Barn Dream Interpretation

Barn in your dreams signifies feelings that are kept in your subconscious and not actively being processed. You are not putting your natural urges and needs in focus, but they are ready to be put in action at anytime. You are keeping ideas and past experiences from your background, where they could be stored and accessed easily.

Dream About Moving Something to Barn
When the dream features you moving something like furniture for storage inside a barn, is a sign that you are not ready to let go of your past in your waking life. Perhaps you feel that someone or an idea could be still be useful down the time, but you might be holding onto false hopes. It indicates that you may be storing and hiding second lives from people.

Dream About Barn Full of Resources
Being in a barn full of grains like rice and corn, foretells of prosperity and success in the near future. You will work hard for your assets, and you are likely to be able to save plenty for a rainy day.

Dream About Setting Barn on Fire
To dream that you are setting barn on fire, is a sign that you are destroying your resources with certain bad decisions. You are commencing down a path with no back up plans. Perhaps you are betting the farm and the chance of success may be slim.

Dream About Barn Owl
Barn owls in dreams, points to you or someone in your organization will pull off seemingly impossible feats against adversity. You will have the courage to investigate the unlikely and unknown, in order to survive in the new order of the world. Consider doing things under the radar and outside of public focus, you will be able to achieve easier success.

Dream About Barn Door
To have a dream that focuses on the door of the barn, for example if the barn doors are locked or blocked, indicates that you are looking at the wrong parts of the issue. Focus on the essence and purpose of your actions, you are limiting yourself with excuses, instead of developing better relationship with people and saving for rainy days. You are letting simple things to stop you from your goals.

Dream About Empty Barn
An empty barn in dreams, could either suggest vain hopes and working for nothing. Or that you have visions of prosperity, but you are not sure on how to process and make it happen yet.

Dream About Horse Barn
To be or see a horse barn or stable, indicates that you are embarking on a new phase of life, you are ready to take a new direction in your journey.

Dream About Old Barn
Dreaming about a run down and old barn, suggests that you will have struggle for financial reward. Your system of holding your savings or retirement assets may require some investigation. Perhaps you are holding outdated believes that might result in the best long term protection.

Dream About Red Barn
Dreams of red barns, foretells the fulfillment of your dreams, and you will move forward with your plans.

Dream About Barn with Leaking Roof or Weather Damage
To see your barn exposed to the weather like the rain, storm, or even tornado, foretells that you may incur a big debt from situations that are perhaps out of your control. This negative occurrence will eat into your savings and security of the future.

Dream About Animal Barn
Dreaming that your are using a barn to hold different kinds of animals like cat or cows, represents the status quo mentality of your friends and family. The different animals may represent how you view them. You might not be putting them as a primary focus of your life, and perhaps you are taking them for granted on an as needed bases. You expect them to be there when you need them, but you do not want them to interfere or affect your main life in anyway.

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