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Did you dream about poker? It indicates that you are in a situation in life where you will need to use strategy, careful planning, and luck altogether. You will not have the full picture when you first embark on a certain journey. Be flexible and make changes as time goes by. Think things through before making the decisions. Do not simply go “all-in” at the beginning. Wait and see what cards get dealt with you. Below we will note more detailed poker dream meanings.

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Dream About Actions with Poker

Playing Poker Game
To see yourself playing a poker game in the dream; suggests that you will take up some risky behaviors like gambling and business. Take calculated risks especially if you are investing and trading stocks or cryptocurrency. Learn when to go all in and when to fold your hand when the cards turn against you.

Losing Poker Game Bluff
To dream that someone calls your bluff and makes you lose a poker round; suggests that your lies will be revealed. Be careful about what you promise others. Watch for overpromising on business contracts or interviews about your capabilities. The dream foretells that you will get in trouble when you cannot deliver.

Winning Poker
To see yourself winning the poker pot; suggests that you will have a great advantage over your competitors in waking life. You will win something and claim the trophy. Perhaps you will win over relationships with important clients or girls whom you are dating.

Dream About Poker Related Objects

Poker Cards
To see poker cards in the dream points to the uncertainty in waking life. You have certain visions that may or may not realize. Make peace with whatever is revealed. Learn how to deal with different situations is the key to winning.

Poker Chips
Poker chips in the dream point to the rewarding experiences in waking life. If you find poker chips in your drawers or suitcase; you will come into surprise money. Stacking poker chips in the dream suggests that you should count your blessings. Take a chance and calculate your odds of winning.

Poker Dealer Button
To see a poker dealer button in the dream; points to priorities in waking life. You will soon make important decisions based on what is the most and second most critical to your journey.

Dream About Poker

Poker Table
To dream about sitting at a poker table; points to the different competitors and interactions that you have in waking life. Perhaps you feel that your work or school is very competitive. You do not fully trust your colleagues or friends to be truthful to you.

Dream About Common Poker Terms

Poker Blinds
To see or place poker blinds in the dream; suggests that you will soon pay necessary fees or taxes. You will partake in hobbies or projects that require start-up investments.

Poker Ante
To dream about poker ante; indicates that the upcoming event will impact you. Do not sit out because you will be forced into the game.

Poker Rake
To dream about casinos or card dealers taking the poker rake; forewarns that you might be charged banking or other fees for your endeavors. Pay more attention to how much you are paying.

Poker Flop
Poker flops in the dream point to the challenges or questions that people present to you. Consider your own capabilities to see if you want to take up on those requests.

Poker Turn
To see poker turn in the dream; is a sign that you need to be flexible with your endeavors. Learn when to fold or continue with your tasks.

Poker River
To dream about the poker river; suggests that the end is coming. You will come to a final test about something in waking life.

Poker Pocket Aces
To have pocket aces in poker; indicates that you have a strong start in your business. However, be careful not to be overconfident. Use the headstart to your advantage by shutting out competition via bluff or moats.

Poker Face
To see that you have a poker face with sunglasses in the dream; suggests that you are hiding your true intentions and emotions. You do not want others to read you easily.

Dream About Different Types of Poker Games

Poker Machine
To dream about a gambling poker machine; relates to the dream of slot machines. You will take a chance at something.

Poker Tournament
Dreaming that you are in a poker tournament; foretells that you will participate in a highly competitive environment or business. Take it easy and slow. Do everything that you can to increase your odds of winning. Sometimes do not be afraid to seek outside sponsors or investments.

No Limit Poker
To dream about no limit poker and pushing all the chips to the middle; suggests that you are giving it all to something. You are no longer holding back your emotions or reservation. Giving something your best shot.

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