will soon enter into a managerial position where you oversee your coworkers.

Dream About Black Goose
Black goose in the dream indicates a possible death or accident in the family.

Dream About Blue Goose
Blue goose in the dream reflects that you are flexible in how you handle emotional situations.

Dream About Condition of Goose

Dream About Huge Giant Goose
A huge giant goose in the dream indicates that you will exaggerate certain incidents and encounters. You will waste time on simple things and blow things out of proportion.

Dream About Fat Goose
Fat goose in the dream is a sure sign of success. Your hard work to establish and grow your business will be achieved. You will enjoy honor, praise, and honors. You will receive new business proposals, customers, or clients

Dream About Small Goose
A small goose in the dream, is a sign that you will soon be disappointed by someone in waking life. He or she will fail to live up to your expectations.

Dream About Dead Geese
A dead goose in the dream is a warning that it is time to relax and take a vacation. You may be on the verge of working yourself to death.

Dream About Baby Goose
Baby goose following in the dream, foretells that you will soon start a family.

Dream About Goose Related Objects

Dream About Goose Poop
To dream about goose poop, indicates that you will soon receive good allowance from your family’s pass me downs.

Dream About Goose Egg
Dreaming about eating or handling goose eggs suggests that you are acting impulsively. You are not caring or considering the consequences of your actions.

Dream About Pet Goose
Pet goose in the dream, reflects that you have a happy marriage with a loyal spouse.

Dream About Flock or Family of Geese
To dream about many geese in a flock or family, foretells that you will soon attend a gathering of ladies. These women reunion will likely be from your social circle. They will be traveling all over the place to meet with you.

Dream About Other Goose Themes

Dream About Gooseberry
Gooseberry in the dream signifies a happy and bright outlook. You will successfully overcome your problems. Leisure and enjoyable times are coming soon.

Dream About Goosebumps
To dream that you have goosebumps indicates fear and/or your frigid attitude. You are worried about certain truths that you are about to hear from others.

Dream About Canada Goose
Canada goose in the dream represents foolishness and gullibleness. Be aware of rumors or lies that you will hear from others.

Dream About You Are a Goose
To dream that you are a goose, signals that you need to be cautious with your actions and material prosperity. You are trying to help people around you. But be careful that you might be taken advantage of. Particularly be more careful if you are single and a young woman.

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